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top federal wire fraud defense lawyers washington dcFederal Wire Fraud Defense Firm for Government Contractors & Health Care Organizations – Minimize Costly Legal Mistakes and Reduce Civil and Criminal Exposure

Federal contractors and corporations face multiple charges when accused of white collar crimes such as government contractor fraud or health care fraud. Common charges brought against you include federal wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the government, mail fraud and more.

You don’t have time to waste when the feds decide to target you or investigate. You have to start developing a legal defense. Our federal wire fraud defense attorneys can help you.


Types of Government Contract, Health Care and Corporate Cases

Our federal wire fraud defense lawyers offer the following legal defense services:

What Type of Actions of Communication Support Wire Fraud Charges?

Federal prosecutors can harness federal wire fraud in several ways. Health care providers, corporate executives, and government contractors can find themselves facing wire fraud charges when business includes faxes, writings transmitted on the internet, radion and electronic means.  The DOJ (18 U.S.C. 1343) always seeks to provide that you: 

  1. created or participated in a scheme to defraud the government out of money or property;
  2. did so with the intent to defraud;
  3. It was reasonably foreseeable that you would use wire communications, and
  4. you did, in fact, use interstate wire communications

What Are Common Approaches to Wire Fraud Cases Under 18 U S C § 1343 By Federal Prosecutors?

Government attorneys look for evidence of false statements, material misrepresentation, false pretenses, and common schemes involved in government contracting cases and health care fraud cases.

When federal prosecutors investigate or charge government contractors for procurement fraud or wire fraud under 18 U S C § 1343, it is common to also charge anyone associated with the relationship during the performance of the contract with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The investigation usually focuses on the underlying violations such as Buy American Act non-compliance, Trade Agreements Act noncompliance, SBA fraud, or other violations such as various compliance with SBA small business programs.

When federal contractors use telephones, fax machines, or the internet to submit bids, submit invoices etc., the prosecutors can then bring charges once they develop enough evidence for the underlying violation.

  • Without representation from experienced government contracts federal government fraud law firm companies and CEOs are almost always convicted.
  • Our federal wire fraud defense firm knows how to push back aggressively against allegations of wrongdoing and federal crimes.
  • Our goal as wire fraud lawyers is to minimize the chance of our clients going to federal prison for wire fraud.

Best Criminal Federal Wire Fraud Defense Attorneys for Federal Contractors Nationwide

At Watson & Associates, we’re not just federal wire fraud criminal lawyers and defense attorneys. We’re also federal procurement law criminal defense attorneys, standing as a bastion for federal contractors across the United States. As federal wire fraud defense attorneys, we aim to safeguard our clients from indictments after government investigations and averting convictions at criminal trials.

What is Federal Wire Fraud and How Can It Affect My Career as a Government Contractor?

Federal wire fraud involves using electronic communications, such as emails or wire transfers, to carry out a scheme to defraud someone of money, property, or honest services. As a government contractor, being charged with wire fraud can have severe consequences, including loss of current contracts, debarment from future contracts, and significant reputational damage. It is crucial to seek immediate legal counsel to understand your rights and develop a defense strategy.

What Are the Penalties for Federal Wire Fraud in the Healthcare Sector?

Penalties for federal wire fraud in the healthcare sector can include hefty fines, restitution, and imprisonment of up to 20 years per count. Additionally, healthcare professionals may face revocation of medical licenses, exclusion from federal health programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and damage to professional standing. A skilled health care fraud defense attorney can help mitigate these penalties and explore possible defenses or plea bargains.

Can I Be Charged with Wire Fraud for Actions Taken in a Different State?

Yes, federal wire fraud charges can be brought against you for actions that cross state lines or involve interstate communications. This makes it a federal offense, subject to investigation and prosecution by federal authorities. Jurisdictional issues can complicate your case, so it’s critical to work with an attorney who has experience in federal court and understands the complexities of multi-state investigations.

How Can I Defend Myself Against Federal Wire Fraud Charges as a High-Level Executive?

Defending against federal wire fraud charges requires a thorough understanding of both the technical aspects of the case and the specific intent to defraud. Common defenses include lack of intent, entrapment, or proving that the communications in question were not part of a fraudulent scheme. An experienced white-collar crime attorney can scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence, identify weaknesses, and build a robust defense to protect your reputation and freedom.

What Should I Do if I’m Under Investigation for Federal Wire Fraud?

