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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA & Anti Corruption LawyersIf you are currently under federal investigation for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, you want to make sure that carefully respond to, and cooperate with government investigators. However, you have statutory and constitutional rights that could be violated.

  • Although the federal government has an obligation to avoid anti corruption, it does not have a right to violate any constitutional rights that you may have.

The criminal defense attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC compile a defense to team to aggressively defend your rights. We help you to navigate through the federal court process, while providing you with honest and direct feedback. This allows you to make informed decisions. Getting the right FCA attorney on you team is critical to the final outcome.

With law offices in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, Watson & Associates’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA lawyers represent corporate executives, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses involved in Criminal FCPA investigations.

  • When individuals or corporations are facing criminal liability for government corruption whether at pre-indictment or post-indictment stages, we help to minimize the impact and deal directly with government attorneys to resolve the matter in a more favorable fashion.

Clients come to us because of our candidness and fearless approach to dealing  with Foreign Corrupt Practice Act defense work.  As an FCPA defense law firm, our team of attorneys can represent defendants in various jurisdictions and nationwide.

US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Government Corruption Investigations & FCPA Lawyer Services 

Given the compound nature of the relevant statutes, having experienced FCPA lawyers can allow you to make informed decisions and restructure your company for sound compliance. Watson’s government corruption defense lawyers provide:

  • Aggressive litigation defense;
  • Help at the indictment and trial stage;
  • Anti bribery criminal defense
  • FCPA investigation legal advice
  • Anti bribery and corruption defense
  • Federal Corrupt Practices Act criminal defense
  • Appeals of trial court decisions;
  • Client legal advice about FCPA best practices
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance
  • False Claims Act and DOJ FCPA cases
  • Procurement Fraud Criminal defense 

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Watson & Associates’ FCPA law firm, with its litigation alliances, are uniquely positioned to provide high-level legal advice, training and general counsel in FCPA investigations domestically and internationally. Our anti corruption lawyers and compliance defense attorneys can assist you with reorganizing and restructuring your training and compliance plans regardless of your size.

Companies must have a system of internal controls sufficient to:

  • Provide reasonable assurances that transactions are executed and assets are accessed, and
  • Account for in accordance with management’s authorization.
  • Minimize penalties for non compliance.

What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977?

FCA Defense lawyersThe US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 or Federal Corrupt Practices Act deals with any person who possesses some certain degree of intent while he or she engages in foreign corrupt practices.

Also, the FCPA to applies to American businesses and foreign entities that trade securities to the United States and engage in anti bribery activity.

How Does the Federal Government Prosecute FCPA Cases?The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has jurisdiction over criminal FCPA prosecutions, and the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC handles the civil cases for prosecution. Nevetheless each undividual agency performs its own investigation but they do share information.

What are the possible criminal penalties for FCPA violations?

Your company can be liable for fines up to $2 million for FCPA violations.  For an individual, he or she may be fined up to $100,000 and sentenced to up to five years in prison for an FPCAP bribery violation.

  • For FCPA accounting violations, each count carries a maximum fine of $25 million for business entities and a maximum fine of $5 million for individuals.
  • An individual may also face up to 20 years in prison for each accounting offense.

Federal Corrupt Practices Act Affirmative Defenses

When facing a Federal Corrupt Practices Act charge, government contractors should realize that anti-bribery provisions have two viable legal affirmative defenses.

The first is that the payment was lawful under the written laws of the foreign country, or “the local law defense,” and second that the targeted funds were spent as part of demonstrating a product or performing a contractual obligation, the “reasonable and bona fide business expenditure” defense. Federal contractors must prove these defenses by having a criminal defense attorney that understands the regulations.

FCPA’s bribery prohibition also contains a narrow exception for “facilitating or expediting payments made in furtherance of routine government action.” This exception applies only when a payment is made to further “routine governmental action” that involves non-discretionary acts.

The SEC and the Department of Justice are jointly responsible for enforcing the Anti Corruption Act and Bribery Act compliance. The SEC’s Enforcement Division has created a specialized unit to enhance its oversight of FCPA violations further.

FCPA Violations & FCPA Penalties 

FCPA penalties not only can end up with criminal or civil liability but the amounts for fcpa violation can be extremely high. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) work hand in hand to enforce anti bribery and corruption regulations and FCPA laws.

Civil penalties include fines of up to $10,000 plus an additional fine not to exceed the greater of the gross amount of pecuniary gain or a specified dollar limitation ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, depending on the level of the violation. Individuals or contractors doing business federal government can be suspended or debarred.

Criminal penalties for FCPA violations include fines of up to $2 million for businesses and corporations. For individuals, including officers, directors, stockholders, and employees, the criminal penalties include fines of up to $100,000 and up to five years in prison.

Anti Corruption Act Compliance Penalties

 The Anti Corruption law sanctions and compliance penalties for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations can be significant. The SEC often brings civil enforcement actions against issuers and their officers, directors, employees, stockholders, and agents for violations of anti bribery and corruption or accounting provisions of the FCPA Act.

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