Civilian Board of Contract Appeals CBCA LawyersAvoid the dangerous court dismissal decisions for lack of jurisdiction. There are specific civilian board of contract appeals rules of procedure that allow administrative judges to hear an appeal from a federal agency’s final decision. Watson’s  government contracts attorneys and Washington DC CBCA lawyers have decades of experience with government contract litigation and appeals. The law firm helps resolve disputes between government contractors and the agency before or Evan after litigation. 

Watson & Associates’ civilian board appellate lawyers advise clients across the United States and overseas in various practice areas when appealing to the CBCA. Our litigation team pulls together and work with the key stake holders from our client firms. We work together to develop a strategy that aggressively defends against adverse and unlawful agency actions. When the contracting officer issues an incorrect final decision, it is our job to find the error and present the matter to the appellate court in a convincing manner.

Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Legal Services

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Appealing the Contracting Officer’s Final Decision to CBCA

Appealing the contracting officer’s final decision carries very unique burdens and procedural rules that you must follow. For example, when you submit a government contract claim, then you must request a contracting officer’s final decision.  Sometimes, contractors self-interpret what they want to construe as a final decision. Then when the appeal is filed at the CBCA, they will end up spending thousands of dollars on litigating the issue of whether or not there was a contracting officer’s final decision. Our CBCA lawyers minimize such mistakes and focus more on real legal issues and disputes.


To avoid expensive litigation at the Board, government contractors may have another choice.  For example, the Contract Disputes Act of 1978 (CDA), 41 USC 7101-7109, provides that the contract appeals board provide you with the option of having informal, expeditious, and inexpensive ways to resolve government contract issues. Civilian Board encourages litigants to consider the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at all stages of a contract dispute. This can include pre-appeal, post-appeal, and post-hearing ADR. The CBCA makes presiding judges to be also available to serve as ADR Neutrals.


Small business government contractors and large businesses should be aware that the Contract Board of Appeals’ jurisdiction when it comes to contract claims against the federal government and the Court’s authority to hear cases under Section 847 of the National Defense Authorization Act extends to all agencies of the federal government except the Department of Defense and its constituent agencies, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States Postal Service, the Postal Rate Commission, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Contract Disputes Act also gives the court subject matter jurisdiction claims denial and other disputes related to your contract.

  • Get help assessing the merits of your case before submitting your appeal to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeal
  • Make sure that you have preserved your rights to appeal at the lower agency level before filing your appeal
  • Have you met the specific requirements of the Contract Disputes Act when you filed your claim with the Contracting Officer?


With law offices located in Washington DC and Colorado, the federal appeals lawyers and CBCA appellate court attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC  frequently provide general contractor services and help for federal contractors to appeal adverse contracting officer final decisions to the CBCA.

  • A careful review of your case can uncover serious government error and can potentially get the agency decision reversed.
  • To prevail in appellate decisions you must be able to show some serious level of error and not simply disagree with an agency’s decision.


The DC Contract Appeals Board will hear and decide contract disputes once the appellant shows that the court has subject matter jurisdiction to hear your case. Many cases appealed to the US Civilian Board of Contract Appeals when there was no legal contracting officer final decision. Meeting the requirements of the Contract Disputes Act is one of the most highly litigated issues.

  • Federal government contractors use our legal expertise to avoid costly legal mistakes with US Civilian Board of Contract Appeals rules of procedure
  • The goal of our US government contracts lawyers is to focus on the legal merits of the case and to convince the Civilian Contract Board of Appeals

US Government contracts and appellate court attorneys with over 30 years combined experience in federal procurement law: With a combined effort of our appeal lawyers, we have acquired favorable results when providing general contractor services for our clients in various aspects of government contract law. See some of our representative cases.

Whether you are appealing a termination for default or filing Civilian Board of Contracts Appeals cases for other contract disputes, our government contract appeal attorneys can help. 

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