Federal Government InvestigationsWhen the federal government starts a government investigation about you or your company, the stakes are high and the results can be crippling to everyone’s future. Our federal attorneys are here to help.

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Federal Government Investigation Attorney Legal Defense Services


At Watson & Associates, LLC, our federal investigative lawyers and criminal defense attorneys represent corporate executives and individuals in a wide spectrum of white collar litigation situations involving corporate federal government investigations.  We can help clients with legal advice across the US and overseas companies in cases involving:

  • Federal procurement fraud investigation and federal government contracts
  • White Collar SEC investigations
  • Government contract compliance investigations
  • Inspector General (IG) investigations
  • Congressional investigations
  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Federal contract criminal charge defense
  • Anti-kickback federal investigations
  • White collar investigations 
  • Responding to federal subpoenas and request for documents
  • DOJ federal investigations
  • Corporate investigations
  • Government litigation
  • SBA fraud investigation and federal small business programs (8(a), HUBZone), SDVOSB
  • False Claims Act 
  • Invoices and performance issues
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI investigations for procurement

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Top Federal Investigation Attorneys


The civil and criminal legal system can be intimidating. Many potential corporate and individual defendants may not initially know that they are a target for federal investigations. Although cooperation throughout the federal investigation process is strongly advised, if you become a target later in the investigation, your rights may have already been placed in jeopardy.  

When the facts of a criminal case are reviewed by one of our criminal defense attorneys, potential mistakes and error that support the government’s allegations or indictments are uncovered. Although the federal government is entitled to investigate potential wrongdoing, the investigation process is not designed to trample upon your constitutional and other protected rights. Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late.

Your Rights During a Government Investigation


Although the federal government has the power to investigate as many government contractors or individuals as it wants, it does make common mistakes that lead to indictments, sentences, criminal and civil fines. Sometimes during a government investigation, government investigative lawyers and federal prosecutors use inappropriate evidence, and in federal government contract charges, inexperienced attorneys fall short of knowing the underlying procurement law that the government is presenting.

You have a right to not speak, and certain privileged information that is protected during questioning. To protect yourself from high exposure and stiff criminal or civil penalties you need sound legal advice and counsel to take on federal investigations agencies. Schedule a Free Initial Consultation Today.

At Watson & Associates, our government investigation defense attorneys and white collar litigation lawyers provide a vast amount of legal services to companies and individuals facing government investigations. Our experience includes:

  • Conducting cost-efficient corporate investigations
  • Negotiating settlements of criminal and civil charges
  • Pre-indictment and post-indictment representation
  • Competitive rates
  • Free initial consultation
  • Immediate help

Government Investigations – Experience Matters

The federal criminal investigation process begins with knowing how the system works, the specific underlying area of law that a prosecutor may bring charges and using it to your advantage.. The includes federal small business and SBA programs, limitations in subcontracting, False Claims Act violations and more.  

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our federal investigation lawyer and white collar defense attorney brings over 25 years of experience to aggressively represent corporations and individuals in white collar criminal investigations,  federal procurement fraud litigation and other types of government investigations.  He is even admitted to the United States Supreme Court.  Speak to John Scorsine

John Scorsine Government Procurement Fraud Criminal Defense AttorneyTYPES OF FEDERAL INVESTIGATION CASES

The law firm provides legal advice and representation in a variety of civil and federal investigations IN criminal situations including DOJ procurement fraud investigations, government contract compliance investigations, SEC investigations, congressional investigations and government investigation regarding SBA size standards fraud and federal small business programs.

Whether you have reason to believe that your company is not following the rules or someone has filed a whistleblower action against you, preparing for a federal contract criminal charge is usually the best choice. If you wait until the federal government comes knocking on your door, it may be too late to repair any damage.


Many small businesses, individuals and large government contractors immediately seek to retain a local traditional criminal defense attorney. This is obviously one consideration. However, if the federal investigation is for a violation of procurement laws, then you want to hire legal counsel that also understands the various issues about government contracting involved in federal investigations.

  • Hire a defense attorney that also understands the Federal Acquisition Regulations and applicable procurement laws
  • You don’t want to spend unnecessary resources getting  a regular criminal attorney up to speed on procurement laws
  • Many federal investigations involve small business programs such as 8(a), SDVOSB and HUBZone legal issues. Having a defense attorney that also understands the unique requirements can be beneficial.

Clients for Procurement Fraud Investigation and Federal Criminal Investigations

We represent:

  • Fortune 100 companies
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Federal government contractors
  • Healthcare providers
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Small businesses
  • Contractors involved in SBA Programs
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB)
  • HUBZone Small Business
  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturers and Service Contract Companies

Federal criminal investigative agencies are pushing their efforts to criminally prosecute government contractors across the U.S. and Overseas. We are here to help.

Legal White Collar Proceedings & Federal Investigations for Fraud

federal government investigation and criminal defense lawyers

Oftentimes small businesses and larger DOD contractors face allegations of violating government compliance regulations. This can involve FAR compliance, SBA small business regulations such as HUBZone and 8(a) Program compliance, and lead to other types of procurement fraud investigations. Agency law enforcement or investigative white collar and corporate crime departments such as the IIG’s Office may initiate legal proceedings and target you for an official investigation. 

Other white collar litigation and legal proceedings or fraud investigation where you may want to protect your rights include questioning and interviews, request for subpoena and documents.

  • When the agency believes that it has a stronger case against you, then other legal proceedings may include indictments and formal charges.
  • Other companies face federal investigations and legal exposure for failure to follow contractor accounting standards (CAS).

These are areas where our federal criminal investigative lawyers can help.

Export Control Federal Investigations and Government Fraud Investigations

Given the heightened scrutiny of US export and import activities, federal agencies have increased the amount of Export Control and ITAR fraud investigations. At Watson & Associates, a white collar defense lawyer can help your company to sift through the legal issues and resolve matters short of criminal litigation for federal procurement contract fraud.

Important Things to Know – How to Tell Signs of Being Under Investigation

If  You are Under Investigation and the Government Wants to Talk to You

The first thing potential defendants in a government investigation should do is to understand that they have a right to remain silent. You should also immediately seek help from a criminal defense or white collar defense attorney that understands how the process works. At best, you should ask for a search warrant. This document should state what the investigators are looking for and areas expected to be searched. When you encounter signs of being under investigation, keep the following in mind.

  • Do not speak to federal investigators or law enforcement without an attorney
  • Do not speak to third-parties (even friends) about the situation (they are probably already working with the feds)
  • Understand that statements made to third parties can be used against you by prosecutors

Can You Challenge Your Sentence Resulting From a Federal  Investigation? 

Waiting until you receive a sentence stemming from a federal investigation can be too late.  Federal courts are usually set by certain mandatory guidelines. By having an investigative lawyer on your side early in the process, you may be in a better position to look at alternative besides going through the grand jury and trial stage. By looking at your options with a federal investigations attorney or criminal defense lawyer, you will better understand the investigation process and how white collar law works.

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Basic Tips on How to Respond to Federal Government Investigations

If you are involved in federal government  procurement fraud nvestigations, need to find out if you are being investigated or need assistance with white collar litigation and corporate crime defense or federal procurement contract fraud investigation, corruption or an unpaid contract claim, call a federal criminal investigation defense lawyer for immediate help.

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