Government Contracts Small Business Lawyers

SBA Contracting Attorneys & Government Small Business LawyersGovernment Contract Small Business Lawyers Helping Small Businesses in ALL STATES to Avoid Costly Legal  Mistakes While Staying Compliant With the Rules Governing Federal Small Business Programs and DOD Contracts for Small Companies.


At Watson & Associates, LLC, our government small business contract lawyers frequently counsel companies that are either doing business with the federal government or want to do business with the government about the various programs and the rules governing small contractors. 

We help you to have a better overall understanding of how successful companies survive in the federal contracting marketplace and how to implement best practices for success.

  • Some of our legal staff have actually worked for federal contracting agencies.
  • We understand the marketplace and how the various small business programs and rules may apply to your specific situation.

Government Contract Small Business Attorney Services

With over 30 years of experience, SBA attorneys and small business government contract lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help with businesses nationwide with federal DOD contracts and the legal issues that come with them. See our practice areas.

As small business government contracts attorneys, we help to navigate through the various legal issues that arise on a daily basis such as meeting the SBA definition and compliance under FAR Part 19. Common areas of our SBA attorney and consulting practice includes providing guidance with:

  • Teaming agreements – business agreement between two parties
  • Mentor-protege and JV agreements
  • Small business size standards and disputes
  • Limitation on subcontracting matters
  • Pass through FAR clauses in a government contract 
  • SBA 8(a) Program matters
  • Small business preference decisions
  • Set aside disputes under FAR Part 19
  • Affiliation and size protests disputes
  • Internal policies and controls
  • Novation agreements
  • FAR compliance, and more.
  • SDVOSB veteran business matters
  • SBA size standards and size protest litigation

 Small Business Fraud Investigations

Our government small business fraud lawyers have accomplished favorable results from clients in various industries. Recently, companies are being overwhelmed with procurement fraud investigations and criminal indictments due to alleged violations of government contract laws.

 In addition, over the past ten years, the federal government has launched a series of investigations involving DOD contracts for small contractors that have led to terminations for default, suspension and debarment, and criminal indictments.

SBA Compliance Lawyers

Whether your company is part of an SDVOSB investigation, SBA 8a investigation, HUBZone fraud or some other case involving government contracts and procurement, our government contract small business attorneys can help.

  • Complete guidance under FAR Part 19 
  • SBA contracting programs legal advice about legal contracts under 13 CFR Part 121
  • Resolve mentor protege disputes

Far Part 19 Set Aside Disputes & SBA Government Contracting

Our government lawyer DC law firm has developed a reputation for providing solid legal advice and business resource help with US government contracts for small firms under SBA contracting programs and disputes under FAR Part 19. This includes SBA government contracts 8a certificationHUBZone Certification, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set asides (SDVOSB), and Woman-Owned WOSB Certification programs. 

Mentor Protégé, Teaming Agreements & Joint Venture Arrangement Help

A huge hurdle for companies seeking larger contracts with federal government agencies is the proper use of contractor teaming agreements, Mentor Protege relationships, and joint venture agreements.

Watson’s government small business preference lawyers and SBA affiliation attorneys provide detailed guidance when bidding teaming partners and SBA government contracting with joint ventures.  We serve as federal SBA lawyers for various disputes.

Small Business Lawyers for Government Contract Claims & Appeals

When contractors face problems with government contract claims, we also provide legal services from the claims submission stage all the way to appealing the contracting officer’s final decision to the ASBCA, CBCA or U.S Court of Federal Claims in Washington DC. 

Small Business Size Protests & SBA Attorneys

Our government contract attorneys in DC and Denver, CO often represent government contractors when there are size standards protest disputes under the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule or the SBA has issued an adverse size determination decision.

Meeting the small business definition is critical. As SBA lawyers, we frequently practice before SBA OHA and understand the common legal issues that arise during litigation and appeals of cases involving government contracts for small companies. Find out more about our SBA size appeal attorney and small business preference services.

Call Our Government Contracts Small Business Lawyers

If you are looking to advance in the federal marketplace and need an SBA small business contract attorney and procurement lawyer specializing in government contracts law, call Watson & Associates, LLC for a free initial consultation.

If you need guidance on government contracts for small businesses or help with SBA federal government contracting disputes under FAR Part 19, our SBA small business lawyers can help. Contact us online to schedule a consultation with Watson’s small business contract lawyers in our law office. Call toll-free 1-866-601-5518 for a FREE initial consultation. Small business attorney DC and CO-based.