Federal Government Construction Contract Claims Changes & Resolution AttorneysWatson & Associates’ federal government construction attorneys provide a wide range of legal services to prime contractors, and subcontractors, as well as material and equipment suppliers in the federal construction marketplace. We provide representation to both CONUS and overseas contractors performing US government contracts and seeking to submit construction claims.  As federal construction fraud attorneys, we also help our clients to minimize the chances of not getting paid, and avoid costly mistakes with false claims, construction fraud, and Buy American Act compliance violations.

As federal construction defense attorneys, we also provide legal counsel and representation to clients litigating federal construction claims before various federal courts, and federal agencies’ boards of contracts appeals. 

Our construction lawyers get to the bottom and source of contention and provide our clients with an upfront analysis of the construction problem before moving to the next step. We then develop a legal strategy, work closely with top management staff and aggressively pursue the case to reach our client’s objectives.

Legal services: Our government construction claims attorneys are experienced in a variety of government contracting practice areasWe help with delays; termination for default on federal construction projects; submitting Contract Dispute Act construction claims; resolving construction disputes regarding defective specifications; scope of work changes; litigation and appeal of the contracting officer’s final decision; differing site conditions and weather delays on government contract projects; construction fraud; bid protests and construction bond disputes.

federal government contract defense lawyerFAR compliance is critical to success on a government construction project. Our federal procurement and construction lawyers work with management and project managers to help them understand the FAR compliance requirements and ultimately avoid suspension and debarment.

Small business matters: Watson & Associates’ federal construction attorneys work with small businesses on issues related to construction teaming agreements, Mentor Protégé and joint venture relationships, and more.

If your company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOSB) construction company, our government construction contract lawyers can help guide you through the maze of laws and SBA regulations that apply to your small business status.

Construction claims: Government contractors often have a difficult time preparing, submitting and negotiating claims with the contracting officer. Watson & Associates’ construction law attorneys help and guide our clients through the various requirements of the Contract Disputes Act (CDA). We find that adequate preparation minimizes the chance of the contracting officer denying the claim but increases the chances of prevailing on appeal.

The law firm frequently appears in construction litigation cases before the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA); the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA); GAO; SBA OHA and the Small Business Administration for size protest and affiliation matters, the US Court of Federal Claims (COFC) and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Government Construction Claims Lawyers & Dispute Attorneys

Federal Contractor Attorneys Helping to Minimize Costly Mistakes When Preparing or Litigating Construction Claims: The contract disputes process gives the contracting officer complete discretion to approve or deny construction claims. The key to getting paid for your claims is to minimize the possibility of a dispute and to submit credible evidence and rationale to convince the contracting officer to pay your claim. Companies should first consider discussing the issue with the contracting officer before submitting a claim. Contracting officers do not like surprises.

General contractors should be aware that claims submitted and based upon direction from someone other than the contractor bear the risk that the claim can be easily denied. Only the contracting officer, and not contracting officer representatives, has the authority to bind the United States government, to settle, pay or otherwise adjust all claims related to a construction contract. At Watson &. Associates, our government construction claims lawyers frequently help clients to prepare, litigate and appeal contracting officer’s denials of construction claims.

  • All construction claims must be first submitted to the contracting officer for his or her consideration and decision. Your claim must meet the requirements of the Contract Disputes Act. It requires as a “written demand” seeking payment as a legal right, for the payment of money, adjustment or interpretation of contract terms or other relief, arising under or related to the contract.”
  • If you fail to meet the requirements or certify claims over $100,000.00 appeal courts such as the Board of Contract Appeals or the United States Court of Federal Claims would not have jurisdiction to hear the appeals case.

Federal Construction Defense Attorneys

When the agency decides to litigate against a prime contractor, manufacturer or some other related party to a government contract, we can assist in defending our client’s rights. As federal construction defense attorneys, we build a team of professionals unique to your case and launch an aggressive defense.

Federal Construction Fraud Defense Attorneys

federal construction fraud attoenyFederal construction contract lawyers helping clients to defend against construction fraud and False Claims Act cases: Federal construction fraud is a type of fraud committed by a general or subcontractor construction company performing on federal contractors or supplying material for a federal project. This type of fraud can also include submitting fraudulent invoices for payment, providing substandard parts, submitting parts and materials to the government in violation of the Buy American Act, performing substandard repairs or somehow providing false information to get a construction project such as the client. If your company is part of a Qui Tam False Claims Act lawsuit or construction fraud investigation, call our government contractor fraud lawyers for immediate help.

Our federal construction fraud defense law team provides aggressive legal defense in construction fraud cases that involve federal contracts. We help with allegations of Buy American Act non-compliance, False Claims Act and procurement fraud cases, and government investigations regarding construction fraud. Defense contractor fraud often occurs on federal construction projects.

Prime contractors and subcontractors can be involved in serious allegations in Qui Tam cases or resulting from OIG and DOJ procurement fraud investigations.  Besides allegations of Buy American Act and False Claims Act civil and criminal liability, issues such as non-compliance with specifications, selling defective products to the government, false certifications and billing and invoicing can be serious problems. Watson & Associates’ federal construction fraud attorneys can help.  

If you are seeking a government construction fraud defense lawyer, contact lead attorney Theodore Watson for immediate help.

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