Be Prepared for How New Federal Procurement Policy and Procedures Impact Your Business. Get Your Words Hear Before Contracting Policy Becomes Law.

federal Procurement Policy lawyersWhen it comes to government procurement policies and procedure, the government has set rules and regulations to ensure that procurement integrity is maintained. It must show that it spends taxpayer dollars wisely with government contract awards. The crux of federal contracting policy is to ensure that government contractors offer proposals for services and products which offer the best value to the government.

  • Both small businesses are large DOD contractors are impacted by current and future legislation. However, many do not participate in giving their input and presenting concerns when the Federal Register publishes proposed rules for comment.
  • When the final rule is published, it is too late. As a government contractor, federal legislative developments in the procurement process are important to the future of your organization when it comes to government contract awards. Knowing and tracking when federal government contracting policy and procedural laws are introduced for comment in the Federal Register is critical to the outcome of federal contract and government procurement law.

Get your opinion heard before laws are finalized.Contractors find themselves simply following public procurement procedures and laws after they have become final but with no prior input. However, government procurement policy generally goes through the rule-making process before becoming a final rule.

The legislative bodies can receive input that might have an effect on the final rule. With an experienced federal procurement policy specialist that understands how new policy and procurement procedures can impact a company’s bottom line, contractors can have a voice that matters.

Government Contracting Policy Consulting Services

With law offices in Washington, DC and in Denver, Colorado, the government contracting policy lawyers and Govt consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC provide guidance and counsel to large DOD contractors and small businesses about the emerging purchasing policy and laws, and how the newly-proposed government procurement policies and procedures can impact their business.

  • Help for policy makers to get a fresh set of eyes on how policy may impact potential contractors
  • Federal register and comments
  • Consulting services for federal procurement management
  • Consulting on federal procurement policy and procedures
  • Statutory compliance with government contract awards
  • Legislation and contractor input
  • Internal compliance audits
  • Small business contracting matters under FAR Part 19
  • Internal corporate procurement management compliance

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With former government contracting officials, we can help you to better adjust your buying habits, keep abreast of proposed government procurement laws and regulations, and provide internal inspection and oversight. This keeps executives in compliance with FAR regulations while helping the federal government to maintain a sustainable procurement policy.

Develop a strong procurement management strategy: Small businesses and large DOD government contractors alike protect their future interests by staying in tune with government contract laws at the early stages. See our article on green procurement policy.

What is Government Procurement Policy?  

Procurement policies and procedures as it pertains to federal contracting includes a set of rules that agencies must follow when procuring commercial services and products. It starts with the budgeting process. This is followed by the initial planning and market research stage. Once the planning stage is complete, agencies then advertise their requirements on FBO. This starts the bidding and evaluation stages. As stated, government procurement law is heavily regulated.

Knowing how current government contracting procedure impacts your day-to-day operations is how our government contracts and government procurement attorneys can benefit you.

Voice Your Opinion Before Policies Become Law

 Federal procurement policy and procedures allow for contractors to become aware of the various laws and regulations that serve as the legal framework for procuring and awarding contracts.

  • If you are a large DOD contractor, regulatory changes will impact you;
  • Develop a proactive approach to federal government contracting policy in Washington, DC;
  • Train your key personnel on basic aspects of the Federal Acquisition Regulation;
  • Gain valuable procurement consulting for lawyers that have actually worked for the federal government;
  • Minimize impact to your company’s revenues.

US Government Procurement Processes – Help for Large Businesses

As competition becomes fiercer in US government procurement, the legislature has placed more of a focus on large businesses. For example, more scrutiny is placed upon large businesses and their procurement processes and procedures for compliance with subcontracting plan goals. Other focuses include fraud and noncompliance with disclosure requirements and internal controls required by law. These are areas where we can help your company with procurement process best practices.

To avoid exposure to media and headlines, retain our federal government contract law attorneys to keep watch and provide advice on the continuing government procurement policy changes and FAR Clauses.

Relevant Issues in US Federal Procurement Policy

VA Policy For Government Contractors

Mandatory Small Business Set Asides for Contract Actions Up to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT)

Sole Source Contracting under Title 38, U.S.C. Sections 8127 and 8128, enacted as part of the Veterans Benefits, Health Care and Information Technology Act of 2006

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