Government Procurement Fraud, Mail Fraud Felony & Wire Fraud Criminal Defense LawyersWhat are your legal rights in a procurement mail or wire fraud case?

Are those rights protected even at the investigation stage?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your case?

With over 30 Years of experience, our federal procurement fraud defense lawyer can help.

  • Help from criminal defense attorneys that understand the underlying nuances involved with federal procurement and government contracts
  • Protect any statutory or constitutional rights early in the investigation process
  • Get an honest review about the strengths and weaknesses in your case.
  • Our federal mail and wire fraud defense lawyers provide help for clients in all states and overseas.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, with law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, our  government contract fraud lawyers and criminal defense attorneys represent small businesses, large DOD contractors, and individuals in various industry groups charged with criminal activity under government contracting regulations. We bring over 30 years of procurement experience to the table.

Procurement Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney Services

Watson & Associates government contracts criminal defense attorneys provide and work with criminal defense lawyers across the U.S. by using our 30 plus years of federal government contracting experience. The law firm also litigates procurement related case at the appellate court levels.  Our fraud lawyers also work together with outside counsel on fraud investigation issues such as:

  • Both civil and criminal false claims
  • OIG investigations
  • Wire fraud penalties
  • Mail fraud felony defense
  • Procurement fraud and false statements (criminal)
  • Selling defective parts to the government;
  • Bribery of public officials
  • False Claims Act criminal and civil cases
  • Whistleblower and Qui Tam Defense
  • Medicare fraud
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Cases
  • Help with sentencing guidelines, mail and wire fraud definition, under the SBA 8a Business Development Program
  • SBA HUBZone Program, SDVOSB Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Programs
  • SBIRS, embezzlement, and government grants;
  • False statements  and fraudulent invoices;
  • Alleged conspiracy to defraud the government agencies under SBA small business programs,
  • Legal advice regarding SBA small business program fraud.

John Scorsine Government Procurement Fraud Criminal Defense AttorneyTo find a lawyer for immediate help with a pending fraud investigation or criminal case, call us at 1-866-601-5518. Speak to Defense Attorney John Scorsine.

Acting quickly is critical: As soon as a company or individual is subject to a federal criminal investigation, it is important to seek representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Doing so can increase the chances of getting a more favorable result.

Big law firms are not always the solution: Many procurement fraud defendants sometimes make the mistake of hiring huge law firms, only to realize that the defense lawyers are not familiar with the substantive areas of law. This includes SBA small business programs, pass-through contract schemes and more.

What is Federal Wire Fraud Statute in the Government Contracts Process? 

The crime of wire fraud occurs when someone voluntarily and intentionally uses interstate communications, including fax, telephone or another instrument as part of a scheme to defraud the federal government(such as a telephone).  The Federal Prosecutor must prove all elements of the crime to a very high standard.

  • Sentencing guidelines can vary depending upon the facts of your particular case.
  • Small businesses and large DOD contractors often find themselves defending against the Federal Wire Fraud Statute and criminal cases involving:
  • Submitting contract claims with intent to defraud the federal government,
  • Using interstate communications to submit bids and applications
  • Violation of SBA small business programs involving false certification information.

Contact a Government Procurement Contract Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

For help with litigation and appeals in government procurement fraud contract cases, OIG investigations, minimizing your liability for federal wire fraud sentence and penalties and federal mail fraud felony statutes, find a  contract fraud lawyer and federal criminal defense lawyer at Watson to schedule a free initial consultation, call our federal criminal defense attorney and public procurement fraud defense lawyers us at 1-866-601-5518 or contact us online. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.