government suspension debarment lawyers washington dcPreparing to respond to the government’s suspension and debarment action means understanding the process and the issues looked at by the official when making a decision.

  • Decades of federal procurement experience
  • Detailed assessment of each case before preparing a response
  • We help you to avoid the mistake of not responding to the critical things that federal debarment officials look at.
  • Nationwide and overseas help. Small and large businesses
  • Competitive rates.

Given the short response deadlines and the complex issues involved,  we look at the critical legal issues when requesting the agency’s record and provide you with candid legal advice.

  • We help government contractors in the U.S. and overseas to avoid some of the most costly legal mistakes seen in suspension and debarment cases.
  • Not all cases will end up with no liability to the government. The reality is that each suspension or debarment case is fact-specific. This is important to know for federal contractors proposed for suspension and debarment actions due to business ethics, False Claims Act violations, Buy American Act violations or other reasons. 
  • Responding to the government contracts suspension or debarment action is an opportunity to regain the government’s trust as a contractor. Ineffective responses are those that do not address why the individual or company should be considered a responsible in the agency’s eyes. 

Having a government contracts attorney that understands theffederal debarment and suspension process helps you to present your case to the debarring official in a way that focuses on the problem first and then allows the official to make a favorable decision of whether not to make your company ineligible or whether to place you on the federal suspension and debarment list. We have earned a reputation for gaining favorable results for small businesses placed on the government suspension and debarment list through vigorous representation.

FAR 9.4 Federal Suspension and Debarment List Services

When it comes to debarment and suspension of government contractors or subcontractors we offer:

  • Nationwide and overseas help
  • Prompt response and turnaround 
  • Arbitration or mediation representation
  • Buy American Act violations
  • False Claims Act violations for government contract awards
  • Business ethics and regulatory compliance
  • Internal investigations related to government procurement
  • Detailed assessment/response to debar officials
  • Preparing responses and attendance at hearings
  • Responses to Government Investigations and regulations management
  • Responses to notices of proposed federal debarment and proposed suspension of contract
  • Administrative compliance agreement negotiation and management
  • Corporate governance/compliance policies counseling
  • Responses to show cause letters or request for information (“ROI”)
  • Contractor business ethics training and compliance
  • FAR 9.4 Debarment and suspension due to violations of the Arms Export Control Act 
  • General Services Administration government suspension and debarment actions for general contractors or subcontractor.
  • Participation and administrative agreements
  • Subcontractor suspension debarment actions

Legal help for debarred federal contractors nationwide and overseas, looking at the details and responding the agency’s recommendation decision.

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Help in all states and overseas: With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, Watson & Associates’ law firm is geographically positioned to help small businesses, large contractors and individuals mitigate the pending problem and to prepare an effective response to the suspension debarment official. We have a record of success in previous cases and will aggressively help in your situation.

  • The law firm uses over 30 years of combined experience to protect your federal projects and reputation while safeguarding your bottom line.
  • Federal debarment and suspension of government contractors have a unique process. Our attorneys understand the process and can help you adequately prepare.

What is the difference between Suspension and Debarment?

 Suspension occurs when the agency acts under Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR 9.407 (and other applicable statutes, Executive orders, and federal debarment list regulations) to temporarily disqualify a contractor from doing business with the federal government. 

Suspension Definition & Meaning: When the government decides to suspend a contractor from doing business with the government, it is usually an immediate action and a temporary measure.

  • Suspension carries a twelve-month term limit.  This is usually used pending the completion of a civil or criminal investigation or other relevant legal proceedings.
  • The level of proof is based upon adequate evidence, usually a criminal indictment or similar level of actions.

 What are your legal rights if you are suspended or proposed to be debarred?

If your company is temporarily suspended from doing business with the federal government or proposed for debarment, you can have your attorney prepare a response in writing, in person, or both.  You want to consider providing a response in writing. This way, the debarring official can have a record.

When your situation is not due to an indictment, conviction, or civil judgment, and where the suspending or debarring official decides that your written response has now introduced a genuine dispute over facts material to the suspension or proposed debarment, can ca request a separate fact-finding proceeding at which you may present witnesses, documents, and other evidence as to the material facts. 

How long are your debarred for?

Federal debarments generally do not exceed 3 years. If the debarring official believes that a longer period of time is warranted, then it can be longer.

What happens to your company if its principal is suspended or debarred?

 Sometimes the government will suspend or debar the company’s principal. Unless there is a participation agreement in place, the company cannot submit federal bids or receive federally funded projects. This can be a fatal blow to the company. The federal debarment list attorneys at Watson can assess the merits of each case up front and provide you with sound information so that you can make a decision about how you want to proceed.

Debarred Definition & Meaning

When the government decides to act under FAR 9.4, the debarred definition usually means that the contractor cannot do business with the federal government for about three years but could also be longer.

  • Not much evidence is needed.
  • The debarring agency only has to show a preponderance of the evidence, usually a conviction or some other action.
  • Response to the debarring agency: When it comes to debarment from government contracts under FAR 9.4, you have to convince the SDO that your company is a responsible federal contractor. It is advisable to have a federal suspension debarment attorney that understands how the process works and that can help defense contractors to propose potential mitigating circumstances that can help the suspension debarment official make a ruling in your favor.
  • You have 30 days after receipt to respond in writing.
  • Conducting an internal investigation can help avoid canned responses that the debarment officials do not like.
  • When preparing a response to your notice, building the record with the right evidence and approach is critical.

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