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Understanding the legal requirements and how the SBA really looks into your 8(a) application is the starting point for any small business wanting to know how to get 8(a) certified. The reality is that the SBA does deny applications that do not meet the legal requirements and SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals often agree with the SBA denial decisions.

SBA 8a Certification Assistance & Nationwide SBA 8(a) Certification Services

  • A-Z help with the 8(a) application process
  • SBA certification help- Net worth issues and prequalifications
  • Small business ownership and business documents
  • Addressing SBA 8a Program affiliation regulations
  • Developing narratives when required by the SBA
  • Consulting about 8a small business certification requirements
  • SBA 8 a application review assistance services
  • Harmful business ownership and control matters
  • Help with SBA 8a request for reconsideration
  • Appeal of small business 8a status denial to SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals
  • 8a sole source and 8 a certified set aside matters
  • Joint venture agreements teaming arrangements
  • Request for reconsideration 
  • SBA Mentor Protege Program 

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  • Do you find the 8a certification application process confusing? Your specific information is what determines your success.
  • Although we have a very good success rate we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be successful. Instead, we look for common issues and red flags and reduce suspect from the SBA. ( Beware of companies that guaranty that you will get 8(a) certified.)
  • Not sure whether your business relationships and ownership documents can lead to affiliation and cause your 8a application to be denied?
  • See our success in the landmark case of Argus and Black when we appealed the SBA’s denial of our client into the 8a Program. This case is now cited throughout the country and by courts.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our SBA 8(a) certification consultants help small businesses and minority owned business owners across the United States to effectively reduce the amount of stress and confusion in the 8(a) application process.

Get Access to Unique Small Business Set-asides and 8a Sole Source Contracts

The 8a Program has significant power in federal procurement. Therefore, by getting 8a certified, your small business stands to be in a unique position to get sole source government contracts where other small businesses could not.

Our 8a certification assistance has helped our clients to achieve favorable results and we can help you to better understand the process while preparing to get 8 a certified.


Our goal is to increase our clients’ likelihood of obtaining their 8a status. In working with our clients we also frequently:

  • Litigate and appeal invalid SBA 8a Program denials
  • Consult about legal issues that arise during the 8a certification process
  • Guide clients through the legal SBA small business certification landmines that small businesses experience in the 8a Program.

By adding clarity to your information and preparing your 8(a) application in a way that is more in line with what the SBA is looking for, we help you to increase your chances of getting approved on the first try. We have earned a reputation for gaining favorable results for small businesses nationwide through vigorous representation. See what ou

  • The SBA frequently denies applications because the applicant did not communicate the right information in the application.
  • You do not have to be a minority owned business to get 8a status.

Reduce the possibility of criminal liability for false information: At Watson & Associates, LLC, our team of government small business attorneys and SBA 8a certification application consultants ensure our 8a certification services help applicants to also reduce criminal liability and avoid dangerous mistakes for submitting false information during the application process. 

Trying to Find Out How to Get 8 a Certified?

We litigate 8a certification issues against the SBA on a daily basis. As lawyers, we frequently have resolved small business issues in Court. Given the various outcomes in 8a cases, we understand the legal issues that small business face. Other non-legal 8(a) certification assistance firms sometimes lack this critical ingredient to better advise small business.  

As SBA Program attorneys, we have litigated 8a certification application denials and have worked on the government’s side. Therefore, we not only have experience in the government contracting landscape but also serve our clients well after getting their 8a status.

How Our 8a Certification Services Further Help Our Clients in the SBA Process

We eliminate guesswork in the SBA 8a certification process: By looking at each SBA 8 a application on its own merits, and considering previous court decisions on similar issues, we reduce the possibility of guesswork. This approach further establishes credibility when the SBA reviews your 8a application.

Why use us for 8a contracting? Many small business 8a applicants simply go to companies that are simply document preparation services but have no substantive or legal understanding about the program. 

  • By minimizing the risk of getting denied, using Watson’s top legal professionals and consultants, the value of getting approved with minimal problems allows your business to get to the next level.

Minimize the impact of SBA affiliation concerns: Regardless of whether you are a minority owned business, our SBA certification consultants help you to minimize the impact of improper business relationships that can lead to affiliation under the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule or other regulations.

What is an 8a certification and how long does it take to get 8(a) certified? 

An 8a certification is when the SBA reviews and approves certain qualified small businesses for access to the nine-year program which allows the applicant to take advantage of may lucrative federal contracting opportunities. It can take as much as 45 days to get the SBA’s decision. Some companies take as long as one year but this is mostly due to inquiries that the SBA makes about the 8a requirements.

What are SBA 8a certification benefits? After getting 8 a certified, your company can immediately have access to 8a sole source contracts and have the ability to exclusively bid on 8a set aside contracts (where non-8a members cannot). Government contracting agencies tend to prefer awarding under the 8a Program because it can significantly reduce the manpower and resources it takes to conduct a regular procurement.

Correctly apply net worth issues during the application for 8a certification process: One of the main issues the SBA looks for during the small business 8a certification process is the applicants net worth. We help you to take proactive measures under the regulations that can put you in compliance with SBA regulations.

Avoid costly legal mistakes when preparing your narrative statement of Social Disadvantaged status: The SBA only requires narratives in limited situations: The SBA scrutinizes your 8a certification application for irregularities, inconsistencies, and reliance on your business customers.

Correct your improper business relationships: Another common issue in the 8a certification application process occurs when the company has created improper business relationships. This can trigger the SBA’s concern of business control or presumption of affiliation. These are all areas whether our 8a certification consultants and lawyers can help.

Our goal is to help you to avoid costly legal mistakes: As federal government contract and SBA lawyers, we understand SBA 8a requirements and we share our clients’ goal to avoid the underlying legal landmines and get approval the first time that they apply.

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8a application helpAfter your application for 8a certification is approved and you have small business 8a status, we provide post 8a certification services to 8(a) certified companies with: 8a set-aside government contracts; joint venture and teaming agreement concerns, small business 8a size protests and appeals.

When it comes to knowing how to get 8a status, we understand that getting 8 a certified is just the start, you still have to win government contracts and our team can provide SBA 8a certification assistance by developing tailored strategic approaches to federal procurement. Learn more about getting 8(a) Sole-Source contracts with the government.

At Watson, our SBA 8a certification consultants help you to look deeper into legal issues such as Ostensible Subcontractor Rule affiliation, improper small business set aside relationships and control of your business. This is fertile ground for getting your SBA 8a certification package denied.


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