defense government contractor fraud attorneyDefense contractor fraud lawyers:  Help with Government Contractor Fraud Cases Nationwide and Overseas.  As defense contractor fraud attorneys, we understand the rules and where federal law enforcement may fail. Our goal is to minimize the impact of investigations and targets to shut down  large and small businesses.

Watson & Associates’ federal government contractor fraud attorneys help small businesses and large DOD contractors in criminal allegations of government contract fraud. Getting the proper legal defense means knowing the unique hurdles to overcome when issues related to small business fraud, SDVOSB fraud, HUBZone Fraud and SBA 8(a) program fraud or other common types of cases arise.

Our law firm frequently helps criminal defense attorneys to better understand how to defend the various criminal allegations from federal prosecutors and how to better develop a high-level defense strategy.

With law offices in Washington DC and in Denver, Colorado, our law office has a national reach to help federal government contractors in a variety of criminal defense and civil defense disputes.

  • Help for small business and larger federal contractors
  • We help clients within the U.S. and Overseas

Help With Government Small Business Fraud

If your company is targeted for allegations of federal procurement fraud, SDVOSB fraud, SBA 8(a) BD fraud cases or any other type of government small business fraud, our government contractor attorneys can help. As former government contracting personnel, we understand the substantive areas of concern that can arise in a small business fraud case. We provide legal counsel and legal advice in areas such as pass-through contracts, limitations on subcontracting regulations, teaming agreement and SBA affiliation violations. We also help in criminal cases regarding false claims by service-disabled veteran-owned companies (SDVOSB).

With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, the federal government contractor defense attorneys at Watson & Associates frequently handle high-level and complex litigation on behalf of small businesses and large DOD contractors across the United States and overseas.  

Defense Contractor Fraud Attorney Services 

Our federal government contractor defense attorney provides sound legal representation by:

Outside Counsel For Criminal Defense Lawyers

When federal contractors hire local criminal defense attorneys, there may be a problem where the defense lawyer may not be well-versed in federal procurement law or the intricacies of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. At Watson & Associates, our government contractor defense consultants and attorneys provide outside counsel services to criminal defense firms that need help with criminal cases involving federal government contracts. We are available to assist regardless of your state.

Lawyers for contractors provide CEOs with reliable legal advice and counsel. In other words, we become part of the defense team to reduce the likelihood of criminal liability.

Our practice areas include a wide range of federal procurement legal matters including False Claims Act violations, defective contractor product, suspension and debarment, procurement fraud, bid protest intervention and defense, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act actions and SBA small business fraud allegations.

SBA 8(a) Fraud and Government Contractor Defense 

Small businesses that are doing business with the federal government may find themselves defending criminal or civil actions against allegations of fraud or false claims involving the SBA 8(a) Program. Common issues include pass-through contracting disputes, business control and affiliation matters, fraudulently controlling an 8(a) business and overall allegations of fraudulent schemes with an intent to defraud the government. These are all areas of government contract law that the Watson law firm can help you with.

SDVOSB and HUBZone Contractor Fraud Attorney

Government contractor fraud can also include criminal and civil liability for SDVOSB fraud and for violating the SBA HUBZone laws. When companies face criminal charges for allegations of procurement and HUBZone fraud, Watson & Associates’ government contractor fraud attorneys and lawyers can help. Issues that frequently arise include violation of the HUBZone employee residence rules, pass-through contracts, violations of the limitations on subcontracting regulations and false claims and certifications to the federal government.

Bid Protests and Government Contractor Defense at the Court of Federal Claims

When cases are filed at the US Court of Federal Claims, companies may intervene into the case and present some level of government contractor defense in a bid protest or some other case. Our federal procurement attorneys provide a myriad of litigation services when cases are filed at the Court of Federal Claims. Whether the government has brought a civil case for a contract claim, or some other allegations, our law firm can help.

Litigation and Appeals at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Watson & Associates, LLC government contract appeal lawyers can represent government contractors at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. We help with appellate cases involving SBA OHA decisions about small business relationships, Contract Disputes Act claims, bid protest appeals and more.

Overseas Government Contractor Attorney and Independent Contractor Lawyers

Whether you are a general contractor on a federal project or a subcontractor / independent contractor involved in a government investigation or some other level of criminal prosecution, our government contract fraud, and government contractor fraud lawyers can help. Our goal of our federal government contractor attorneys is to quickly get to the bottom of the issue at hand and to resolve matters as quickly as possible without the need for expensive litigation.

  • Our goal is to quickly get to the bottom of the issue at hand and to resolve matters as quickly as possible without the need for expensive litigation.
  • We are overseas government contractor lawyers with expertise in contingency contracting.

From Beginning to End

When federal contracting agencies decide to investigate DOD contractors, there is a 43% chance that an adverse action will result. Our procurement law and defense contractor fraud lawyers provide key solutions that minimize the impact.

  • We understand that getting the proper legal defense team is essential to protecting a company’s future of doing business with the federal government.

For our defense contractors clients, have access to experienced lawyers for contractors and experts that can provide litigation support in high-profile cases.

 Lawyers For Contractors Facing Contract Default Terminations

Federal government defense contractors may at some face a termination for default decision. As in any legal dispute, federal contractor lawyers will look at the alleged statutory violation and make clients available to sue any potential legal defense to the agency’s actions. The following are example available contractor defenses to a termination for default:

Excusable Delay

 Not all termination for cause decisions are valid. However, companies should be familiar with the standard FAR clause that address contract terminations. There are available defense contractor legal defenses for example if the basis for terminating the contract stems from a delay was “beyond the control and without the fault or negligence” of the contractor. 

  • A defense contractor fraud law firm would also have to make sure that any alleged excusable delays were unforeseeable.

Defective Specifications and Impossibility

 Another legal defense is to show that the government-furnished defective specification and it was, therefore, impossible to perform. Such defects can include defects in specifications range from inconsistencies, legibility problems, and ambiguities. These are areas where Watson’s federal contractor fraud lawyers can help.

Information for DOD Defense Contractors

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Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and ITARS Violations

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Mandatory Disclosure Rule and Compliance Requirements for federal Contractors

When Are Contractor and Government Sanctions Imposed by Contract Boards

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