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ASBCA Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals LawyersThe Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) serves as neutral body and independent appellate  independent forum. The ASBCA involves resolving post-award contract disputes between government contractors and various federal entities, such as the Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The jurisdiction of the ASBCA falls under the framework of the Contract Disputes Act (41 U.S.C. 7101-7109) and its own rules. Many government contractor file appellate cases when appealing the contracting officer’s final decision.

The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals hears appeals from government contractors contesting final decisions or inaction of government contracting officers. These appeals are processed in accordance with the ASBCA Rules. These Rules permit contractors to represent themselves without an appeals attorney.

For those seeking expert guidance through this appellate process, consulting with specialized appellate lawyers or federal appeal attorneys can be invaluable. These legal professionals are adept at navigating the complexities of ASBCA procedures and can provide crucial support in presenting a robust case. Their expertise in federal appeals can significantly enhance the prospects of a favorable outcome in these specialized legal matters.

When government defense contractors receive an adverse decision from federal contracts agencies, filing a timely appeal to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (based on cases and decisions) would be the next step. Many companies with DOD contracts make costly legal mistakes when appealing the contracting officer’s final decision to the ASBCA. We help clients to avoid the costly legal landmines involved with DOD contracts.

For example, many contract ASBCA appeals decisions show that contractors are getting their appeal cases dismissed and cannot be decided on the merits because the court has no jurisdiction to hear the case. The majority of matters on the court’s docket involve appeals by defense contractors from government contracting officers’ final decisions or failure to issue decisions.

ASBCA Decisions & Appellate Litigation Help for Government Contractors Nationwide and Overseas

Our Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals attorneys help government contractors with a broad range of federal procurement matters, such as:

  • Preparing claims under the Contract Disputes Act
  • Appealing the contracting officer’s final decision to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
  • Appeal of ASBCA decisions to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Appeal a Termination for Default
  • Appellate cases for Request for an Equitable Adjustment

As ASBCA Appellate Court Lawyers, We Offer:

  • Prompt responses to our client’s immediate concerns
  • Avoidance of guesswork by perform in-depth research for legal authority
  • Litigation with respect to the ASBCA jurisdiction to hear your case

With law offices located in Washington DC and Colorado, the federal government contracts lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help government contractors to appeal adverse contracting officer final decisions to the ASBCA involving DOD contracts, service contract disputes and appeals, and other federal contract projects.

Armed Services Board of Contract Appellate Attorney Services

Government contract Appeals lawyers and appellate attorneys at Watson can help you with: 

  • Contract Dispute Cases
  • Decisions and jurisdictional disputes
  • Contract Claims Appeal from CO final decision
  • Termination for Default government contract disputes
  • Construction contract disputes appeal services
  • Equitable Adjustments
  • Scope changes and application of ASBCA decisions to the facts of your case
  • Quantum cases
  • Service contract disputes and government claim appeals
  • Differing site conditions and more 
  • Motion for reconsideration
  • Challenging ASBCA decisions to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

We have ASBCA attorneys in the Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland Areas if Needed.

ASBCA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program

To minimize the cost of expensive litigation, the ASBCA encourages litigants to attempt to negotiate a resolution of the dispute.  Per the ASBCA Website, and in conjunction with that philosophy, ” the ASBCA has developed a highly successful, award-winning, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program.  If the parties make a joint request to the Chairman to use the ASBCA’s mediation services, and the parties and the ASBCA agree the dispute is suitable for mediation, the Chairman will provide a Judge to assist the parties in developing an appropriate binding or non-binding ADR process.

 In addition to mediating appeals on its docket, the ASBCA has, in appropriate cases, mediated disputes prior to the formal filing of a claim, prior to the issuance of a contracting officer’s final decision and prior to the filing of an appeal.  The ASBCA has provided its services to various agencies and forums, including mediating matters pending before federal courts.”

Avoiding common procedural problems with DOD contracts and ASBCA decisions

Many cases appealed to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals for government contract disputes when no legal contracting officer’s final decision was made. Meeting the requirements of the Contract Disputes Act is one of the most highly litigated issues. Federal government contractors use our legal expertise to avoid costly legal mistakes. 

For example, when the case of an appeal is filed but the contractor failed to submit a signed certification to Contracting Officer prior to filing the appeal, the court will dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction. See ASBCA Nos. 60814, 60864 (June 1, 2017). See also Andrews Contracting Services, LLC, Decisions No. 60808 (May 22, 2017) (court dismisses the appeal because contractor’s Request for Equitable Adjustment did not request a Contracting Officer’s decision and, therefore, was not a CDA claim). These are all costly legal mistakes that can be avoided by using experienced federal appellate attorney at Watson & Associates, LLC.

Common Questions and Answers About ASBCA Rules

When must you appeal your case? ASBCA rules suggest that to start an appeal from a contracting officer’s final decision to an agency board, government contractors must file within 90 days from the contractor’s receipt date of the CO final decision. 

Does the Agency Have to Accept a Typed Signature on Your Claim? No. Even if it does, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals can decide that a typed signature block is not valid. Therefore, no jurisdiction to hear an appeal.  See NileCo General Contracting LLC, No. 60912 (Sep. 22, 2017).

Over 30 years of experience in federal government contracts law: With a combined effort of our Armed Services Board appeals lawyers, we have acquired favorable results for our clients in various government contract law areas. See some of our representative cases.

Whether you are appealing a termination for default or filing appellate cases for other contract disputes, our government contract appellate court attorneys can help.

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