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Facing federal healthcare fraud allegations can be daunting. At Watson & Associates, LLC, our team of seasoned criminal defense and federal healthcare fraud attorneys is here to navigate you through the complexities, ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way. We represent https

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Has the federal government knocked on your door and issued you a subpoena? Are you more worried that our system of “innocent until proven guilty” will fail? You are not alone. Unfortunately, health care providers and suppliers are frequently targeted primarily from a whistleblower’s phone call on baseless allegations. At Watson & Associates, LLC our federal health care False Claims Act defense lawyers represent and defend companies and individuals throughout the country. We aim to dispel any weaknesses in the government’s case – From health care fraud investigation all the way through indictment and trial.

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Understanding Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is essentially an intentional deception or misrepresentation in healthcare, with the primary motive being illicit gain, most commonly financial. At its core, healthcare fraud revolves around fraudulent practices aimed at extracting unwarranted money or benefits. At Watson & Associates, LLC our healthcare fraud defense attorneys help our clients fight federal criminal charges nationwide.

What are the Key Components of Healthcare Fraud?

  1. False Representations: This pertains to making deceptive claims or submissions to insurance providers, government programs like Medicare or Medicaid, or other healthcare programs.
  2. Intent: The intention behind the act is a significant element in determining healthcare fraud. The accused party must have deliberately planned the misrepresentation or deception for personal gain.
  3. Errors vs. Fraud: It’s crucial to differentiate between intentional fraud and genuine mistakes. Healthcare systems can be intricate, and mistakes can occur in billing and coding. However, mere errors do not necessarily qualify as fraud. The government or the accusing body has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had an underlying intention to deceive or commit fraud.
  4. Government’s Burden of Proof: Prosecutors carry the onus to establish that any misrepresentations in billing or coding were not mere oversights but were committed with fraudulent intent. A critical aspect of a healthcare fraud defense is emphasizing the possibility of genuine mistakes and challenging the evidence of intent. This is an area where our healthcare fraud defense attorneys can help.
  5. Potential Repercussions: If found guilty, the penalties for healthcare fraud can be severe, including hefty fines, restitution, and even imprisonment.

While the healthcare industry is susceptible to genuine errors given its complexity, not every mistake is tantamount to fraud. A robust defense in healthcare fraud cases challenges the evidence, especially the proof of intent, ensuring that honest errors aren’t penalized as intentional fraud. This is where the federal health care fraud lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC can help.

Our team of experienced health care fraud attorneys has extensive familiarity with the intricacies of the healthcare industry and can provide in-depth legal analysis to evaluate your case. 

As federal health care False Claims Act defense lawyers, we understand that any investigation or indictment for healthcare fraud carries great stress, and we use our expertise and resources to protect you from serious consequences. 

What are the Types of Healthcare Fraud

There are several types of healthcare fraud in the United States. The most common  criminal actions brought by federal prosecutors include:

  • Billing for goods or prescription drugs that you have not provided or for services that you haven’t rendered
  • Overcharging for goods and services
  • Billing for more expensive medical equipment or treatments than those actually received
  • Charging patients without their consent

Companies can be criminally charged with Medicare and Medicaid fraud for submitting false claims for reimbursement. The False Claims Act is often used to prosecute this federal crime.

Healthcare fraud investigations can be extremely stressful. You will certainly need Healthcare government investigations and criminal defense lawyers who can put together a team and show that you are wrongfully targeted.

Health Care False Claims Act Defense Lawyer:: Penalties for Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is a serious crime that can lead to significant penalties for those convicted of it. At Watson, we provide assertive and aggressive health care false claims act defense lawyers who will fight back. We understand that your reputation is essential. Any mistakes made by government attorneys must be quickly resolved. Although the severity of the penalties depends on the severity of the crime, those who are convicted of healthcare fraud face any combination of the following:

  • Heavy fines
  • Jail time
  • Revocation of professional licenses
  • Restitution to the victims

Federal prosecution of fraudulent schemes or fraudulent behavior can lead to long-term consequences.

Our Expertise

Watson & Associates, LLC: Premier Federal Healthcare Fraud Attorneys & Defense Law Firm

Facing federal healthcare fraud allegations can be daunting. At Watson & Associates, LLC, our team of seasoned criminal defense lawyers is here to navigate you through the complexities, ensuring your rights are protected at every step.

Federal Healthcare Fraud Investigations by FBI, DOJ, or OIG Offices

Understanding the intricacies of these federal investigations is vital. Our team is adept at deciphering the methodologies used by the FBI, DOJ, and OIG, ensuring you’re not wrongfully penalized.

Responding to Civil Investigative Demands (CID)

CIDs can be overwhelming. We ensure timely and accurate responses, reducing potential penalties and safeguarding your interests.

Help With Trade Agreements Act Compliance With Medical Equipment Sold to the Government

Selling medical equipment to the government? Our attorneys ensure that your sales practices align with the Trade Agreements Act, preventing unnecessary legal entanglements.

