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After your efforts to build your business as a government contractor, the DOJ or OIG is coming after you for alleged procurement fraud against the federal government. Did you have criminal intent to commit fraud? They will say you did and then investigate and indict you and bring criminal charges against you as a contractor.  

Having aggressive government contractor and federal criminal defense lawyers on your team can make a huge difference because it is no secret that many federal defense lawyers are not familiar with the underlying allegations that lead to civil and criminal false claims act cases.   Minimize your chances of paying fines or being convicted and serving jail time. 

Federal prosecutors charging government contractors and CEOs with a crime, know that they have an advantage because many local criminal defense attorneys have very little experience with the underlying procurement action that ultimately led to the False Claims Act, fraud and conspiracy charges. Our team helps you to take the advantage back.

Federal Defense Lawyers Defending Government Contractors and Individuals Nationwide. Top Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers for Government Contractors Involved in False Claims Act, Buy American Act (BAA), Government Contract Small Business Matters. Domestic and Overseas Clients 

Even during the investigation stages, federal prosecutors often use the threat of going after high fines or use the threat of mandatory minimum sentences to get government contractors or defendants to admit guilt. There is no consideration for whether or not you actually committed a crime. It’s more about getting a conviction or settlement agreement where media articles still ruin your name and reputation.

An overwhelming number of small businesses and defense contractors are also indicted and convicted for criminal conduct because the criminal defense attorney lacks the experience necessary to push back.  For example, many criminal cases involving small business program fraud are favored by the DOJ and federal prosecutors because they realize that not many federal criminal law attorneys are well-versed in government contracts.

We Help You to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes In Government Contracts Criminal Cases.

Law Offices at Washington DC and Colorado Locations:  30 Years of Combined Experience in Federal Procurement: As federal fraud lawyers, we understand Government Contract Law and the Legal Landmines that Surface When Defending a Federal Criminal Case Involving Federal Procurements.

If you are a government contractor or small business doing work for the U.S. government, sometimes law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Justice (DOJ) or Office of Inspector general can come knocking on your door with allegations of criminal actions against the federal government.  This can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. The federal defense lawyers at Watson &. Associates, LLC defends government contractors and employees against charges of fraud against the government.

As federal fraud attorneys, we handle a wide variety of criminal defense in cases involving SBA small business violations, SDVOSB fraud, HUBZone program, False Claims Act fraud, Buy American Act fraud, and more. At Watson &.  Associates LLC, we provide aggressive and relentless legal representation to defense contractors, their executive management, and owners. We represent clients nationwide against federal investigations, grand jury subpoenas, and federal criminal charges involving government contracts. The law firm is gaining a reputation as the go-to boutique law firm for criminal defense in cases involving federal procurement fraud and government contracts.  Some of our federal criminal attorneys are former government contracting personnel and understand the various underlying procurement regulations that the federal prosecutor chooses when bringing his or her charges against you.

Federal Criminal Attorneys Fighting Criminal Charges for Government Contractors 

As federal criminal defense lawyers and federal contractor fraud lawyers, we understand federal procurement law and can represent large and small contractors nationwide when defending a federal criminal case involving federal government contracts.: If you are facing a federal contract charge with a federal crime, you are a small business, or even a large business, and have received a federal subpoena, it does not mean that you will always be indicted. As contractors’ federal criminal attorneys, we work with local federal criminal lawyers who then join the team and provide the best legal strategies. We help our clients to assess the prosecutor’s angle and respond initially to discuss the pros and cons. A large number of federal subpoenas can lead to no criminal charges if the underlying procurement statute has not been violated. This is particularly true in the False Claims Act and Buy American Act cases. This is the critical aspect of the case that traditional federal fraud attorneys may miss.

Federal Defense Lawyers –  Type of Cases

Fight your civil or criminal case with federal defense lawyers that understand government contracts and procurement law: As criminal defense lawyers, we can represent companies in a variety of investigations and jury trials involving: Price-fixing, over-billing, Buy American Act,  SDVOSB fraud, SBA Program Fraud, Product substitution, Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) government contract small business matters, wire fraud and mail fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, bid-rigging, submitting fraudulent invoices, procurement integrity violations, and False Claims Act defense cases and more.

