Avoid Costly Mistakes With SBA Joint Venture Contract Agreements – If You Don’t Follow The Rules, You Will Be Deemed Affiliated and Lose the Contract.

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Joint Venture Agreement & SBA JV Contract LawyersDo you have a qualified JV agreement partnership that meets the new SBA guidelines and can protect your company from affiliation?

  • Discover how your joint venture relationship could be in jeopardy.
  • Be proactive for upcoming government bids and protect yourself.

When forming a joint venture agreement, government contractors often find out that there is more to a JV agreement relationship than just getting a joint venture template from online. 2017 court cases and SBA involvement show that small businesses are still at risk

  • Although you may have a sound joint venture agreement, you can still be subject to procurement fraud and SBA affiliation.
  • Do you know how to draft a joint venture agreement that follows SBA New regulations?
  • See information about populated joint ventures

The SBA has provided new rules where large and small businesses must be well aware of their JV Agreement compliance obligations and the risk of forfeiting contracts for non-compliance with the rules.

As a federal SBA joint venture law firm, Watson & Associates, LLC offers experienced government contract attorneys and joint venture consultants that understand the nuances and pitfalls that companies fall prey to when entering into a business venture. Our small business joint venture law firm frequently engage with clients early in the bidding stage all the way through contract performance to make sure that the parties are a qualified joint venture.

Federal Small Business Joint Venture Law Firm Services

Nationwide Help: With law offices in Washington, DC. and Colorado, the small business joint venture law firm and government contracts attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently provide drafting and review services for your JV agreements between two companies to clients throughout the United States.

As federal government small business attorneys  and consultants, we help to:

  • Draft initial joint venture contracts and contractor agreements tailored for your specific business;
  • Compliance with SBA small business joint venture definition and applicable rules;
  • Breach of Joint Venture Agreement
  • Business venture partnership agreements that focus on avoiding affiliation;
  • Assess the risks of entering into joint venture partnership agreements;
  • Analyze the new rules for substantive adjustments to the joint venture structure;
  • Interpret SBA joint venture agreements regulations and provide sound legal direction to joint venture companies;
  • Construction joint venture agreements
  • Assess the JV agreement structure for unpopulated joint venture relationships
  • Draft and review your memorandum of understanding for joint venture partnerships.
  • Due diligence and JV accounting matters
  • Litigate JV agreement disputes and allegations of joint venture affiliation; and
  • Joint Venture Government Contracts Procedure and Appeal adverse SBA decisions.

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Does Your Small Business Meet the SBA Joint Venture Definition?

When companies enter into a joint venture business partnership agreement with another company, there is more than copying and pasting a JV Agreement template from online. Without meeting the legal small business joint venture definition, your company can run the risk of losing the awarded contract if your competition successfully challenges the contract in a small business size protest.

  • Knowing how to draft qualified joint venture Agreements also means understand the SBA joint venture contract rules and regulations.

 Highlights of New SBA Rules

 The new  SBA Joint Venture Agreement rules allow small businesses to qualify for any government procurement as long as each partner to the joint venture contract qualifies individually as small under the size standard corresponding to the NAICS code assigned in the solicitation. This is important when understanding how to draft a joint venture agreement between two companies.

Unpopulated Joint Venture Contract or Populated Joint Venture Companies?

Many small businesses are making costly mistakes when applying the SBA rules for populated and unpopulated joint ventures. There is a preference for one but if the regulations are read carefully, you can still have some populations. These are areas where our small business joint venture consultants can help.

Help With Breach of Joint Venture Agreement and Limitations on Subcontracting

 For any SDVO contract, and to enjoy the advantages of a small business joint venture agreement business relationship with large business firms, each company must comply with the applicable limitations on subcontracting required by 13 CFR 125.6.

  • Special attention should be placed on JV agreement construction contracts or other types of contractor agreements.
  • Being a joint venture does not allow you to automatically avoid the limitations on subcontracting rules.
  • Get help with breach of joint venture contract disputes

Despite New SBA JV agreement rules, companies can still subject to SBA affiliation

 When bidding on, or after receipt of a government contracts award, the last thing your company needs is to defend against an SBA affiliation or Ostensible Subcontractor Rule bid protest challenge. The SBA usually oversees the JV relationships for awards in the 8a Program. However, when companies enter into JV relationships outside the 8a Program, then they still have to meet the statutory requirements of 13 CFR 124.513. We help our clients to:

  • Avoid pitfalls of forming joint venture agreements with the wrong JV agreement models
  • Understand how the new SBA regulations can impact the joint venture contract partnership
  • Reassess their current SBA construction joint venture agreements
  • Learn more about similarly situated small businesses and new rule.

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