Medical Billing Fraud Defense Lawyers

Our medical defense attorneys provide experienced and knowledgeable representation in federal medical billing fraud charges, helping to ensure your rights are protected. Speak with Theodore Watson today for immediate help. Call 1.866.601.5518.


Accusations of overbilling can tarnish reputations. Our defense strategy focuses on scrutinizing the evidence, verifying billing records, and negating wrongful allegations

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: During a government healthcare fraud investigation, how should I act? A: Immediate consultation with criminal defense attorney and federal health care fraud lawyers is crucial. Timely action facilitates evidence collation, witness preparation, and defense strategy formation.

Q: What if I receive a criminal indictment for healthcare fraud? A: Engage with specialized legal counsel without delay. Watson & Associates’ nationwide presence ensures robust defense against healthcare fraud indictments.

Q: How is your firm proficient in both healthcare and procurement sectors? A: Our unique positioning with former government agency experts gives us an edge in understanding the cross-section of healthcare and procurement regulations.

Q: I am currently undergoing a government healthcare fraud investigation. How should I proceed? A: It’s vital to consult with expert healthcare fraud defense lawyers as soon as possible. Acting swiftly can aid in gathering evidence, preparing testimonies, and building a solid defense.

Q: What if I’m served with a criminal indictment for healthcare fraud? A: An indictment elevates the urgency for specialized legal counsel. Our team at Watson & Associates, operating nationwide, is trained to handle such scenarios, ensuring you get a vigorous defense against the allegations.

Q: How can Watson & Associates support me during an investigation or trial? A: Our federal health care fraud lawyers specialize in dissecting prosecution evidence, strategizing defense angles, negotiating settlements, and challenging the prosecution at every turn. We use every legal avenue to either reduce or eliminate charges.

Q: Are you familiar with healthcare contracts and their associated complexities? A: Absolutely. Our team is adept at dealing with the intricacies of healthcare contracts, especially for government contractors. We understand both the medical and procurement sides, ensuring a comprehensive defense.

Q: How does your nationwide service benefit me? A: No matter which state you’re based in, from California to New York, or Alaska to Texas, our criminal defense lawyers are equipped to represent and defend you. This nationwide presence ensures consistent and top-tier legal aid across the board.

Q: What sets Watson & Associates apart from other law firms? A: Our unique combination of former government agency experience, a keen understanding of both procurement regulations and healthcare sector nuances, and a relentless commitment to our clients set us apart. We don’t just represent; we partner with you in your defense.

Q: During a government healthcare fraud investigation, how should I act? A: Immediate consultation with criminal defense lawyers is crucial. Timely action facilitates evidence collation, witness preparation, and defense strategy formation.

Q: How is your firm proficient in both healthcare and procurement sectors? A: Our unique positioning with former government agency experts gives us an edge in understanding the cross-section of healthcare and procurement regulations.

Our Featured Attorneys:


  • Experience: A seasoned lead of the practice group, Theodore has served federal government contracting agencies.
  • Expertise: His understanding of the DOJ, SBA OIG, and the intricacies of how civil or criminal cases are built against you makes him a top choice.

government contractor defense and procurement fraud lawyersWise D. Allen, Esquire.

  • Experience: As a former Veteran Lieutenant Commander Judge Advocate for the U.S. Military, Wise boasts vast international and national legal proficiency.
  • Expertise: From procurement fraud to Anti Corruption law, and the False Claims Act, Wise’s litigation experience is unparalleled.

Federal Health Care Fraud Defense Strategies

Healthcare fraud attorneys use various strategies to defend their clients against allegations of healthcare fraud. They may challenge the prosecution’s evidence, argue that the accused was unaware of the fraud, or claim that it was unintentional. They may also negotiate plea bargains or seek to have charges reduced or dismissed. Healthcare fraud is a complex and serious crime with severe legal and financial consequences. Having a skilled and experienced healthcare fraud defense lawyer is crucial if you are accused of healthcare fraud.

HealthCare Fraud InvestigationDefense: Safeguarding Your Rights in Tumultuous Times

Understanding the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.)

You might have heard of the False Claims Act (FCA), a rigorous federal law designed to prevent fraud against the government. If you’re ever accused of this act, it’s likely due to allegations that you knowingly submitted or instigated false claims for government reimbursement. When it comes to healthcare fraud investigations defense, having a lawyer familiar with and experienced in the Federal False Claims Act will be essential to ensure you receive fair treatment under the law and the Constitution.  We form a team of local our out-of-state health care fraud defense lawyers that will aggressively handle your can fight for your rights.

Theodore Wason is a leader in healthcare fraud defense, providing experienced counsel to individuals and organizations accused of fraudulent activities. Many FCA cases arise from Qui Tam Whistleblower actions. These are initiated by private individuals, who, believing the government has been defrauded, sue on its behalf. If their claim is successful, they stand to gain a portion of the recovered amount.

