Watson & Associates’ US federal contracts attorneys provide legal services for US Government contracts in Dubai contracts. We work with CEOs and high-level executives to resolve problems and litigate adverse government. We also work with government contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq contract sand Saudi Arabia US government contract. Our overseas government contractor attorneys understand the various nuances and legal issues that arise with US Government Contracts Attorneys :: Dubai Afghanistan Iraq Contracts Saudi Arabiacontractors in this region with U.S. government contracts. See our practice areas to see our capabilities. With law offices in Washington, DC and in Colorado,  the law firm has the geographical reach to help clients within the United States and overseas.

US Government Contracts Attorneys for Construction and Infrastructure

Not all American lawyers in Dubai are experienced with federal US contracts. As government construction lawyers, our law firm provides legal advice and consulting services to Middle Eastern contractors about compliance issues, policies and procedures, and the level of oversight needed to be compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulations.  We also help service contractors with the unique and tough requirements when helping the American government meet its mission.

When overseas contractors experience a difficult time with delays, differing site and conditions and getting the contracting officer’s concurrence and approval for change orders and increased costs to the contractor, our federal lawyers can help. If there are issues with construction contract claims and disputes, our litigation lawyers can help clients with US Dubai contracts, Afghanistan government contracts, Iraq contracts and Saudi Arabia regions.

Assistance with Contract Management

Watson & Associates’ US government contracts attorneys also provide legal advice and representation about best practices with contractors in the Middle East for both construction contracts and service contract management.  Many overseas contractors experience difficulty in setting up strong contract management procedures that can avoid suspension and debarment. We have experience with legal assistance in security contracts, Buy American Act compliance, and Foreign Corrupt Practices and more.

To become successful in performing US Army Federal contracts, our law firm understands that companies must develop internal policies and controls that minimize cost overruns to the government; minimize termination for default and suspension and debarment.

See more information about contractor internal policies and controls. Companies have also experienced problems with preparing and submitting government contract claims. 

Find out more about False Claims Act and contractor defenses

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US Government Suspension and Debarment Lawyers

When local contractors find themselves at odds with US government contractors, they often find themselves facing suspension and debarment proceedings. This can be a costly and time-consuming experience. However, at Watson & Associates, LLC we help overseas contractors to aggressively fight back and defend themselves.

Federal Procurement Fraud and False Claims Act Defense

The U.S. Department of Justice and various Inspectors General Agencies have increased oversight for government contractors in Afghanistan, performing on Dubai, Afghanistan contracts, Iraq contractors and Saudi Arabia. As a result, the law firm’s federal procurement lawyers represent clients by defending against false claims and allegations of government contractor fraud and misconduct.

We also provide assistance with suspension and debarment proceedings. Watson’s US government contracts law firm believes that proper training and education can develop proactive measures to prevent grave impact to Middle Eastern clients.

Contact Our US Government Contracts Lawyers for Immediate Help

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