Government Contracts Attorney Denver COCheryl Adams is an Associate Attorney with Watson and Associates, LLC.  She is a former federal Contracting Officer with years of hands-on experience with all phases of federal procurement.  She brings to clients an intimate understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and an insider perspective on the procurement processes of a federal government headquarters. 

She understands the government’s relationships with small businesses and subcontractors, as well as relationships with Fortune 500 corporations.  She has worked side by side with government auditors, and personally conducted government property audits.  She has handled all sizes of contract award from micropurchases through major systems. 

She has cradle-to-grave hands-on operational experience with how all phases and all types of government contracting processes from acquisition planning through contract closeout. 


Her practice areas include:

              Bid Protests                                                   Post-Award protests

              Federal Appeals                                            Court of Federal Claims Litigation

              Contract Terminations                                 Suspension and Debarment

              SBA Small Business Size Protests              False Claims Act

              Procurement Claims and Appeals              Contract Investigations

              Contract Disputes Act                                  Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) Challenges

              Procurement Integrity Act                          Sole Source Justification Challenges

              Procurement Policy                                      Cure and Show Cause Notices

              Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)         SBA Mentor Protégé Program

              Novations                                                       Procurement / Government Contract Fraud

              Contract Management Compliance         Contract Pricing / Cost Reimbursement

              Prime or Subcontracting Issues                Buy American Act

              Unsolicited Proposals                                Copyright / Trademark

              Government Property                               Brand Name or Equal

              Research and Development                  Buy America Build America (BABA) & Trade Agreements Compliance


Ms. Adams understands how small problems can become big ones if they are not addressed in the right way.  She knows how invoicing, government property tracking, labor rate compliance, and other seemingly ordinary processes are comprised of small details that can lead to surprisingly big legal problems.  She strives to provide winning legal solutions that satisfy clients’ needs at the lowest possible level.





Mount Holyoke College, B.A.

George Mason University School of Law, Juris Doctorate (law and economics)

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