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Watson & Associates’ Government Contract lawyers help clients to navigate through all of the various phases of the procurement process, from the formation of the contract, negotiations, performance, and ultimate closeout and compliance with contractual requirements and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Watson & Associates’Gov contracts lawyers help clients to navigate through all phases of the procurement process, from the initial formation of government contracts through bid protests and appeals and negotiating contracts and regulatory compliance with clauses and legal requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Our team of federal government contracts attorneys and consultants provides clients with a resource to handle bid protests, prime/subcontractor litigation, contract claims and disputes legal support, and legal defense to enforcement matters, including suspension and debarment cases, False Claims Act litigation, FCPA compliance, and government investigations.

With law offices in Washington, DC, and Denver, Colorado Watson & Associates, LLC provides legal counsel to government contractors of all sizes, including large DOD contractors and recently admitted small businesses. Government contractor fraud lawyers in our Federal Practice also handle unique areas of procurement law such as white-collar criminal defense, Buy American Act,  SBA program violation, and federal construction.

Government  Lawyers – Overview

The federal government spends billions of dollars on commercial services and products. Although government contracting can be a very lucrative business, it comes at the price of understanding and complying with complex statutes and regulations.   Watson & Associates government contracts attorneys help clients to overcome pitfalls and develop best practices that benefit the company. Some of our government contractor lawyers are former military and or have worked for various DOD and government agencies. As federal goverment lawyers for contractors, we  have a deep understanding of contractors’ laws regarding small business matters and also serves as government contracts counsel in federal investigations and criminal defense when charges are brought for fraud against the government.

Government Contracting Focus Areas

Federal law for Contractors within the United States or overseas: Our government contracts attorneys bring a wealth of experience in many legal issues of U.S. government contracts law. We represent federal contractors at international locations with regulatory compliance, contract litigation and appeals, and transactional matters including:

 Bid Protests and Contractors laws: Our government contractors lawyers frequently represent government contractors in bid protests before the Court of Federal Claims COFC), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and other locations such as the SBA for small business size protests and size appeals to SBA OHA.

Government Contract Claims and Disputes: Watson & Associates provides legal counsel to contractors, analyzes, assesses and drafts Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claims, and requests for equitable adjustment (REA). When the contracting officer issues a final decision, Watson’s government contract attorneys represent clients before the Civilian and Armed Service Boards of Contract Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Government Contract Lawyers for False Claims Act Defense

  When companies fall prey to the scrutiny of federal contracting and allegations of procurement fraud and violations of various statutes and regulations, our government lawyrs and legal defense team help to minimize or extinguish the impact of how False Claims litigation can hurt a company. As government contractor fraud attorneys, we work with clients to aggressively litigate and defend civil and criminal charges.

Contractor Lawyers for Ethics, FAR Compliance, and Mandatory Disclosure:  As government contract attorneys, we often work with government contractors to develop internal policies and controls, review and implement compliance policies and road maps to minimize ethics violations, and avoid allegations of procurement fraud.  Our government compliance lawyers also help with small business subcontracting plans, FAR mandatory disclosure requirements, and various issues that come up related to contractor ethics.

International Federal Government Contracting Lawyers

 Gov Contracts Lawyers for Overseas Government Contracts: Watson’s federal government contracting lawyers provide legal services related to international contracting, including Trade Agreements Act and Buy American Act compliance, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Procurement Integrity Act (PIA) disputes,

Gopvernment Procurement Lawyers for Fraud and Government Contract Investigations: Watson’s Government contracts lawyers help small businesses and large contractors deal with the complex nuances of federal government investigations. We help to respond to subpoenas and communicate with federal attorneys.  Another aspect of our government investigations practice includes providing internal investigations involving allegations of procurement fraud; federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam defense; the Procurement Integrity Act (PIA) defense; the False Statements Act; the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); and in responding to Department of Justice (DOJ), SBA OIG Inspector General (IG) subpoenas and investigations. As government contractor fraud lawyers, we represent companies throughout the United States and overseas in criminal and civil proceedings.

Government Contract Novations: Our government contracting lawyers provide legal support and guidance to companies seeking to novate federal contracts. We represent sellers or buyers of existing companies that have federal government contracts. We oversee the entire process, work with local counsel and make sure that the overall novation process as required under FAR 42 is met.

Contingency Government Contracting Attorneys:  Each of our government contractor lawyers understands that performing U.S. contracts overseas sometimes operates under a unique set of rules. We often work with contractors performing overseas in areas such as Afghanistan, Dubai, Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Our federal government contracts attorneys who are former military members have broad experience in the unique issues that can occur during the formation of government contracts or during performance.

Government Contracts Small Business Matters: At Watson, we frequently represent clients in size protests before the SBA; appeals to the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals (SBA OHA). We also advise small businesses involved in the service-disabled-veteran-owned small business programs (SDVOSB). Our government contracts lawyers and small business attorneys also represent clients in the Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program and SBA 8(a) BD Program. Clients also use our legal expertise in areas such as teaming agreements, Mentor Protégé and joint ventures and various subcontracting arrangements.

Suspension and Debarment: Our federal government contracting lawyers help companies facing actual or potential suspension and debarment. We help with show-cause responses, cure notices, and the development of corrective action plans. Our suspension debarment lawyers help small and large firms respond to notices and negotiate administrative agreements with government suspension and debarment officials (SDO).

Government Contract Lawyers for Subcontractors: When companies are involved in contract disputes involving failure to perform, small business fraud or other issues, our subcontractor attorneys can help.  We handle issues related to contract fraud and liability, Buy American Act matters, limitations on subcontracting violations, and more.

Government Contracts for Super 8(a), Tribal and Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) Contracting Lawyers: Given the unique rules involved in tribal and ANC government contracting programs, our Government contractor lawyers help small businesses to comply with the various SBA regulations, avoid the protected affiliation landmines and developing effective policies and controls promote compliance. As federal contract lawyers, we also help ANC and tribal 8(a) companies at the Office of Hearings and Appeals and government investigations by the SBA’s Office of Inspector General. 

Government Contracts Lawyers Offering Cost-effective Legal Representation

Watson’s Federal Government Contracts lawyers and military government contracting attorneys work directly with company decision-makers and company teams to comply and perform federal projects in compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (law for contractors) and other relevant statutes. We provide direct legal advice that furthers the company’s mission and goals. As gov contracts lawyers, we understand government procurement but also focus on keeping our clients out of ‘hot water’ with federal law enforcement. For complex matters, our contract attorneys work with and partner with other law firms and local counsel on government contracts issues related to mergers and acquisitions, white-collar crime and criminal defense, government investigations, False Claims Act (FCA), Buy American Act compliance (BAA), litigation and appeals.

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