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Federal government contractors and employees face increasing scrutiny when doing business with the federal government. Understanding how to deal with government investigators, understanding your constitutional and statutory rights can be problematic. As federal government investigation lawyers, we help you to form a team of government contract fraud lawyers and criminal attorneys that will aggressively fight for your rights.

To minimize the potential of facing severe criminal liability or hefty civil fines, the law firm helps clients through:

  • IG investigations
  • SBA Investigations
  • DOJ Investigations
  • SBA OIG investigations

Most companies are generally successful when performing federal government contracts. However, a few may find themselves subjected to government investigations for compliance failure or potential government procurement fraud investigations. 

The government investigations law firm at Watson & Associates, LLC help large and small businesses to address the government‘s investigative concerns about white collar crime and avoid costly legal mistakes while attempting to reduce criminal liability and or civil penalties. The federal criminal investigation process can be long and cumbersome.   When you are under investigation, having the right legal team on board can save time and money.


Defending corporations and individuals in government investigations

Watson & Associates’ government and internal investigations attorneys help small businesses and DOD contractors to overcome common mistakes when responding to subpoena’s from various law enforcement offices such as SBA Inspector General (SBA OIG Investigations), Department of Justice (DOJ); Veteran’s Administration IG investigations and others. The following represents some of the main topics that our federal government investigation attorneys can help with. We can help clients with legal advice across the US and overseas companies in cases involving:

  • Federal government contract fraud investigation and federal government contracts
  •  Billing and reimbursement procurement investigations
  • SBA small business size investigations regarding government contractor fraud (SBA OIG Investigation)
  • Government contract compliance investigations
  • Inspector General (IG) investigations for white collar crime
  • Congressional investigations about procurement fraud schemes
  • Federal Construction fraud investigations
  • Limitation on subcontracting procurement investigations
  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Anti-kickback federal contract investigations
  • Responding to federal subpoenas and request for documents
  • DOJ government contract investigations
  • SBA fraud investigation and federal small business programs (8(a), HUBZone Fraud), SDVOSB Fraud
  • False Claims Act Investigations
  • Invoices and performance issues


Breakdown of what we do as government contract fraud investigation counsel

As federal investigation attorneys for government contractors, the law firm represents and provides legal advice to clients in a wide variety of government investigations. This includes civil investigations regarding government contract fraud in the various small business programs including SDVOSB fraud, HUBZone fraud investigations, and federal investigations regarding the SBA 8(a) BD program. As investigation counsel, we also help clients involved with criminal liability for submitting invoices, substandard materials and violations of limitations on subcontracting regulations.

  • We form a team of professionals tailored to combat the underlying issues of federal investigators. There are several strategies used by federal law enforcement offices to eventually bring civil or criminal charges against you or your company.  Depending on the type of corporate investigation, we work closely with corporate executives and local attorneys for criminal cases, provide them with a clear strategic approach while protecting rights both at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.
  • Help with small business regulations that local counsel may not be aware of.
  • Develop sound legal strategies that solidify your defenses or help to minimize adverse decisions.
  • Conduct internal investigations to see if there is an underlying problem that you can resolve. Part of our foresight is to see problems upfront that you can immediately address. As government investigations law, our goal is to cover all angles and be proactive and not reactive.
  • Hire federal procurement fraud investigation attorneys that understand procurement law (decades of federal procurement experience.) Government contract investigations are very unique. When the contracting officer suspects fraud or a whistleblower files a complaint, the SBA Inspector General (IG) office of some other law enforcement agency will initiate an investigation. At Watson, our federal government investigation lawyers understand the procurement rules and the process. 
  • Many of our government investigations lawyers have worked for federal agencies. With law offices in Washington DC and Denver, CO, our government investigations law firm helps federal clients in all states to minimize or to avoid litigation. Having worked for federal agencies, we understand that federal law enforcement agencies pursue potential criminal liability for years before they issue subpoenas for records.  By this time, the contractor or individual has long been under investigation.

IG, DOJ SBA Investigations

Under investigation but not charged? Our procurement fraud investigation lawyers can help.

At Watson & Associates, our federal procurement fraud investigation lawyers help clients involved with SBA investigations; Veteran’s Administration SDVOSB Fraud (VA) and SBA HUBZone Program criminal and civil investigations and other issues such as pass-through procurement fraud schemes; alleged small business size standard violations and violation of the limitations on subcontracting regulations and more.

Government Contract Fraud & False Claims Act Investigations 

 Many of the cases or inquiries against federal contractors involve False Claims Act and conspiracy allegations. At the end of the day, many government contract fraud law enforcement agencies tend to drift towards bringing either civil or criminal False Claims Act charges (or both). In addition, when more than one individuals or contractors are involved, they also can face conspiracy charges at the conclusion of an investigation. Our government contract investigations lawyers are here to help.

SDVOSB  Fraud Investigations

In other cases, the VA may initiate procurement investigations against small businesses that appear to be defrauding the government.  Our government contractor fraud defense lawyers can utilize our expertise and experience to help reduce the impact of adverse decisions against SDVOSB small businesses.  

As federal contractor defense attorneys, we represent corporate executives and individuals facing potential criminal liability in SDVOSB procurement fraud cases and a wide spectrum of white-collar litigation situations involving corporate federal contract investigations. 

Small Business Fraud in Government Contract Investigations

In the last 15 years, the SBA and VA have increased their oversight and scrutiny for small business fraud in government contracting. The focus on more government contract investigations tends to involve allegations that small businesses are not in compliance with the FAR and SBA size standards regulations. At Watson & Associates, our government investigations law firm frequently represents clients for alleged violations of SBA size regulations or limitations on subcontracting investigations for alleged pass-through schemes.

Contractor & Employer Department of Labor Investigations

Part of the inherent obligations of government contractors is to comply with federal labor and employment regulations. Oftentimes, contractor employees may file a complaint under employment  labor-related law. At Watson & Associates’ government contracts practice, our government attorneys help to respond to the department of labor investigations, complaints from employees.  We help with government investigation about allegations of violating the  Service Contract Act (SCA),   wages under Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), and Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA).

When contractors face substantial risks, with department of labor investigations, our federal employer defense attorneys respond to charges of discrimination, religion, national origin, improper pay and benefits and sexual harassment investigations. Call us and speak to Jo Spence.

 As government investigations lawyers we find that we are more effective in representing and defending our clients in federal contracting investigations because of our day-to-day experience litigating the underlying substantive issues on a day-to-day basis. Call us for a criminal defense attorney consultation.


Many small businesses, individuals and large government contractors immediately seek to retain a local traditional criminal defense attorney for government contract investigations. This is obviously one consideration. However, if the federal investigation is for a violation of procurement laws, then you want to hire legal counsel that also understands the various issues about government contracting involved in federal investigations. At the end of the day when there is an indictment or charge by a federal prosecutor, a company should retain both a white collar defense attorney who can practice locally and a government contracts lawyer that understands the rules.


Oftentimes small businesses and larger DOD contractors face allegations of violating government contract compliance regulations. This can involve either FAR compliance, SBA small business regulations such as SDVOSB, HUBZone and 8(a) Program compliance.  We help local criminal attorneys with clients facing grand jury proceedings involving federal procurement matters.

As government and internal investigations attorneys with a focus on small business and procurement law, our law office provides outside counsel services and legal assistance for local criminal defense attorneys that may not understand the substantive issues involved. See also the signs of being under investigation.

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