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Federal Government Claims Lawyers, Litigation & Contract Dispute AttorneysOne of the many problems associated with suing the government, preparing and defending government contractual claims is that companies fall short of the level of support needed to develop a sound case that meets the Contract Disputes Act.

  • The agency denies payment simply because the contractor does not submit a detailed claims package that supports payment of damages at the beginning of the contract dispute resolution process.
  • In addition, companies do not properly assert the required legal theories at the contracting officer level.
  • As a result, the appeals case that challenges the contracting officer’s final decision is already disarmed and court quickly will dismiss new arguments on appeal for lack of jurisdiction.
  • Since judges are expected to base their decisions on the entire record, federal contractors should make sure that before filing an appeal that the record is sufficient enough for the appeals court to hear the case and make a decision.

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the government contract claims services and contract dispute lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC have successfully resolved several claims against the federal government for our clients. This includes small businesses and larger federal government defense contractors. We have also achieved favorable outcomes for our clients.

Government Contract Claim Services & Disputes Litigation Services

  • Litigation of Contractual Claims and appeals – CBCA, ASBCA, US Court of Federal Claims
  • Contract dispute resolution and government contracts claims settlement
  • Construction claims for performance and scope changes
  • Breach of contract claim 
  • Cost Disallowance
  • Contract delays
  • Contractual Claim for Defective pricing
  • Constructive and formal change orders
  • Allegations of sovereign immunity
  • Out of scope work
  • Release of claims 
  • Non-payment of invoices
  • Implied in fact contract disputes
  • Performance disputes
  • Scope modifications
  • Accelerations
  • Service agreements
  • Construction claims 


If you decide to suing the government  for denying federal contract claims and alternative dispute resolution, call our government claims lawyers and contract dispute appeals attorney at 1-866-601-5518 for a FREE Initial Consultation.

What we do: Each contract attorney will assess the merits of your claim hen , secure relevant evidence, address the legal issues about contractor claims relevant to pass through contract between prime contractors and subcontractor, and documentation to support the claim and help you through the contract dispute resolution process. 

At Watson & Associates, LLC, the law firm has been particularly successful in resolving disputes regarding construction claims, implied contract disputes, appeals lawsuit against government agency departments, equitable adjustments, breach of contract claims, and differing site conditions.

Litigation in various courts: We represent federal contractors with litigation with the federal government at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) and the US Court of Federal Claims (COFC) and appeals to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Watson & Associates’ Contract Dispute Attorneys Can Help With:

  • Counseling on claims against the government and potential for any sovereign immunity defenses filed by the agency.
  • Contract dispute assessment of implied in fact contract damages for construction and service contractors.
  • Compliance with the Contract Disputes Act (CDA). Many federal contractors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs, only to find out that they did not meet, the requirements of the CDA. This can be even more devastating on appeal.
  • Avoiding costly mistakes with equitable adjustments and failure to meet procedural requirements that can forfeit our clients’ rights on appeal.
  • Government contracts with pass-through contract between contractor and subcontractor
  • Each contract claim lawyer will thoroughly go through the facts of each case though it were before a judge on appeal and counsel clients on the strengths and weaknesses of each case
  • If the contracting officer issues a final decision, our contract dispute attorneys will counsel on the next steps and prepare the necessary court documents for the appeal.
  • Regarding government construction contractual claims, we assess each case regarding contract delays, differing site conditions, acceleration claims and scope changes. These are complex issues litigated at the appellate courts.
  • Construction contract government claims changes & alternative dispute resolution
  • Helping business clients to preserve any rights to appeal at the agency level. Many corporate attorneys miss this point and when addressed on appeal, the claims dispute gets dismissed.

ASBCA, CBCA or US Court of Federal Contractual Claims Litigation & Appeals

As federal government contractors continue to handle contractual claims against the federal government pro se, both the ASBCA and CBCA will continue to dismiss more government contracts disputes appeal cases. As a result, companies lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in what could have been government claims.

  • On appeal, judges are expected to base their decisions on the record before them. Therefore, our government claims attorneys first review the entire record to make sure that appellants’ appeal rights are protected early at the agency level.
  •  Although requests for equitable adjustments are not automatically claims under the CDA, how you prepare your equitable adjustment request can make it easier to later convert into a compliant CDA claim.
  • Having a government contract claims lawyer to prepare a sound and supported government claims can save time and prevent costly errors.

Federal Contract Appeal Attorneys  – Help for small businesses and large defense  contractors with litigation of government claims: At Watson & Associates, our government contract dispute resolution lawyers and CDA contract claim appeal law firm often represents small business and large DOD contractors construction contract claims changes & dispute resolution.

Federal construction contractual claims changes & dispute resolution: Our contract claims services  professionals understand that submitting construction claims against the federal government and be tricky and that the facts of each case are critical to the outcome. The government contract claims lawyers at our firm can assist with constructive changes, scope of work changes, liquidated damages, implied in fact contract matters, requests for equitable adjustment, and differing site condition claims.

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