Are You a Government Contractor? Facing a False Claims Act Investigation? Our Federal Lawyers Can Help With OIG or DOJ Civil Investigative Demands (CID). We Help to Protect Your Rights and Minimize Civil or Criminal Liability. If You Receive a Federal CID, You Must Respond Appropriately and On Time. There are Severe Consequences if You Don’t.

CIvil investigative demand fasle claims act defense attorneys

As a federal government contractor, receiving an OIG or DOJ civil investigative demand (CID) can cause you to be afraid and panic. Not only are you afraid of being charged despite not intentionally doing something, but also the potential civil and criminal penalties and damage to your reputation.

Undergoing a government contractor investigation can be a daunting experience. Knowing the CID investigation process and what steps to take next can be a concern.

The government contracting and federal lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC represent small businesses, healthcare processions, and mid to large defense contractors facing tough and stressful investigations.

When you receive a target civil demand letter,  you have short deadlines to respond. Our OIG and DOJ CID federal lawyers can take charge and guide you through the process.

With law offices in Washington, DC, and in Denver, Colorado, Watson & Associates’s civil investigative demand false claims act defense lawyers represent federal government contractors and individuals throughout the United States from the investigative state through indictment and trial stages.

We bring over 30 years of federal procurement experience to your case and stand in a better position to defend you in a criminal case when compared to criminal defense attorneys with no experience in federal procurement laws.

  • We help clients sift through the documents and CID requests for interrogatories and discovery
  • We help with the underlying allegations and facts related to unique items in government contracting such as small business programs, Trade Agreements Act (TAA compliance) matters, Buy American Act CIDs investigations, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 
  • We assess investigations and CID target cases for allegations of SBA affiliation and various white-collar crimes
  • Our OIG and DOJ CID lawyers use over 30 years of procurement experience to adequately defend False Claims Act allegations

What is a Civil Investigative Demand?

 Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) is a soft type of subpoena that allows federal law enforcement agencies to demand very sensitive and crippling amounts of information from government contractor entities without formally going to a federal court. If you received an OIG or DOJ civil investigative demand from the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Office of Inspector General. (OIG), you should take this very seriously. If you do not respond promptly and appropriately, your life can become more stressful. 

How Can We Help When Responding to Civil Investigative Demands

  • Preserving the Attorney-Client Privilege. When you retain legal counsel at our law firm, we help to preserve attorney- client protected information before responding to CIDs. If you can keep protected information, our OIG and DOJ CID lawyers will assist.  
  • Prepare and Submit Your Response to DOJ or OIG. Our CID response lawyers help you to prepare and submit your response. We represent government contractors from the beginning of an investigation all the way to trial if needed. 
  • Negotiations and Aggressive Legal Defense. If you are a target in an investigation, we immediately help to prepare a legal defense.
  • Implement a Legal CID Hold. You should immediately implement  a “legal hold” to preserve all documents and evidence that it responsive to the OD or subpoena.

Responding to a Civil Investigative Demand False Claims Act Violations 

If you were served a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) related to potential False Claims Act violations in a federal government contract, it is critical to respond in a timely and comprehensive manner. The implementation of the False Claims Act for government contract fraud imposes serious civil and or criminal. The consequences for non-compliance of CIDs are extremely severe.

You should seek legal counsel from a Civil Investigative Demand False Claims Act defense lawyer with experience in government contracting. Without that experience on your defense team, your chances of being indicted and charged criminal are significantly increased.

  • Put a CID hold on all documents.
  • Be prepared to bring in third parties to extract information from your computers.
  • Speak to your CID investigative lawyer about your constitutional rights during the DOJ CID response process.

Taking proactive steps to respond to a civil investigative demand False Claims Act subpoena can minimize the impact and reputation of your business.


Common False Claims Act Allegations Against Government Contractors

Federal government contractors face a vast amount of False Claims Act allegations. The prosecutors will usually allege violations of underlying procurement laws such as the Trade Agreements Act, Buy American Act, TINA violation, SBA small business program fraud, and more. When sufficient evidence has accumulated, then the DOJ or other federal agency will bring numerous counts of False Claims violations against you for allegations of misrepresenting capabilities, inflating your costs, and delivering substandard products or services to the government.

Typical FCA claims can also involve defective equipment provided to the government, overbilling for labor and or materials, kickbacks,  bid rigging, and knowingly submitting false bidding information or certification for federal programs. 

What is a CID and What Does Hold for CID Mean?

After being served with a target letter and civil investigative demand, immediately implement a legal hold. If you are served with a Civil Investigative Demand related to a potential False Claims Act violation, immediately put a legal hold to preserve relevant evidence and protect your company. A legal hold is a command or order to your personnel to cease all discarding and destruction of relevant evidence to the COD. This can include physical documents, emails, etc.

Immediately putting a legal hold in place can significantly reduce the risk of spoliation sanctions. These sanctions can range from hefty fines to adverse inferences drawn against you as a government contractor, potentially crippling your legal defense. Discuss this critical point with your civil investigative demand attorney.

How Long Does a CID Investigation Take?

There is no set time limit on how long a civil investigative demand investigation takes. Some cases can take months while Qui Tam CID investigation cases can take several years. Each CID investigative lawyer at Watson & Associates, LLC aggressively analyzes the facts of each case and advises you of the strengths and any weaknesses in the government’s case.

What Happens After a CID Investigation?

The the DOJ or OIG concludes the investigation, the agency will decide whether or not there is enough evidence to move ahead with civil or criminal charges. If you are represented by legal counsel, the government’s attorneys may also attempt to resolve the issues through negotiations and settlement. In criminal cases, where no settlement can be reached, the prosecutor may choose to empanel a grand jury.

Nationwide Legal Representation for Government Contractors and Individuals

At Watson & Associates, LLC our federal lawyers understand the procurement process and have the experience to defend you when the government simply has it wrong. Whether you are a prime contractor, subcontractor or CEO of a government contracting company, our law firm can help.


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