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Appealing a case to the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), whether intervening, bringing the appeal, of defending requires a different set of skills and knowledge required at the trial court level. The focus on each case is the error committed by the lower court and not the merits of the case as it would be at the trial court level. FederUS Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit | Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Government Contract Lawyers | Washington DC, MD, VA, CO Watsonal contractors sometimes retain corporate or commercial level attorneys to appeal government contracting cases.

However, this level of appellate practice in itself requires a substantive understanding of procurement laws. Having a fresh set of eyes on the case often benefits clients. The key aspect of any appellate case is the initial assessment. Companies often waste thousands of dollars on appeals with having a detailed assessment of whether the case even stands a chance of winning. This is where Watson & Associates can help.

The US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit hears a variety of cases involving government contract disputes against the federal government. The 

This federal circuit court jurisdiction to hear stems from Article III of the United States Constitution. As Federal Circuit appellate lawyers, Watson & Associates’ provide legal advice and high-level representation to small businesses and large firms seeking appellate review of lower court decisions.

Federal Circuit Court undertaking can a very time intensive and need focused and dedicated attention by appellate attorneys.  The Court hears a variety of federal contracting cases including Contract Disputes Act Claims against the federal government, COFC bid protest appeals, SBA OHA small business appeals, appeals from the United States Court of Federal Claims, appeal from the Boards of Contract Appeals.

US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals & CAFC Government Procurement Attorney Services

  • Court of Federal Claims (COFC) Bid Protest Appeals
  • Jurisdictional disputes
  • Competition in Contracting Act
  • Termination for Default & Convenience
  • Appeal Summary Judgement Decisions
  • Contract Claims & Contract Disputes Act Appellate cases
  • ASBCA Appeals
  • CBCA Appeal Decisions
  • SBA OHA small business decisions to CAFC

Our goal is to persuade the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that a lower court committed a legal error that is also reversible. Call Toll-Free 1-866-601-5518. FREE Initial Consultation.

CAFC Contract Disputes Act  & Government Contract Claims Appeals

Many federal appellate cases are brought before the United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC due to an alleged legal error at the lower court. Disputes including a lower court’s decision regarding construction contract delays, differing site conditions and liquidated damages in federal government construction contracts that are in dispute. Our CAFC Federal Court of Appeals lawyers will review the record and provide detailed guidance about the merits of any potential appeal to the federal circuit.

 SBA OHA Decisions to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Watson’s government contract law attorneys also represent small businesses by appealing adverse decisions from SBA  Office of Hearings and SBA OHA Appeals to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. We litigate cases involving SBA affiliation rules and Small Business Size Appeal decisions involving the various aspects of the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule, teaming arrangements, Joint Venture Agreements, and Mentor Protégé relationships. Our appellate lawyers address the appeal of summary judgment decisions from the lower court.

Our attorneys apply small business regulations, exhaustion of administrative remedies issues, and present persuasive briefs to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Bid Protest and Government Contracts Appeal Lawyers

Appealing Summary Judgement and Other Decisions  From US Court of Federal Claims (COFC)

When government contractors experience an adverse bid protest decision from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, our bid protest federal appeal lawyers will litigate and appeal summary judgment or other erroneous COFC court decisions at the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

As federal government contract attorneys, we appeal pre-award protest and post-award bid protest decisions from the Court of Federal Claims, which include best value and trade-off decisions, failure to follow procurement law, and unreasonable agency decisions.

US Federal Court of Appeals — Termination for Default and Convenience Decisions

Our government procurement law attorneys also litigate appeal cases involving contractor termination for default disputes and termination for convenience cases. These cases are very fact-specific and require detailed reviewed under Federal Court of Appeals rules of the lower court’s erroneous consideration of the facts and evidence on the record.

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US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Process

When a US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit case is docketed with the Clerk of the Court, and assigned a docket number, each party must then prepare and file appellate briefs that address the material arguments. The appellate attorneys will also submit materials (relevant documents in the record, transcripts of testimony derived from the lower court.

When appellate briefs are filed, the court schedules the case for oral arguments before the judges. Each side gets between 15 and 30 minutes to present oral arguments.

Preparation for CAFC Federal Court of Appeals Cases

When government contractors receive adverse rulings from the Court of Federal Claims, ASBCA, CBCA, SBA OHA or another deciding body, they should seriously address the issue of a meritorious appeal.  The standard of review at the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals is substantially different than litigating an appeal of the contracting agency decision to the various boards or COFC.Given the federal court system structure, the initial assessment of a potential appeal is time-consuming and should be addressed immediately after the lower court issues a decision.

Defense contractors involved in high-level and high-stakes procurement contracts should especially be cognizant of the level of time and effort that appellate lawyers would need to be able to give a reasonable legal opinion about the merits of filing an appeal.

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