If this feels intimidating, don’t worry. Our dedicated healthcare fraud defense team knows the ins and outs of the FCA and Qui Tam actions, ready to support and defend you every step of the way.

Navigating a Health Care Fraud Case: The Costly Mistake and Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Facing a health care fraud case can be nerve-wracking. Sometimes, even unintentional billing errors can thrust you into the spotlight. Here’s what you must avoid at all costs:

  1. Underestimating the Situation: Do not trivialize any fraud allegations. They can have lasting impacts on your career and reputation.
  2. Engaging without Representation: Always have your attorney present when communicating with investigators or opposing lawyers.
  3. Tampering with Evidence: Be it inadvertent or deliberate, discarding potential evidence can be seen as an admission of guilt.
  4. Settling for General Legal Help: This is a niche area. Ensure that your representation has specific experience in health care fraud defense.

Remember, even baseless claims can shake up your life, affect your practice, and tarnish your reputation.

Confronting Civil Investigative Demands (CID)

Receiving a CID is a stark reminder that you’re under scrutiny for a potential False Claims Act violation. It’s a formal request for documentation, testimony, or specific information. Here’s how you should approach it:

  1. Seek Immediate Legal Advice: Upon receiving a CID, get in touch with a health care fraud lawyer without delay.
  2. Maintain All Documents: Meticulously organize and preserve all relevant data, emails, and records.
  3. Stay Cooperative but Cautious: While compliance is vital, don’t divulge any information without your attorney’s guidance.

Upholding Your Constitutional Rights

Regardless of the situation, remember, that you have undeniable constitutional rights:

  1. The Right to Remain Silent: Avoid unintentionally incriminating yourself. You’re under no obligation to speak against your interests.
  2. The right to avoid self-incrimination: The Fifth Amendment protects you from self-incrimination.
  3. Your attorney will help prepare your response and ensure the government respects your constitutional
  4. The Right to an Attorney: You’re entitled to legal representation from start to finish.
  5. Protection from Double Jeopardy: You cannot face trial twice for identical charges.
  6. Assurance of a Fair Trial: You deserve an unbiased jury to hear your case.

We are here to ensure these rights remain unviolated, safeguarding your interests at every juncture.

Personalized Defense: Every Case, Every Detail

Each healthcare fraud allegation has its nuances. Recognizing this, our healthcare fraud defense attorneys will build a customized team for your needs. With expertise and dedication, we scrutinize every detail of your case, crafting a robust defense strategy.

We don’t merely defend; we counteract with vigor. With us in your corner, be assured that you’re backed by a formidable team ready to challenge each allegation and present your side compellingly.

Understanding Healthcare Fraud Criminal Charges

Healthcare fraud criminal charges can include false billing, healthcare kickbacks, and upcoding. Understanding the charges is crucial in building a strong defense against allegations of healthcare fraud.

Medical Fraud and Kickback Defense Lawyers

Medical professionals and organizations must navigate a complex web of rules and requirements in the ever-evolving healthcare regulations and compliance landscape. Unfortunately, allegations of medical fraud and healthcare kickbacks can arise, putting the reputation and livelihood of healthcare providers at stake. In such cases, it becomes crucial to enlist the expertise of skilled medical fraud and kickback defense lawyers who specialize in navigating these intricate legal matters. 

Overpayment Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorney

One type of medical fraud and kickback scheme involves healthcare overpayment. This occurs when a provider unknowingly accepts more money from a payer than necessary or is offered an incentive for providing services that are not covered by the payer’s policy. An experienced healthcare fraud attorney can help protect providers from such allegations by conducting an audit to identify any potential overpayments and working to negotiate a settlement with the payer.

Medical Fraud for Services Not Rendered

Another type of medical fraud involves billing for services never provided or fraud and abuse. This fraudulent practice deceives insurance companies and government programs by submitting claims for medical procedures, tests, or treatments not administered to patients. Medical fraud defense attorneys play a critical role in scrutinizing the evidence presented by prosecutors and conducting a comprehensive investigation to uncover any inconsistencies or lack of proof. They can challenge the validity of the allegations and present a strong defense to protect the rights and reputation of healthcare providers.

National False Claims Act and Qui Tam HealthCare Fraud Defense Firm

Allegations of healthcare fraud and abuse have risen significantly in the past 12 years. It is serious business when the Department of Justice (DOJ) or another federal law enforcement agency investigates or brings criminal charges against a federal government contractor. The consequences can be significant to include jail time or significant fines and penalties. It is important to find healthcare fraud lawyers who understand both the federal government contracting regulations, small business programs, and the False Claims Act aspect of criminal and civil cases.  If your company is being investigated for fraud and abuse or a False Claims Act Qui Tam lawsuit is filed against you. 

Contact Our False Claims Federal Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers for Immediate Help 

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