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HealthCare Fraud Defense AttorneysFacing federal health care fraud allegations can be stressful and scary. Even when you make an honest mistake, federal prosecutors and federal agents generally only care about one thing. Indicting or getting a conviction at trial with allegations of fraud in healthcare industry.

The consequences of not protecting your constitutional rights or hiring defense counsel who can get a better result can severely impact the result in your case.

Watson & Associates, LLC has developed a health care fraud practice group that can mobilize nationally for your case. Our healthcare fraud attorneys will include  health care fraud counselors, and civil and criminal litigators.

We work with local counsel across the United States to investigate, plan and execute a tailored legal defense to your healthcare fraud case. We provide effective and experienced legal services medical provides and suppliers dealing with the complex and potentially crippling risks associated with fraud and abuse investigations and prosecutions.

Is It Worth Opening Yourself to Jail Time or Paying $1.9 Million to Settle Allegations of Fraudulent Billing? We Can Help. See this Case.

Healthcare Fraud Claims in 2020 Reached $3.1B. This is an indicator that the Government is applying more pressure on healthcare providers suspected of impacting the health care fraud and abuse control program. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services , in 2023 78 defendants, including 24 licensed medical providers and 6 doctors, across 17 federal districts were charged for their alleged participation in these fraud schemes, resulting in $2.5 billion false billings to federal programs.

Nationwide Criminal Defense Attorneys Healthcare Fraud Defense for Health Care Providers, Pharmaceutical Company, Manufacturers, and More

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Has the federal government knocked on your door and issued you a subpoena? Are you more worried that our system of “innocent until proven guilty” will fail? You are not alone. Unfortunately, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical company facilities, and suppliers are frequently targeted primarily from a healthcare fraud whistleblower’s phone call on baseless allegations. Hiring a healthcare fraud lawyer can be a substantial benefit.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our criminal defense healthcare fraud attorneys represent and defend companies and individuals nationwide. We aim to dispel any weaknesses in the government’s case – From health care fraud investigation through indictment and trial.


What is Healthcare Fraud?

Healthcare fraud typically involves a scheme to defraud the federal healthcare program. The government’s case may tend to argue false or fraudulent representations in exchange for money – payment of invoices or something of value. The key to defending a healthcare fraud case is to show a lack of intent. This is usually the government’s biggest hurdle in a criminal case.

  • A case against you can be filled with billing errors and coding violations.
  • Billing errors by themselves do not prove intent.
  • As your medical defense attorney, we build a solid defense team to fight back with the goal of forcing the federal government to dismiss or settle the matters

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our health care fraud defense lawyers represent federal clients nationwide. We build a team specifically for your case and aim to get the case or charges dismissed as early as possible. If that fails, we are prepared to aggressively represent you at trial.

Types of Health Care Fraud Defense Cases We Handle

Our Federal Health Care Fraud Lawyers Represent Clients in a Variety of Fraud Case including: 

  • Billing for unnecessary medical services
  • Billing for services not provided
  • Upcoding claims – submitting claims that are higher than the level of service provided for higher reimbursement
  • Unlicensed medical services
  • Duplicate claims of fraud in healthcare industry
  • Misrepresenting diagnosis or procedure to capitalize on maximum profits
  • Unbundling procedures – serrating costs for procedures normally billed as one kind of treatment
  • Altering medical records or reports
  • Healthcare fraud whistleblower defense lawyers
  • Receiving kickbacks for any goods or medical services under the Anti kickback Statute
  • Federal Conspiracy defense See 18 U.S.C. 1349)

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Medical Billing Fraud Defense Lawyers

You have worked hard to grow and scale your business in the competitive and highly regulated healthcare industry. You have tried your best to comply with the rules. Yet, you have now received word that you are being investigated or indicted for what is more than likely a billing mistake.

For an industry that is highly regulated, you need a health care fraud lawyer to get to the bottom of the allegations and immediately start preparing your legal defense. The government attorneys or prosecutors will more than likely claim that your bills were too high, that you billed for care that was not provided, or that you conducted excessive testing.  Our medical billing fraud defense attorneys and federal False Claims Act healthcare lawyers can help.

What are the Elements of Health Care Fraud 18 U.S.C. Section 1347

The legal elements of a federal health care fraud case depend on if the charges are civil or criminal in nature. For example, in federal criminal healthcare fraud cases, the elements of health care fraud under 18 U.S.C. Section 1347 are:

(1) Knowingly and willfully

(2) executing, or attempting to execute, a scheme or artifice

(3) to defraud a health care benefit program or obtain funds from a health care benefit program under false pretenses

(4) in connection with the delivery of, or payment for, health care benefits, items, or medical services.

18 U.S.C. Section 1347  also allows federal prosecutors can also pursue civil or criminal healthcare fraud charges under the Anti-Kickback Statute.


