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The federal procurement legal litigation system can be very intimidating. When a contracting agency or contracting officer issues a final decision, small businesses and larger contractors may just accept the decision and move on. 

However, when your case is reviewed by a skilled procurement federal appeal lawyer, potential causes for the government’s unlawful decision can be uncovered.

The federal appeals process is designed to give contractors another chance to present the legal error to the appropriate appellate court, such as the US Court of Federal Claims, ASBCA or CBCA Boards of Contract Appeals or the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 

At Watson & Associates, LLC, each federal appeals lawyer represents large and small defense contractors who face an adverse legal decision at the contracting offer level or lower court level. Since a federal appellate case is not a new trial, there are some issues that the appeals court looks at de novo. Filing a federal appeal means finding a clear legal or factual error that supports a reversal of the lower court or contracting officer’s decision. Unless an appellate attorney has some substantive knowledge of procurement law and the sub issues complained of, then filing a government contracts appeal case will more than likely bring unfruitful results.

Federal Circuit Court Appeals, Government Contracting and Federal Appellate Lawyer Services

Watson’s government contract federal appeals lawyer also provide second-chair support to clients that experience time-sensitive demands from various appeals courts. We can help with:

  • Temporary Restraining Order and Permanent Injunctions appellate law support
  • Bid protest appeal cases
  • Termination for default appeals
  • Contractor claims appeal cases
  • SBA OHA small business decisions
  • SBA and small business government contracting decisions
  • US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit appeals litigation on procurement matters
  • Development of legal strategies and identifying strengths and weaknesses of claims and defenses
  • Drafting appellate court briefs and responding to motions for summary judgment or other motions
  • Monitoring lower level actions to preserve our client’s federal appellate rights
  • Protecting clients in high-risk cases.

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The Importance of Timing

Government contract appeals have very strict time limits associated with filing and processing the appeals notice and or complaint. If you fail to act in a timely fashion, your case will be dismissed for lack of the court’s jurisdiction.

Why File a Federal Appeal?


Contracting officers and lower court judges can make incorrect and unlawful decisions. Federal contractors can receive unfair treatment or be subject to court decisions full of reversible error. The unfair decisions can result from misapplication of the Federal Acquisition Regulations by the contracting officer, or improper evidence decisions made by the lower court judge. In many cases, the improper decision can be reversed by having an experienced federal appeal lawyer help.

  • Contracting Officers do not always follow FAR regulations or may have abused their discretion.
  • Lower court judges may have unlawfully disregarded evidence provided at trial that may have had a substantive impact on the outcome of your case.

Watson & Associates’ federal appeals lawyers litigate most federal procurement related case. When the lower court makes a legal mistake or error, one of our Federal Appeals Court attorneys will conduct a detailed analysis and advise you on the next steps and how to proceed.

Note: A common mistake made by non-procurement attorneys is to suggest that the lower court simply got the result wrong. This is not the end of the analysis. As federal appellate lawyers, we understand that the error must also be reversible or warrant a sending the case back to the lower court for proper adjudication.


 As federal appeal attorneys handling various government procurement law matters, we help both Appellants and Appellees (Intervenors). When there are appellate issues related to small business decisions, bid protests and contract disputes, our Appeals Court appeals attorneys can help.

  • If you are looking to find federal appellate attorneys for legal advice and that understands the procurement process, Watson & Associates‘ federal appeal lawyers focus helping our clients with severe government procurement legal issues at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.  

We recognize the scrutiny and demands of appellate courts when it comes to bid protest appeals, termination for default, Contract Disputes Act claims and SBA small business appeal matters.

  • As top federal appeal attorneys, we recognize the scrutiny and demands of appellate courts when it comes to bid protest appeals, termination for default, Contract Disputes Act claims and SBA small business appeal matters.

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 When corporations or individuals experience an adverse verdict in False Claims Act, government procurement fraud, appeals of termination for default, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Court of Federal Claims appeals and Anti-Corruption cases, adverse small business decisions, or federal procurement cases involving Fraud under the SBA small business fraud,  our federal appeals lawyer takes on the challenge.


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