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government contractor defense, white collar litigation and appeal counselTheodore P. Watson, CEO and founder of Watson & Associates, LLC, has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in business law, commercial and federal government contracts, and helping businesses successfully source money from the private and public sectors while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

As a government contracts attorney, Mr. Watson guides clients through the legal processes involved in effectively merging into the federal government market, including the $530 billion federal government contracting sector.

He is particularly equipped to resolve matters between large and small businesses in the areas of teaming, joint venture and prime/sub relationships. When it comes to improper relationships that include procurement fraud or false claims, he has been involved in matters at the congressional level and agency headquarters. He is particularly known for running a “tight ship” and focusing on resolving matters at the lowest level. However, the firm is undaunted to engage in litigation whether it be with a large corporation or directly to the agency.

Having practiced law in opposition to large firms and the federal government, Mr. Watson serves clients throughout the world on a wide range of corporate and government transactions. He has extensive experience advising businesses on all legal matters involving their daily operation and growth, including commercial contracts, construction litigation, suspension and debarment, SBA Programs, and Native American contract and small business matters. He also contributes to policy matters adopted by government agencies.

Veteran and Retired Air Force Member: After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Watson returned to government and served as a contracting executive, managing the small business and Quality Assurance Programs. He has extensive knowledge in federal procurement solicitations, handling source selection teams, and actually participating in government bidding and selection processes.

As the head of Watson & Associates, LLC, known for successful guidance in government contracting, Mr. Watson participates in complex and sophisticated government contracts litigation before the General Account Office (GAO), Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, U.S. Court of Federal Claims and other administrative agencies. He is also known as a trusted advisor to many successful Department of Defense (DOD) contractors when they make major business decisions that involve federal procurement.

In addition to government contract law, Mr. Watson handles Colorado business law matters, construction law, and Colorado employer defense. The firm represents small businesses across the country, as well as medium-sized firms, large Fortune 500 firms, and major DOD clients. Corporate CEO’s benefit from his ability to be candid and to bring legitimate decision-making advice to the table, instead of a simple legal structure. He understands, what it means to treasure a corporation’s bottom line.

Mr. Watson has litigated and participated in litigation against various government procurement agencies at the GAO level, U.S. Court of Federal Claims and Boards of Contract Appeals. His internal experience as a contracting executive equips him with inside exposure and understanding of the process of federal government contracting, as well as knowledge and insight into the defense and transportation sectors and the range of legal issues involved in running national organizations, such as management of side personnel, employment, and EEO litigation. He has an in-depth understanding of the legal issues involved in assisting federal contractors in gaining the certifications and meeting the requirements of Joint Venture relationships, Mentor-Protege relationships, and teaming relationships.

Areas of Practice

Government Procurement Consulting

Given the highly-competitive market in federal procurement, contractors have a tough time understanding source selection processes and the requirements of competitive bidding. Mr. Watson provides national guidance on bidding strategies to federal contractors seeking to increase their chances of winning more government contracts. In addition, he conducts seminars and workshops for local state and federal customers.

FAR Compliance Counsel

Whether in the Washington DC or Colorado Office, Mr. Watson has assisted companies nationwide and overseas that are interested becoming successful in federal procurement and becoming certified to bid on government contracts. Additionally, he has provided seminars, manuals, and standard legal advice to clients to help them meet compliance mandates on complicated labor, employment, and environmental standards. Mr. Watson has worked in auditing companies’ internal government contracts programs and supply chain processes on-site to ensure compliance with GSA or DoD regulations.

Federal Contract Litigation and Appeals

Mr. Watson has challenged or upheld contract awards before Federal agency tribunals, Boards of Contract Appeals, SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, at the Government Accountability Office, Court of Federal Claims (COFC), U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and at the various industry forums.

Outside Counsel for Federal Small Business Fraud and SBA Programs

When small businesses and federal contractors face criminal charges for false claims charges, HUBZone, SVOSB and SBA 8(a) program fraud allegations, criminal defense attorneys and contracting companies frequently seek out Mr. Watson’s understanding of Federal small business programs. This helps defense attorneys and companies to identify and deal with the legal issues at hand. 

SBA and FAR 19 Small Business Matters

Mr. Watson represents federal contractors in compliance with or litigation in adverse actions, SBA 8(a) terminations and application appeals, small business size status and affiliation and Ostensible Subcontractor litigation, suspension and debarment proceedings, negotiations with the Department of Justice prosecutors concerning alleged failure to disclose knowledge of fraud, and other legal disputes arising from the procurement or performance of government contracts.

International and Federal Contingency Contracting

US government contracts overseas sometimes have a unique set of rules in areas where war and contingency procurement measures are needed. Mr. Watson is frequently retained by clients in Afghanistan, Dubai and other middle eastern locations for help with contingency contracting matters.

Employment Defense

Mr. Watson represents employers in cases involving discrimination based on national origin, race, religion, gender and wrongful termination under Title VII and Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.  When employers receive complaints from the EEOC, companies call upon Mr. Watson for aggressive employer defense.

Corporate and Business Law

In addition to representing corporations with federal government contracting concerns, Mr. Watson also helps companies needing business and corporate law legal assistance. This includes partnership disputes, incorporation, litigation, winding up and formal closings, commercial contracts and independent contractor matters in Colorado.


  • Michigan State College of Law, J.D. Cum Laude
  • Columbia College B.S. Criminal Justice Administration
  • Community College of the Air Force, AAS Training and Education Management
  • Community College of the Air Force, AAS Engineering Management
  • Government Contracts – Level II Certification
  • 6 O’Levels Oxford, London

Community Activities

  • Public speaking: Mr. Watson is called upon by chambers of commerce across the country and locally to discuss federal procurement issues and legislative impact on DOD contractors.
  • Adjunct Professor at a local college: Mr. Watson teaches business law, contracts, laws of evidence, and constitutional law classes.

Through his years of experience, Mr. Watson has focused on one guiding principle, to serve as a trusted business and legal advisor delivering results and practical guidance, so clients can focus on the bottom line.

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In addition to practicing government contract law throughout the United States, Theodore also serves as a U.S. government contractor lawyer for clients in St. Thomas and Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Barbados and the West Indies, Dubai UAE, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,


To further discuss how Mr. Watson can assist your organization, email him or call 866-601-5518.