defense government contractor fraud attorneyGovernment Contractor Defense Attorneys Helping with Procurement Fraud Defense Cases Nationwide and Overseas.  Watson & Associates’ lawyers help with a variety of False Claims Act cases, to include those involving defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud, and Buy American Act fraud to name a few. As Federal contractor fraud attorneys, we understand the procurement and contracting rules and where federal law enforcement may fail when prosecuting civil and criminal cases.  As government contract fraud defense attorneys, Our goal is to minimize the impact of investigations and agency targeting to shut down large and small businesses.

Watson & Associates’ federal government contractor defense lawyers help small businesses and large DOD contractors in criminal allegations of government contract fraud. Getting the proper legal defense means knowing the unique hurdles to overcome when issues related to small business fraud, SDVOSB fraud, HUBZone Fraud and SBA 8(a) program fraud or other common types of cases arise.

Our law firm also frequently helps local criminal attorneys to better understand how to defend the various criminal allegations from federal prosecutors and how to better develop a high-level strategy in federal contracting cases.

Nationwide Help

With law offices in Washington DC and in Denver, Colorado, our law office represents federal contractors in all states and overseas. The law firm has a national reach to help federal government contractors in a variety of criminal defense and civil defense disputes. We help individuals and companies from the investigation stage, all the way through the indictment and trial stages.

Defense Contractor Fraud Attorney Services 

Our federal government contractor defense attorney provides sound legal representation in the following types of cases:

Why Contractor Defense is Critical Early in the Case?

The federal government usually starts the case with a government investigation. This could be from the SBA, DOJ or OIG or some other law enforcement agency. Nevertheless, contractors must start building a legal defense early. Federal prosecutors and their investigators oftentimes have initiated a case sometimes months or even years before you learn that you are under investigation. When you can show them that the case against you is a weak one, then it may deter them from bringing criminal charges.  In reality, the effort may still move forward. However, having a government contractor defense attorney that understands the procurement playing field will be in a better position to fight back against allegations of contractor fraud and set up better negotiation power. See information about False Claims Act defense cases for contractors.

Federal Contractor Attorneys – Outside Counsel in Criminal Cases

When federal contractors hire local criminal fraud defense attorneys, there may be a problem where the defense lawyer may not be well-versed in federal procurement law or the intricacies of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. During the investigative stages, the substantive experience to combat the Government’s allegations is critical. It may lay the foundation for building a solid foundation for a legal defense or even have federal prosecutors be more careful with allegations. Waiting until trial to develop a solid criminal defense or civil defense could be too late. At Watson & Associates, our military contractor fraud attorneys provide outside counsel services to criminal defense firms that need help with criminal cases

SBA 8(a) Government Contractor Fraud Defense Attorneys

Small businesses that are doing business with the federal government may find themselves defending criminal or civil actions against allegations of fraud or false claims involving the SBA 8(a) Program. Common issues that can arise in contractor fraud cases involving SBA fraud include pass-through contracting disputes, business control and affiliation matters, fraudulently controlling an 8(a) business and overall allegations of fraudulent schemes with an intent to defraud the government. The SBA has very confusing laws that regulate the SBA 8(a) BD program. In addition to those laws, you may still have to deal with regulations that govern mentor-protege relationships, teaming and joint venturing. These are all areas where government contractor fraud defense attorneys can help.

SDVOSB and HUBZone Government Contractor Fraud Attorneys

Government contractor fraud can also include criminal and civil liability for SDVOSB fraud and for violating the SBA HUBZone laws. When companies face criminal charges for allegations of procurement and HUBZone fraud, Watson & Associates’ government contractor fraud attorneys and SDVOSB lawyers can help. Issues that frequently arise include violations of the HUBZone employee residence rules, pass-through contracts, violations of the limitations on subcontracting regulations and false claims and certifications to the federal government.

Contractor Lawyers Fraud & Penalties 41 U.S. Code § 2105 – Penalties and Administrative Actions

Penalties Associated With Government Contractor Fraud

The federal prosecutors pursue contractor fraud allegations and charges very vigorously. Starting at the investigation stage and all the way through indictment and litigation at trial, you can expect a relentless effort. However, having a sound provable defense can reduce the impact and even get a not guilty verdict.

Contractor fraud cases carry with them very stiff penalties. If charged with a felony, you can expect to spend more than one year of jail time. When the government adds the amount of 1001 counts ( providing false statements to the government) to your case, you can end up with as much as 5 years in jail. This is why developing a strong legal defense early is essential with experienced defense contractor lawyers.  When the case is over, government contractors can lose professional licenses and still have to pay fines.

41 U.S. Code § 2105

(a)Criminal Penalties.

A person that violates section 2102 of this title to exchange information covered by section 2102 of this title for anything of value or to obtain or give a person a competitive advantage in the award of a Federal agency procurement contract shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both.

(b)Civil Penalties.

The Attorney General may bring a civil action in an appropriate district court of the United States against a person that engages in conduct that violates sections 2102, 2103, or 2104 of this title. On proof of that conduct by a preponderance of the evidence—

(1) an individual is liable to the Federal Government for a civil penalty of not more than $50,000 for each violation plus twice the amount of compensation that the individual received or offered for the prohibited conduct; and

(2) an organization is liable to the Federal Government for a civil penalty of not more than $500,000 for each violation plus twice the amount of compensation that the organization received or offered for the prohibited conduct.

False Claims Act Fraud Penalties

The False Claims Act requires a penalty for each violation. The FCA penalty amount also increases with inflation each year. Currently, False Claims Act penalties range as high as $23,607 per violation. With some frauds involving tens of thousands of individual violations, total False Claims Act penalty assessments can run into the millions or tens of millions of dollars.

Preparing Your Case After Indictment

If your company is charged or indicted for criminal activity, procurement fraud or some other charge, the government attorneys have decided to move forward to trial. However, a criminal indictment does not mean that you will be automatically convicted at trial. The federal prosecutors have to now build their case for trial. This means you now have to build your legal defense. Many contractors tend to be reactive and wait for the prosecution to make the next move. This can be a huge mistake. Your defense contractor fraud attorney should be going through all documents and evidence to develop a sound legal defense early.

Information for DOD Defense Contractors

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