If you are under investigation for federal wire fraud, it’s essential to act swiftly. Do not speak to investigators without legal representation. Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to guide you through the process. They can advise on how to respond to subpoenas, preserve your rights, and potentially negotiate with prosecutors to reduce charges or secure immunity in exchange for cooperation.

Practice Leaders

Touting over 30 years in the federal realm, our team of best wire fraud lawyers has honed their skills in both government contracting and wire fraud criminal defense.

Theodore Watsonn government contracts attorney, criminal health care fraud, procurement fraud , employment defense lawyerTheodore P. Watson, Esquire. Practice Group Lead. At Watson & Associates, with law offices in Colorado and Washington, DC, our top-rated federal wire fraud defense attorneys have experience working for federal contracting agencies. We understand the nuts and bolts of the government’s investigation, criminal cases, and how the DOJ or even the SBA OIG develops a civil or criminal case against you.

A crucial aspect of our practice lies in the fact that many of our federal crime defense attorneys possess extensive experience as government contracting officials. We also understand how trial lawyers, and federal prosecutors in federal agencies like the DOJ and the U.S. Attorney’s Office operate. Drawing on those valuable insights, our job is to deconstruct the government’s case and develop a legal defense in federal courts that can create leverage in the event of litigation.

top washington dc and maryland. Wise Allen Attorney Criminal DefenseWise D. Allen, Esquire ,Top federal criminal lawyer DC for Government Contractors: Counsel is a Veteran Lieutenant Commander Judge Advocate for the United States Military. As a federal wire fraud defense lawyer, he also has extensive knowledge and experience in resolving corporate defense and criminal defense litigation in vast international and national legal issues.

He brings a wealth of successful experience to government contractors seeking federal defense counsel in the various areas of procurement fraud, international contracting, False Claims Act defense and more.

Mr. Allen’s federal civil and criminal defense litigation experience as a former appellate attorney representing the United States and federal attorney for defendants in trials led to his clients receiving overwhelming favorable outcomes in contested issues and obtaining non-contested resolutions. Read  more..


government contracts compliance lawyerScott D. Lovelock. Mr. Lovelock brings a wealth of proven knowledge and experience helping clients address issues of risk assessment, mitigation and regulatory compliance as well as a savvy level of business and military experience that gives him a unique perspective to help government contractors succeed and avoid most of the costly mistakes that are encountered when failing to understand and implement required compliance programs or understanding the nuances of working with government agencies. 

A retired Air Force officer, with extensive operational experience with procurement law for contractors in both the field, Numbered Commands, Air Force Headquarters and the Joint Staff, he brings a unique and focused perspective of DoD operations in how he serves our clients. 


top rated washington DC criminal Defense attorneysWalter H. Foster, Of Counsel, is a seasoned attorney and former Army colonel with deep experience orchestrating teams, imparting clarity and counsel, and executing on behalf of both private enterprise and the federal government. From managing technical construction in Iraq to prosecuting terro 

  1. Challenging Intent with Constructive Fraud Defense: Under 18 USC 1343, proving intent is crucial in a procurement fraud case. If your actions did not stem from an intent to defraud, known as “constructive fraud,” this could be an effective defense. Our federal wire fraud defense firm will examine the facts in your case to demonstrate the absence of fraudulent intention and provide a solid defense against allegations.
  2. Good Faith Defense: This strategy disproves the intent to commit fraud. Our legal team can introduce substantial doubt regarding your intent to engage in fraudulent schemes, thereby weakening the prosecution’s case and the chance of getting a wire fraud penalty imposed.
  3. Lack of Authority: If an employee has acted fraudulently without your business’s authorization, this could absolve your company, its executives, and owners from liability. Our attorneys are skilled at proving such lack of authorization, offering a complete defense against wire fraud charges.
  4. Arguing Lack of Purpose: The federal statute requires fraudulent communication to be sent to execute a fraud. Our contract fraud defense and wire fraud lawyers can argue that if this purpose was lacking or cannot be proven by the prosecution, the charges are unjustified.
  5. Utilizing Statute of Limitations: If the time frame for prosecuting based on the underlying fraud allegations has lapsed, prosecution may no longer be viable. Our procurement fraud defense attorneys are adept at identifying and asserting such statutory limitations.

Facing procurement fraud allegations as a small business, health care provider or government contractor can be daunting. Promptly consulting with our federal wire fraud attorneys can be a decisive factor in protecting your business and reputation.  Don’t let these allegations derail your business – contact us today for a consultation and let us help you navigate these challenging legal waters.

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