White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Procurement Fraud AttorneyWhen a company or individual is targeted as a potential criminal defendant for government procurement fraud or some other white-collar criminal charge, the consequences can be severe.

 Having government fraud attorneys  and business fraud lawyers that understand both the criminal legal issues, the consequences of procurement fraud and the litigation process, can be a challenge.

  • Get legal representation from white collar defense lawyers that understand both federal procurement laws and federal criminal law
  • Get upfront details about your case where you can make educated decisions
  • Our criminal defense lawyers are not afraid to go to trial if warranted

Many contractors sometimes mistakenly believe their corporate attorneys or the standard criminal defense lawyer thoroughly understand government contract laws.  As a result, a federal contract criminal charge can get so far gone that it might be difficult to gain a strong negotiation position.

  • Learning how to avoid jail time early in the case is critical.
  • The initial posture and cooperation with federal prosecutors are essential to the outcome of any case.
  • Many contractors and defendants end up in a terrible position due to failure to properly assess the strengths and merits up front.

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the government fraud attorneys and white collar defense lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC aggressively protect the rights of clients who are subject to federal criminal investigations for various business fraud and misrepresentation in contract law allegations.

We help with cases involving criminal prosecution for fictions vendor schemes, violation of federal small business laws, HUBZOne, SDVOSB and SBA 8(a) Business Development Program fraud and more.

Nationwide legal representation for federal criminal cases. Speak in confidence to a government procurement fraud defense attorney. Call 1-866-601-5518.

Government Procurement Fraud Attorney  & White Collar Defense Lawyer Services

Government contractors, corporations, and individuals facing criminal allegations and consequences of procurement fraud in qui tam lawsuits, Whistleblower cases, or False Claims Act government investigations may have to deal with both criminal and civil actions at the same time.  

When looking at the consequences of government procurement fraud, fines can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Federal prosecutors have a wide variety of legal tools to carve our their fines and criminal penalties.

When you are facing government contract law charges, vendor kickback allegations or some other measure of government procurement fraud, Watson & Associates’ white collar defense lawyers can help. Our goal is to promptly secure the strongest legal position as early as possible and advise our client.

If you are looking to find a lawyer that can effectively represent you or your company, at Watson, our government procurement fraud lawyers understand the government contracting procurement process and help with:

  • Federal government investigations.
  • False Claims Act and Qui Tam defense
  • White collar crime investigations
  • SBA small business civil and criminal defense
  • Charges of conducting procurement fraud schemes
  • Internal corporate investigations,
  • Anti-kickback statute defense,
  • Anti-Kickback violations and contract bribery,
  • Misrepresentation allegations and felony offenses,
  • Procurement contract defense litigation
  • Money laundering in government contracting
  • White Collar Criminal Defense 
  • Vendor kickbacks
  • SIBIRS and embezzlement Criminal Charges,
  • Procurement ethics and compliance
  • Taking part in government procurement contract law fraud cases
  • Procurement Conspiracy Charges,

John Scorsine Government Procurement Fraud Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you are looking for an experienced white collar defense lawyer and government fraud lawyer that understands the serious issues presented with felony offenses and the consequences of procurement fraud, speak to Attorney John Scorsine. Call 1-866-601-5518.

Common Federal Contract Criminal Charges Where the Feds Come After You and Our Business Fraud Lawyers Can Help

  •  Charges of wire fraud conspiracy and for paying illegal gratuities to a government official, in connection with the award of federal government contracts.
  • Charges of conspiracy for giving government contractors an unfair advantage of bidding on federal contracts
  • Participation in a conspiracy to obtain government contracts through misrepresentation. 
  • White collar crime investigations and charges for violation of limitations on subcontracting regulations and fraudulent schemes for pass-through contracts
  • Criminal charges in white collar investigations for collusion when bidding on government contracts
  • Procurement Contract Fraud Schemes and felony offenses involving the SBA 8(a) BD Program, HUBZone, and SDVOSB small business programs.

Government Fraud Attorneys Helping White Collar Defendants to Secure the Strongest Position Early 

Given the stiff consequences of contract law fraud cases and charges in white collar crimes, we understand the various legal issues and nuances that arise.  As a result, our Government fraud attorneys litigate high-profile cases regarding; SBA Small Business Fraud, Misrepresentation, False Claims Act violations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; Mail and wire fraud statutes; Securities fraud representation; Anti-money laundering, federal government investigations, and compliance; DOD defense contracting issues.

With law offices in Washington, D.C. and in Denver, Colorado, Watson & Associates, LLC government procurement fraud and white collar criminal defense lawyers aggressively represent and defend government contractors and individuals nationwide and overseas facing government investigations for procurement fraud schemes, whistleblower allegations, criminal indictment for government grants or procurement contracts.  As government fraud attorneys, we also represent companies seeking help responding the federal government’s subpoena request.

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