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Suspension and Debarment of Government Contractors


Procurement sometimes get it wrong when the assess you or your company for suspension or debarment act.  Innocent small businesses and government contractors can face unfair and harsh decisions from the agency to debar the company from doing business with the federal government. The system allows for you to rebut the agency’s conclusion and persuade the debarment official that your or the company are indeed responsible. Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late. Call our attorneys for immediate help.

Your Right to Legal Process


The legal system can be intimidating when it comes to suspending or debarment of government contract. Many companies attempt to address the matter without legal counsel and develop and approach that gives the debarment official no grounds to deny the agency’s recommendation.Understanding when the agency has gone afoul of the intent of the suspension and debarment regulations is critical. Frequently, when a suspension and debarment lawyer reviews your case, mistakes by the agency can uncovered and can be immediately dealt with.

  • A meritorious response requires the attorney to have adequate time to review the entire record
  • A promising response allows room for your lawyer to include legal authority
  • You must act quickly in order to get the best possible result

Experience Matters


The suspension and debarment process begins with knowing how the legal system works and how to use it to your advantage. Watson & Associates, LLC has been representing contractors for more than decade. With over 30 years of experience in the federal procurement marketplace and we have achieved favorable results for our clients.Our lead federal debarment list attorney is well-versed in the nuances and legal issues that arise.

Federal Debarment and Suspension Attorney Services 

  • Legal analysis of facts leading to suspension or debarment
  • Intepretation of federal debarment regulations
  • Assessment of whether the agency improper placed companies on the federal debarment list
  • Detailed response to the recommendation for debarment or suspension
  • Representation at hearings and requests for additional information
  • Help with administrative agreements and compliance
  • Help with necessary training about debarment policy and procedure
  • Legal counsel for terminations for default and criminal defense.

With law offices in Washington, D.C. and in Denver, CO, we represent clients nationwide and overseas when it comes to debarment and suspension of companies with government contracts.

To speak with an experienced government suspension and federal debarment list attorney, call Watson & Associates, LLC toll-free at 1-866-601-5518 for a free initial consultation.

Washington DC Lawyer Wojciech Z. Kornacki 

Kornacki government contracts attorneyWhat are your legal rights if you are suspended or proposed to be debarred under FAR 9.4?

If your company is temporarily suspended from doing business with the federal government or proposed for debarment, you can have your attorney prepare a response in writing, in person, or both.  You want to consider providing a response in writing. This way, the debarring official can have a record.

When your situation is not due to an indictment, conviction, or civil judgment, and where the suspending or debarring official decides that your written response has now introduced a genuine dispute over facts material to the proposed suspension debarment action, request a separate fact-finding proceeding at which you may present witnesses, documents, and other evidence as to the material facts. 

What are your options after receiving a Suspension Debarment letter or excluded from federal procurement?

When you receive a suspension or debarment letter,  debarment policy and procedure suggest that you should respond to the allegations before the SDO makes a final decision. At Watson, we help you to prepare a response that focuses on what the SDO is looking for to decide whether to debar your company or not. We also respond to certain requests and attend suspension and federal debarment list hearings on your behalf.

Meaning of Contractor Suspension

When you are going through an investigation or some other process that may not be final, the government agency can recommend suspension. This can be a painful blow. Although a temporary measure, our attorneys can help you to convince the official that there can be measures taken the where the government’s risk is minimized while you can still generate revenues.

What Does Debar Mean?

  • Federal debarment and suspension of government contractors can be a daunting experience. When your company is debarred or excluded from federal procurement bids under FAR 9.4, it can be for three years. At Watson, our federal debarment lawyers will assess the merits of your case and advise whether or not there can be a viable defense to debarment. The goal is to get the debar request overturned or at least get an Administrative Compliance Agreement in place.

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To avoid ruining your company’s reputation and future in government contracting and to protect against agencies debarring your company under FAR 9.4 or being placed on the federal debarment list (EPL), contact the Federal contract suspension debarment list lawyers at the Washington DC law firm. Avoid debar actions at all costs. Call Watson & Associates toll-free at 866-601-5518. Free Initial Consultation. 

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