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Many contractors are now finding that the US federal government has targeted their company for a government contract compliance audit through DCMA.

In other situations, IG investigations are launched to make sure that contractors are in legal compliance with procurement laws such as the FAR and DFARS. Lack of having viable corporate regulatory programs often lead to fatal results.

  • Keep your company in tune with contracts compliance policies
  • Government Contract Management guidance to minimize the potential for getting a termination for default
  • For new contractors, we help you learn how to be FAR compliant
  • Avoid criminal liability for failure to follow rules

An example of where government contractor compliance  consulting can be essential to your company’s future and the bottom line is the SBA’s new rules regarding small businesses and affiliation.  

Having an effective contract management process that is in tune with these new developments can be an effective way to make that your company does not fall prey to the government’s DCMA audits or internal investigations by the IG.  If you are a small business contractor, or large DOD defense contractor, the DFARS and FAR contracts compliance policies consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC can provide insight on how you can align your current internal policies and with the sweeping changes with FAR requirements for government contractors.

  • Prompt turnaround
  • Due diligence and keeping up to date with regulations
  • Litigation and support
  • Competitive rates

DFARS Contracts Compliance Consultants & FAR Compliance Policies Services 

When utilizing our government relations services, our goal is to help defense contractors to better understand government procurement contracts, Federal Acquisition Regulation mandates and to avoid cure notices or show cause letters. We find that our government contract DFARS compliance and management consulting services better serve prime defense contractors and subcontractors performing government construction projects. We help with:

  • Development of DFARS compliance and FAR contract management and contracts compliance requirements for government contractors and management standards;
  • Developing sound federal contracting best practices for DOD contracts;
  • Addressing government contract management issues with subcontractors or primes;
  • Risk reduction and becoming DFARS compliant
  • Internal corporate regulatory compliance solutions reviews
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations  (FAR) training
  • Government Contract Compliance Rules and Statutory interpretation
  • Management training on various contract clauses and obligations
  • Federal contracts and performance-based contracting
  • Scope or work changes and contractor obligations
  • Participation on corporate committee on government contract compliance
  • Contractor business ethics
  • Develop relevant corporate compliance programs
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR training for contractors
  • Risk reduction and how to avoid suspension and debarment.

To speak with experienced FAR regulations government contract compliance lawyers, call Watson & Associates, LLC toll-free at 1-866-601-5518 for a FREE Initial Consultation.

Taking proactive measures: At Watson, our regulatory compliance lawyers and consultants frequently provide counseling advice to your company’s contractor administrator on best practices about proper documentation, how to avoid costly mistakes when dealing with COR and end users, and regulatory contracts compliance with cure notices or show cause letters.

Nationwide  Federal Acquisition Regulation Consulting

Help with new SBA small business regulations: With the new SBA regulations on joint ventures, mentor protege requirements and limitation on subcontracting rules, government contractors will face much confusion about how the new rules on government contract small business requirements for contractors impact them.  Government contracting compliance requirements are often not followed because you may only focus on the hard requirements of the PWS. This can be a huge mistake. Our federal acquisition regulation consulting is designed to help each contractor administrator or contract manager to develop internal controls and policies that can avoid contract termination.

  • We review existing internal policies and business code of ethics requirements that can minimize the impact of adverse DCAA audit decisions, and government investigations.

Help With Training for Contractors’ Ethics Programs

 Given the increase in government investigations, our federal government contract management consulting team and attorneys provide procurement consulting services to small and large businesses about federal rules of acquisition. Our goal is to minimize the impact of possible terminations and debarment actions and focus more on how to be FAR compliant. When companies are facing procurement fraud allegations, our legal team helps to make sure that contractors have the best solutions in place that can minimize the adverse impact of investigations.

  • We help with government contractor defense services, legal representatives on your corporate committee on government contractor compliance, or FAR mandatory disclosure requirements, defending against False Claims Act violations, federal acquisition regulation consulting and more.

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