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Procurement Fraud Lawyers, White Collar Government Fraud & Federal Contractor Fraud Attorneys & Criminal Defense Law FirmNot all criminal defense attorneys understand procurement laws when defendants sell goods or services to the federal government. You can impact the outcome of government contract and procurement fraud cases having lawyers on your team that have worked for federal agencies and understand the rules that you are targeted for violating.

In recent years, federal procurement fraud has been the target of government law enforcement agencies. Small businesses and large defense contractors find themselves as targets from Qui Tam and False Claims Act lawsuits. Yet, with the ability to defend such lawsuits from a federal contract criminal charge, executives and corporations are being indicted and convicted of criminal charges. Many individuals and corporate executives are facing serious jail time and huge fines. Why is this?

White collar criminal defense and business lawyers may know that government fraud occurs when defense contractors make false claims intended to get paid or try to get certified for a federal program in hopes of securing numerous federal contracts.  However, many commercial fraud defense lawyers have no experience with federal government contract laws or the substantive requirements for the alleged fraud that federal prosecutors are bringing criminal charges.

  • Having a fraud defense lawyer that has no experience in government procurement laws significantly increases your risk of being convicted
  • Do you have federal government fraud defense attorneys that also know both the federal criminal process and FAR regulations? If not, your case may be in trouble.

Whether you are investigated for SBA fraud, healthcare fraud or simply submitting an invoice for payment when you have faulty parts or your subcontractor has done something wrong, you stand a chance of going down a dark road that you will need experienced government fraud lawyers on your team. Getting that person on board as soon as possible is essential to the outcome.

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Government Procurement Fraud & Defense Contractor Fraud Attorney Services

Watson’s government contractor fraud attorneys understand the government contracting procurement process and help with:

  • Federal government investigations.
  • False Claims Act and Qui Tam defense
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Bid rigging federal contract criminal charge
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Internal corporate investigations,
  • Anti-kickback statute defense,
  • Anti-Kickback violations and contract bribery,
  • Misrepresentation allegations and felony offenses,
  • Procurement contract defense litigation
  • Money laundering in government contracting
  • White Collar Criminal Defense 
  • Vendor kickbacks
  • SIBIRS and embezzlement Criminal Charges,
  • Procurement Conspiracy Charges

In many cases,  you can get a more favorable result when you have a white-collar criminal defense attorney that understands the government’s case and not just the defendant’ side. Contact our government fraud attorneys now.  

What Types of Federal Procurement Fraud Cases Our Government Fraud Can Help With?

A federal contract criminal charge can involve a myriad of issues that many traditional criminal lawyers are not aware of.

As federal contractor fraud attorneys, we handle a wide variety of cases. Many government fraud cases also come with additional criminal charges such as criminal conspiracy, wire fraud, attempts to defraud the government, and even mail and wire fraud together. At Watson & Associates, LLC we offer experienced government procurement fraud attorneys that can help with the following:

  • Defense contractor fraud – Federal defense contracting is complex and carries with it a vast amount of regulations and clauses.  Whether you are involved in construction contracts, services contracts or research and development procurements, there are many situations where the federal agencies make allegations of fraud. Other situations where allegations of defense contractor fraud may occur include false invoices, pass-through contracts that violate the government’s limitation on subcontracting rules; cross-charging expenses; unlawful requests for change orders and even becoming responsible for subcontractor fraud schemes. These are all areas where Watson’s federal fraud defense lawyers can help.
  • Federal Small Business Program and SBA fraud cases –  The Small Business Administration is given the power to oversee many small business programs such as the 8(a) Business Development Program (8(a) Program); HUBZone Program or other similar federal programs. As such, prime contractors and subcontractors are charged with SBA fraud cases. The problem for most defendants is that they retain a commercial criminal defense attorney that has no experience with federal small business programs. This gives the federal prosecution’s case a huge advantage. At Watson& Associates, our government procurement fraud defense attorneys bring a wealth of experience to each client’s case.
  • Health care fraud – If you are charged with health care fraud violations, whether it be through a government contract or violation of other criminal laws in the healthcare industry, our fraud defense lawyers can help.
  • Federal False Claims Act criminal charges: Almost all contract and procurement fraud case come with some level of liability under the False Claims Act. These cases can stem from initiation by the contracting officer or it can start from a Whistleblower front. Such cases are referred to as Whistleblower or Qui Tam cases where an employee or some other third party. These case can stem from false claims stemming from fraudulent invoices, improper labor reporting, violation of contractor ethics regulations or submitting defective products and materials.  This is yet another area where Watson’s white collar criminal defense and government procurement fraud lawyers can help.
  • Mail and Wire Fraud defense: The federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have a vast amount of tools at their disposal. Almost every false claims or contract and procurement fraud case is attached to a mail or wire fraud charge. For example, in SBA fraud cases, the government will try to charge the company or executive with wire fraud because while violating the specific SBA program rules, the defendant then also acquired government contracts. The fact that you submit documents for those contracts through the mail, fax machines or computers, allow criminal mail and wire fraud charges to be brought against you.
  • Submitting false invoices for payment: This may involve certification that subcontractors were paid when in fact they were not; over representation of work completed with defective materials or payment for products that violate the Buy American Act or some other defective products rule. Many procurement and government contractor misconduct cases also include False Claims Act violations where small businesses allegedly have defrauded the government by developing fraud schemes that violated the SBA small business programs. Any type of alleged defense contractor misconduct allegations almost always ends up with some level of a government investigation or criminal charges being brought by federal prosecutors. At Watson & Associates, LLC, our federal contractor fraud attorney puts together a team of top professionals that understand the various FAR and procurement regulations involved. When it comes to small business fraud and associated government contract fraud allegations, we are particularly well-versed in the various SBA small business programs. We are uniquely positioned to present a strong defense to any government fraud allegations.