Health Care Fraud Punishments

If you are found guilty and convicted of healthcare fraud, you can be exposed to severe penalties or jail time. For example, false statements on a claim can cost you up to a 5-year prison sentence per offense. Federal health care fraud can result in a 10-year sentence per offense. If, however, fraud leads to bodily harm, a defendant could face a 20-year prison sentence. In addition, you could face from $250,000 to $500,000 depending upon the claim. Consider hiring a healthcare fraud lawyer to minimize exposure and risk.

Healthcare providers or facilities could be exposed to millions or even billions of dollars in fines. A court or jury could also order payment of restitution. At the end of the day, the key is to mount a strong defense early in the case. The further you wait for the government to bring the case, the window of opportunity disappears. Our healthcare fraud attorneys are here to help.

Federal Health Care False Claims Act Defense Attorneys

Healthcare fraud is a serious crime that can lead to significant penalties for those convicted of it. At Watson, our health care False Claims Act defense attorneys provide assertive and aggressive legal representation to clients who are under federal investigation. When there is an underlying violation or the health care rules, whether fraudulent billing or providing unnecessary services, federal prosecutors will then convert the act into a False Claims Act civil or criminal charge.  We understand that your reputation is essential.

Any mistakes made by government attorneys must be quickly resolved. Federal prosecution of fraudulent schemes or fraudulent behavior can lead to long-term consequences. Although the severity of the penalties depends on the severity of the crime, those who are convicted of healthcare fraud face any combination of the following:

  • Heavy fines
  • Jail time
  • Revocation of professional licenses
  • Restitution to the victims

Federal Health Care Fraud Investigations by FBI, DOJ, or OIG Offices

Criminal defense attorneys healthcare fraud: Understanding the intricacies of federal health care fraud investigations is vital. Our team of criminal defense attorneys and federal health care fraud lawyers is adept at deciphering the methodologies used by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), DOJ, and OIG, ensuring you’re not wrongfully penalized. We will initiate contact with the federal law enforcement office and directly represent your interests.

Health Care Fraud Defense Attorneys Responding to Civil Investigative Demands (CID)

Nationwide healthcare defense attorneys: Responding to OIG or DOJ civil investigative demands or CIDs can be overwhelming. We ensure timely and accurate responses, reducing potential penalties and safeguarding your interests. Our medical fraud case attorneys can help with Trade Agreements Act Compliance With Medical Equipment Sold to the Government and product substitution False Claims Act criminal investigations.

Selling medical equipment to the government? Our healthcare fraud attorneys ensure that your sales practices align with the Trade Agreements Act, preventing unnecessary legal entanglements.

Healthcare Overpayment Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been accused of overpayment, our team can help. Our healthcare overpayment defense attorneys are skilled at examining medical billing records and other evidence to ensure your rights are defended. 

Medical Billing Fraud Defense Attorneys

Accusations of medical billing fraud and overbilling can tarnish reputations. As healthcare enforcement action defense attorneys and healthcare fraud attorneys, we focus on scrutinizing the evidence, verifying billing records, and negating wrongful allegations by federal prosecutors.

Our medical billing fraud defense attorney provides experienced and knowledgeable representation in federal medical billing fraud charges, helping to ensure your rights are protected when facing charges about over-billing private insurance companies.

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Our Featured Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers


  • Experience: Theodore has served federal government contracting agencies as a seasoned practice group lead.
  • Expertise: His understanding of the DOJ, SBA OIG, and the intricacies of how civil or criminal cases are built against you makes him a top choice.

top washington dc and maryland. Wise Allen Attorney federal Criminal Defense and FCPA fraud laawyerWise D. Allen, Esquire.

  • Expertise: From procurement fraud to Anti Corruption law, and the False Claims Act, Wise’s litigation experience is unparalleled.
  • Former Navy officer with years of experience in criminal defense.

We also work with local counsel as part of our team build and defense strategy.



top rated washington DC criminal Defense Health Car Fraud Foreign Corrupt FCAP defene attorneysWalter H. Foster , Esquire. Of Counsel, is a seasoned attorney and former Army colonel with deep experience orchestrating teams, imparting clarity and counsel, and executing on behalf of both private enterprise and the federal government.

Moving to the Pentagon as Lead Trial Counsel, Walter was tapped to spearhead the high-profile prosecution of an Al Qaeda operative who had been detained at Guantanamo Bay. Walter has the federal experience on the other side that can help health care fraud clients nationwide.

Health Care Fraud Investigation Defense Lawyer

Understanding 31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq: You might have heard of the False Claims Act (FCA), a rigorous federal law designed to prevent fraud against the government. If someone accuses you of medical fraud, it’s probably because they think you intentionally made up false claims. The purpose of making up these false claims is to get money from the government.

Having healthcare fraud attorneys experienced in the Federal False Claims fraud statute to guide you through the investigation and prosecution stages will be essential for fair treatment under the law and for protecting your constitutional rights in healthcare fraud investigations defense. 


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