federal contract fraud wire fraud criminal defense lawyersOur federal government contracting procurement fraud lawyers work with top criminal defense attorneys across the United States and overseas to give you a better chance at defending your mail fraud or wire fraud case that involves federal government contracts. Most traditional contractor criminal defense lawyers for wire fraud attorneys do not understand government contracting laws and how mail fraud and wire fraud allegations fit into the overall case. Your case could be at risk without the proper legal representation.

Watson & Associates, LLC offers federal government procurement lawyers and contractor criminal defense attorneys that understand the underlying issues that the prosecution must show. This ranges from alleged violations of the various SBA and VA small business programs to alleged violations of FAR requirements. Some of our federal wire fraud defense attorneys have actually worked for federal contracting agencies and have vast experience that can help contractors overcome civil and criminal cases.

  • Do you have a legal defense to avoid wire fraud penalties? 
  • Are you part of a DOJ or OIG government investigation but cannot find an attorney that understands the legal issues in government contracting?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your case? Does your current counsel grasp the common defenses that can be used?
  • Do you need help defending allegations of government small business fraud? This is one of the common reasons that lead to allegations of false claims and wire fraud litigation.

Government Procurement Fraud Lawyers & Federal Wire Fraud Defense Attorney Services

Watson & Associates government contractor criminal defense lawyers and contractor fraud attorneys provide and work with local counsel, mail fraud lawyers and wire fraud attorneys across the U.S. by using our combined 30-plus years of federal government contracting experience. The law firm also litigates federal government procurement-related cases at the appellate court levels.  Our  Government contractor defense lawyers and federal wire fraud defense attorneys also work together with outside counsel on procurement fraud investigation issues such as:

  • OIG investigations and conspiracy to commit wire fraud
  • Wire fraud penalties
  • Mail fraud felony defense
  • Procurement fraud and false statements (criminal)
  • Selling defective parts to the government;
  • Bribery of public officials
  • Buy American Act compliance cases
  • False Claims Act criminal and civil cases
  • Whistleblower and Qui Tam Defense
  • Medicare fraud and addressing jail time
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Cases
  • Help with sentencing guidelines, mail and wire fraud definition, under the SBA 8a Business Development Program
  • SBA HUBZone Program, SDVOSB Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Programs
  • SBIRS, embezzlement, and government grants;
  • False statements  and fraudulent invoices;
  • Alleged conspiracy to defraud the government agencies under SBA small business programs,
  • Legal advice regarding SBA small business program fraud.

Government Procurement Fraud

Government procurement fraud includes such actions as double-billing, submitting lesser quality products or services that are called for in the contract or even false representations to the government in order to get paid or receive a benefit.  Government fraud impacts taxpayers and federal agencies that need their missions accomplished. However, the allegation of fraud against your company does not make you automatically liable the government has to prove its case. Purchasing fraud allegations are very serious. Having the right federal wire fraud defense attorneys and procurement fraud lawyers to defend against criminal allegations or investigations can save the company’s reputation while still avoiding criminal liability and huge civil fines. See Information on Grand Jury Indictments

What is Wire Fraud?

One of the most common charges in federal government contracting is wire fraud. The charges are brought because the defendants used either phone, fax, text message, radio, television, internet message, social media message, email, or any other form of airwave or cable communication to acquire or seek to get government contracts or grants. The fraud aspect of wire fraud includes the contractor’s use of deception, false representation or some other intentional act to gain a personal or monetary advantage. As a practical matter, the federal prosecutors will first find an underlying statutory violation that later drives a potential wire fraud claim.  When other defendants are involved, the government will almost always try to invoke some level of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. federal wire fraud criminal defense attorneys can make a difference.

What is Mail Fraud?

Mail fraud is similar to wire fraud because the defendant used the mail or other means to bid on government contracts. Our government contractor mail fraud lawyers understand that you cannot commit mail fraud if you believe that your statements and your actions were truthful and honest. In other words, good faith can be used as a defense against mail fraud.

What Can be Your Potential Defenses to Procurement Fraud Involving Government Contracts?

As federal wire fraud attorneys and helping construction and service contractors throughout the country and overseas to defend white collar crime cases and to present a defense against federal fraud can become a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, given the right set of facts in your case, the mere fact that a telephone or other means of communication does not by itself create an automatic win for federal attorneys. There are some defenses to federal wire fraud that can be used. They include:

  • Constructive Fraud under 18 USC 1343  can allow a contractor’s defense by showing that it neither devised nor intended to create a scheme to defraud the government. This is available when submitting for various small business certifications or defenses against SBA regulations etc.
  • Good Faith and No Requisite Intent (Lack of Intent) – the good-faith defense attacks the prosecutor’s plan to show intent. When contractors submit bids, for example, many certify that they are small businesses under SBA regulations. When investigated they are found not to be. Unless the government shows that you intended to deceive the government and get government contracts, you can arguably show that you did not intend to engage in a fraudulent artifice or scheme.
  • Lack of Authority – Where government contractors have employees who specifically committed the act of signing or submitting information to the federal government without authorization, lack of authority could be used as a defense against federal fraud.
  • Lack of Purpose – The federal statute requires evidence that the communications in question were sent, “for the purpose” of perpetrating a fraudulent artifice or scheme. This often may be the case when a small business certifies itself as being small, or in complete control of the business. Lack of purpose also comes about when construction and service contractors submit bids to the government for federal contracts.
  • Statute of Limitations– As federal wire fraud defense attorneys for federal contractors, we often see cases where the local criminal attorney may not have carefully reviewed the possibility of a statute of limitations defense. The statute of limitations for federal prosecutions is five years under 18 USC3282) when the charges are for fraud against the federal government if government contracts are involved.

Defense Government Contracting & Federal Wire Fraud Lawyers

When charged with government contract fraud, federal prosecutors may also attach mail fraud or wire fraud charges. Our procurement fraud defense attorneys and wire fraud lawyers can help. The government and its federal prosecutors can be wrong when they allege that either you or your company has done something unlawful. Innocent criminal defendants in a federal wire fraud felony case can receive unjustified sentences. These wrongful convictions result from common mistakes made during your criminal defense process. In many cases, a criminal sentence or mail fraud punishment can be avoided with federal criminal defense lawyers that understand the procurement process and the strategies used by federal prosecutors to convict you. Contact Our Government Contracting wire Fraud Lawyers Now

We Represent Federal Contractors and Individuals Throughout the US and Overseas

With over 30 Years of experience, our federal procurement fraud lawyers can help: At Watson & Associates, LLC, with law offices in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, our government contract federal wire fraud lawyers represent small businesses, large DOD contractors, and individuals in various industry groups charged with criminal activity under government contracting regulations. When you are involved in wire fraud or mail fraud investigations or defense counsel, we offer help from defense contractor fraud attorneys that understand the procurement rules and underlying nuances involved in each case.  We work with top criminal defense attorneys all over the United States and overseas to increase your chances of avoiding jail time. With high-stake cases, we seek to also bold a team of former federal prosecutors and former government contracting personnel to fight back. We seek to protect any statutory or constitutional rights early in the investigation process

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