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Request for Equitable Adjustment FAR 52.243 AttorneysConflict resolution and getting paid for equitable changes, extra work or contract adjustments to your contract often is met with attempts to negotiate down any amounts owed.

Whether you are trying to figure out the difference between claim and request for equitable adjustment in a firmed fixed price contract or cost-plus contract, or simply need help preparing your REA documents, we can help.

  • Get assessments about whether your adjustment is valid 
  • Prepare your REA in a way that also meets the Contract Disputes Act claims requirement
  • Preserve what rights you have for potentially appealing your case (most companies miss this part.)

With law offices located in Washington, DC and Colorado, Watson & Associates, LLC’s help federal contractors in all states. Clients use our broad federal contracting experience to sift through the various legal nuances associated with getting payment for REA requirements.

  • Many REA arise as to who has the authority to issue a change order that warrants contractor payment. In addition, the bulk of disputes occur because the government will argue that the requested changes are part of the contract.
  • At Watson & Associates, LLC our  REA attorneys help to sift through the legal issues and guide government contractors to providing better FAR equitable adjustment requests.

Request for Equitable Adjustment FAR 52.243 Attorney Services

At Watson & Associates, we provide a wide range of assistance for government changes under FAR 52.243 including:

  • Change order and extra work conflict resolution;
  • Assessment of contract terms and application of the FAR Changes Clause;
  • Firm Fixed Price Contract and Cost Plus Contract REA
  • Preparation of REA requests;
  • Construction contract change order guidance;
  • Disputes with Contract Disputes Act requirements; and
  • Contract compliance and regulatory assistance.


  • Get a proper assessment of the amount of damages for extra work you seek.
  • Assess the merits of your Request for Equitable Adjustment or Claim before wasting valuable resources.
  • Learn from lawyers and consultants that have decades of government contracting experience.

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Contract Management and REA help from beginning to end: We understand the authority vested in contracting officer representatives versus contracting officer when authorizing extra work. Watson’s law firm provides legal guidance from initial indicators and in the REA preparations stages.

We gain favorable outcomes for our clients: At Watson, our FAR equitable adjustment attorneys work with construction contractors and service contract clients to develop a feasible approach to getting paid for legitimate contract modification requirements under the FAR changes clause. We have achieved favorable results for many of our customers.


In federal government contracting, the various courts have come to some consensus that the definition of equitable adjustment as “an appropriate modification of the amount due under a contract, or the time required for its performance, because of the issuance of a change order, which is just, fair, and right in consideration of the facts and circumstances of the individual case.” Norair Eng’g Corp., GSBCA No. 1178, 66-1 B.C.A. ¶ 5312. The United States Supreme Court said that the term ‘equitable adjustment,’ as used in a ‘Changes’ clause of the FAR (FAR 52.243-1, 2 & 3) includes not only the cost of the work but the addition of a reasonable and customary allowance for your profit. See U. S. v. Callahan Walker Construction Company, 317 U.S. 56, 61 (1942).


Not all situations entitle you to an equitable adjustment. However, the FAR makes it clear that government contractors are eligible for different equitable adjustments that are directly related to the performance of their contracts and government action. You can be entitled to an equitable adjustment for a constructive change in the contract, delays or other government caused increases to the cost of performing the contract. 

FAR Equitable Adjustment (REA) Also a CDA Claim?

Avoid this costly mistake in your contract management approach:  without a valid contract change order, many government contractors submit REA packages without any idea of how the contract clauses impact getting paid for the alleged contractor modification.

  • FAR 52.243 request for equitable adjustment without specific elements, does not automatically meet the definition of a Contract Disputes Act claim.
  • Under FAR 33.207 (c)  when the claim amount exceeds $100,000, and it must be submitted to the Contracting Officer in a way that clearly provides the factual, technical, and legal basis for an equitable adjustment to the contract.

If the claim does not exceed $100,000 or not, Watson’s government contract lawyers will help to develop the alleged contract change order request in a fashion that still meets the requirements of the Contract Disputes Act of 1978, 41 USC 601-613.

Dispute Resolution -Difference – REA Versus a Claim

The difference between a claim and FAR equitable adjustment: When attempting dispute resolution for extra work performed, aAn REA does not require a contractor’s certification under the Contract Disputes Act. Another difference between a claim and an equitable adjustment is that if you submit the additional work as a “claim,” government contractors are entitled to the interest, but not claim preparation costs.  If you submit additional work via a request for equitable adjustment, you are entitled to compensation for claim preparation costs, but not interest. 

Tip: Additional costs must be allowable, allocable, and reasonable.

Tip: When deciding to file an REA adjustment for construction change order, the Changes Clause at FAR 52.243-4 requires that only costs incurred within 20 days from the time that the Contractor gives notice are recoverable.  

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