Business Fraud & Government Procurement Fraud Defense Lawyers 

We handle common defense contractor fraud cases including:

  • Mail and Wire Fraud Penalties.
  • Homeland Security criminal defense
  • Federal Procurement wire fraud litigation,
  • Inspector General investigations
  • Buy American Act 
  • SBA small business fraud cases
  • Conflicts of interest federal contract criminal charges
  • Alleged fraudulent invoices to the government
  • Defense contractor misconduct involving prime and subcontractor conspiracy allegations
  • Allegations of a government fraud and collusion


The process of getting a favorable result in defense contractor fraud case starts with understanding how the system works and using it to your advantage as a potential criminal defendant. In federal government procurement fraud cases, knowing the substantive areas of the underlying government’s charges can be a huge leverage in minimizing the impact of an adverse decision.  As your government contractor fraud attorney, we help with contractor fraud defense cases involving:

  • Falsifying information on contract proposals
  • Using Federal money to purchase items that are not for Government use
  • Billing multiple contract for the same work
  • General consumer fraud in the bid process
  • Billing for expenses not incurred in the contract
  • Billing for work that was never performed
  • Falsifying data in furtherance of getting paid
  • Substituting approved materials with unauthorized products
  • Misrepresenting the contract status to continue receiving Government funds
  • Charging higher rates than those stated or negotiated for in the contract; and
  • Influencing government employees to award a grant or contract to a particular company, family member, or friend.

Our lead government contractor fraud attorney has over two decades of experience in government contractor and criminal defense cases and is even admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States.  He has extensive experience with specific areas in federal procurement, export control criminal defense, ITARs violations and various aspects of government contracts law.

Common Federal Contractor Misconduct and Criminal Charges 

  •  Federal contract fraud charges and for paying illegal gratuities to a government official, in connection with the award of federal government contracts.
  • Charges of conspiracy for giving government contractors an unfair advantage of bidding on federal contracts
  • Participation in a conspiracy to obtain government contracts through misrepresentation. 
  • White collar crime investigations and charges for violation of limitations on subcontracting regulations and fraudulent schemes for pass-through contracts
  • Criminal charges in white collar investigations for collusion when bidding on government contracts
  • Government Contract Fraud Schemes and felony offenses involving the SBA 8(a) BD Program, HUBZone, and SDVOSB small business programs.

What is Your Exposure and Liability? Ask Our Government Contractor Fraud Attorney.

The following are sample cases in 2018 that involve federal contract criminal charges from the Office of Inspector General Website:

December 20, 2018; U.S. Attorney; Western District of New York

Daycare Owner Sentenced For Stealing Government Funds
BUFFALO, N.Y.-U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. announced today that Tariq Butt, 42, of Buffalo, NY, who was convicted of theft of government funds, was sentenced to serve 12 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo. The defendant was also ordered to pay restitution totaling $305,000 to the Department of Health and Human Services.

December 20, 2018; U.S. Attorney; Middle District of Florida

Fort Myers Doctor Agrees To Pay More Than $1.7 Million To Resolve Allegations Of Fraud
Fort Myers, FL – United States Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez announces that Dr. Jonathan Daitch, M.D. has agreed to a civil settlement that will pay $1.718 million to the United States to resolve allegations that he violated the False Claims Act by receiving illegal kickbacks associated with the provision of anesthesia services and by causing the submission of medically unnecessary urine tests.

December 19, 2018; U.S. Department of Justice 

Eight Dallas-Area Pharmacy Owners and Marketers Charged in $9 Million Kickback Scheme
Eight Dallas, Texas-area pharmacy owners and marketers were charged in an indictment unsealed today for their roles in a scheme involving approximately $92 million in compound drug claims to TRICARE and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), which 

What to do if you are a target in a government contract and procurement fraud investigation?

If you find out that you are targeted for potential government procurement fraud criminal charges or liability for some other white collar crime, you have a duty to cooperate. However, you do not have to speak to federal law enforcement without your criminal defense lawyer on board. You also want to be mindful of who you speak to about the case. Statements to third parties can come back to haunt you.

What advantage can you gain to better prepare yourself?

A common mistake made by corporations, defense contractors and individuals is to wait until a government investigation gets too far gone to retain legal counsel. Never wait until you have already conducted interviews with federal investigators or the Inspector General (IG) Office about government procurement fraud issues. It is very difficult to undo the damage.


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Fraud against the government brings substantial criminal liability and fines. Many defendants end up facing jail time and millions in fines simply because the white collar criminal defense attorney has no experience about FAR regulations or relevant information about small business programs in SBA fraud cases. At Watson & Associates, we can engage with former federal prosecutors and procurement lawyers that understand both the substantive procurement issues as well at the criminal aspects and procedures.

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