Responding to Federal CID Subpoenas: How you respond to government subpoenas sets the stage for how the US Attorneys see your defense. Just receiving a federal subpoena doesn’t automatically mean that under criminal law you must be found guilty or liable. You can effectively respond to DOJ or OIG subpoenas and not have criminal charges brought against you.

Also, after an indictment, the prosecution still has to present the case before a judge or jury – an indictment does not automatically mean that you must be found guilty. In federal procurement fraud cases, our goal is to negotiate with federal prosecutors to dismiss indictments. As government contractor defense attorneys we defend clients against a vast amount of criminal charges such as Buy American Act violations, False Claims Act and other regulations. As federal investigations defense lawyers, we work primarily with federal government contractors and individuals seeking legal defense in federal criminal and procurement fraud cases.

Defense Federal Fraud Lawyers – Only in Cases Involving Government Contracts

Our federal fraud defense lawyers help companies to avoid costly mistakes when dealing with government contract federal criminal cases. When you or your company are facing a federal investigation for procurement fraud, false claims and or Buy American Act compliance, Watson & Associates will compile a team of experienced government contracting attorneys and best federal criminal defense attorneys that can develop a sound legal defense.  When federal prosecutors charge with major fraud against the government, or even SBA fraud involving government contracting small business programs, we find that traditional federal criminal attorneys may be lacking on the substantive and underlying issues that the US attorneys will try to charge you with. This puts your case and future at great risk.

Truth in Negotiations Act (Tina Pricing Violations): The Truth in Negotiations Act, or “TINA,” requires government contractors submitting pricing on government contract bids such as sole source contracts to submit cost and pricing data to the Government that is truthful, accurate, and complete. TINA pricing violations are commonly referred to as “defective pricing.”

In many circumstances, federal contractors must disclose cost information to the government when negotiating a price for products and services to be provided to the government. The. Truth in Negotiations Act, 10 U.S.C. 2306a, 41 U.S.C. § 254b, commonly referred to as TINA is a driving force for government contractor fraud under the False Claims Act. Watson’s federal criminal defense lawyers provide legal advice to small businesses and large government contractors nationwide.

SBA OIG Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers, VA OIG and DOJ Government Contractor Defense Attorneys

Build a team of government contractor federal criminal lawyers that can aggressively fight back: Federal law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Justice (DOJ) or Inspector General (IG) Office often pursue large DOD contractors and small businesses for procurement fraud, violation of the Buy American Act (BAA) or SBA fraud. This is where Watson & Associates government contractor criminal defense lawyers can help you fight back.

We understand government contracts and small business laws where many large law firms do not: We realize that the Department of Justice (DOJ), SBA OIG, VA OIG, and the FBI are targeting more and more small businesses, and large contractor businesses associated with small government contractors, for committing fraud against the federal government. Along with the basic charges such as criminal false claims violations, the federal attorneys also attached claims such as wire fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud against the government. Read About the CEO’s Decision to Respond To Federal Investigations.

Government Contract Investigations and Enforcement

 At Watson & Associates,  our federal investigations defense lawyers aggressively provide legal counsel to large contractors and small businesses when involved in government contract-related investigations and actions that are initiated by the Department of Justice, Inspector General Offices (IG) and other federal law enforcement agencies. Government investigations involving Buy American Act, or Buy America laws can be complex and time-consuming. When responding to OIG subpoenas and requests for documents, our federal defense lawyers help you to sift through the materials, provide legal advice and assert any privileges or constitutional rights you may have.

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To find a federal criminal defense lawyer that understands the federal system and procurement laws, or need help defending a federal criminal involving federal contracts, please contact the best government contractor criminal defense attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC. When it comes to fighting against the federal legal system, time is of the essence.

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