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In the complex world of federal government contracts, where the stakes are high and the scrutiny intense, having a seasoned attorney who understands federal procurement by your side is paramount. Theodore Watson, a high-profile lawyer with two decades of experience, stands as your unwavering advocate in white-collar crime cases, particularly procurement fraud matters involving bid rigging, False Claims Act defense, health care fraud, Trade Agreements Act compliance, and Buy American Act litigation.

Prioritizing the Client: The Core of Our Approach in High-Profile Cases

In the realm of high-profile cases, amidst the dazzling media spotlight, our guiding principle remains steadfast – the client’s welfare takes precedence above all else. Theodore often says that “if a lawyer cannot see the client’s story through the client’s eyes, then litigating and defending them will have its shortcomings.

As we navigate the intricate terrain of high-stakes legal battles, we must recognize that, regardless of the surrounding tumult, the most pivotal figure in the courtroom is the client. Every decision we make as legal professionals is meticulously crafted to safeguard and champion the interests and well-being of our clients.

In the cacophony of high-profile cases, where public attention and media can be all-consuming, high-profile defense attorneys must have an unwavering commitment to clients and shine as a beacon of reassurance. The client always comes first.

Rising Above the Rest in Government Contractor Defense
Theodore Watson isn’t just another name in the realm of government contractor defense lawyers; he’s a leader. His leadership mastery stems from 20 years in the United States Air Force, plus another 20 years as a practicing attorney and CEO in a government contracting law firm. His notable experience working for federal contracting agencies and dealing with DOJ and OIG investigations and criminal trials have cemented his position as a go-to government contractor criminal defense attorney.

Decoding Government Contract Fraud Allegations

Unpacking the Most Common Allegations
1. SBA Small Business Program Misrepresentation:
  • 8a Business Development (BD) Program: Businesses may be accused of exaggerating their economic disadvantages to meet eligibility criteria.
  • HUBZone Fraud and Deception: Charges might arise from businesses falsely declaring their office locations within Historically Underutilized Business Zones or manipulating employee residency data.
  • SDVOSB Misrepresentation: Falsely claiming veteran control or exaggerated roles can draw legal attention.
2. Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Non-compliance: Companies might face accusations of deceitfully categorizing their products as TAA-compliant when they’re sourced from non-compliant countries.
3. Buy American Act Procurement Deceptions:  Incorrectly branding imported goods as domestic or tweaking costs to appear BAA compliant can lead to severe allegations.
4. Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA):
Charges under TINA laws can arise when contractors don’t disclose accurate cost or pricing data during negotiations, leading to skewed contract terms.
5. False Invoicing:  Submitting invoices for goods not delivered or services not rendered, or inflating the cost of these items can trigger fraud investigations.
6. Bid Rigging:  Collaborating with competitors to fix bid prices or pre-determining bid winners can give rise to a bid rigging case and attract both civil and criminal charges.
7. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Violations: Not adhering to FAR limitations on subcontracting, can result in accusations. For instance, a prime contractor not ensuring a subcontractor’s adherence to set limitations can become a legal pain point.

High Profile Legal Defense Team 

Strategizing Your Defense with Theodore Watson
With allegations as severe and diverse as these, you need a staunch defender. Theodore’s position as a leading government contractor criminal defense attorney ensures that no stone goes unturned in your defense. The firm develops a team for each client’s case. Whether it’s challenging the validity of CIDs, ensuring tactical responses to subpoenas, or navigating the complexities of each charge, Theodore Watson stands firm by your side.
Guarding Your Reputation & Ensuring Justice
With his impeccable reputation as a high-profile government contractor fraud defense attorney, Theodore Watson ensures that your legal battle is fought with utmost precision and your reputation remains untarnished. Bolstered by an elite team of contractor defense lawyers, your defense strategy is comprehensive, ensuring minimized charges and potential convictions.
In the intricate maze of government contract fraud, having a beacon like Theodore is invaluable. With his profound expertise and a reputation that speaks volumes, you’re assured the best defense possible.
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