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Expert Legal Services for Federal Government Contractors in Puerto Rico

Watson & Associates, LLC emerges as a pivotal legal authority for federal government contractors in Puerto Rico. The distinct nature of U.S. federal procurement laws, coupled with the local business environment, presents unique challenges for contractors in the region. Our team’s deep experience with Federal Government and Contracting Agencies provides invaluable insights for mastering the complexities of U.S. government contracting in Puerto Rico.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Federal Procurement in Puerto Rico

Entering the federal procurement arena in Puerto Rico opens doors to vast opportunities. Yet, it also brings risks, such as critical agency decisions and potential legal issues. Our firm, with key offices in Washington DC and Denver, Colorado, extends its expertise to the Puerto Rican community, ready to support both emerging businesses and major DOD contractors in overcoming these hurdles.

We assist Puerto Rican contractors in sectors like construction, healthcare, service industries, real estate, TSA, State Department contracts, embassy contracts, manufacturing, reselling, and more.

In criminal or civil charges cases, our federal criminal defense attorneys represent Puerto Rican federal contractors in civil investigative demands, subpoena responses, False Claims Act defense, and more. We provide expert guidance for Puerto Rican contractors facing investigations under the Buy American Act (BAA) or Trade Agreements Act (TAA).

Diverse US Government Contracting Legal Services in Puerto Rico

  1. Consulting Services: Tailored consulting for Puerto Rican government contractors, focusing on FAR compliance, federal government marketing strategies adapted to the Puerto Rican market, and overcoming local regulatory challenges.
  2. Government Contract Fraud Criminal Defense: Defense against procurement fraud allegations, addressing the distinct legal context of Puerto Rico.
  3. Federal Procurement Litigation & Appeals: Skilled representation in bid protests, contract disputes, and appeals, understanding the specifics of Puerto Rican federal contracting.
  4. Small Business Assistance: Extensive support for small businesses in Puerto Rico, including guidance on local SBA certifications, size protests, and handling small business fraud cases like HUBZone and SDVOSB fraud.
  5. Government Investigations & Defense: Assisting clients under federal investigation in Puerto Rico, ensuring compliance with federal and local regulations.
  6. Government Contractor Suspension and Debarment Representation: Legal assistance for Puerto Rican businesses and government employees in suspension or debarment cases.
  7. White Collar Crime Defense: Strong defense for Puerto Rican individuals and businesses facing government contractor white-collar crime allegations.

High profile defense lawyer Whistleblower Qui Tam Lawsuit Defense Lawyer government contract lawyers and false claims puerto ricoTheodore Watson, leading the overseas and Caribbean government contracts Practice Group, brings a unique perspective with his Caribbean roots, understanding the cultural nuances while adeptly handling legal issues in U.S. government procurement.

Your Legal Ally in US Federal Government Contracting

Our legal team is recognized for its prowess in federal contractor defense law, tailored to the specific needs of Puerto Rico government contractors.

Our law firm provides proactive strategies to safeguard your rights and reputation, leveraging our understanding of the federal and Puerto Rican procurement legal landscapes.

For specialized support in government contract fraud criminal defense, contact us at 1.866.601.5518. We are committed to serving your legal needs in Puerto Rico.

US Buy American Act & TAA Compliance in Puerto Rico

Our firm specializes in guiding Puerto Rican contractors through the complexities of the Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal issues.

Defending Against US Government Contract Fraud in Puerto Rico

Fraud allegations can severely impact the business community in Puerto Rico. Our team is adept at defending against such claims, with a thorough understanding of federal and Puerto Rican regulations and practices.

Puerto Rico Federal False Claims Act Lawyers

Our lawyers are experts in the Federal False Claims Act, particularly as it applies in Puerto Rico, offering strong defense against related charges.

Puerto Rico Health Care Fraud Legal Services

We offer specialized legal services for healthcare fraud cases in Puerto Rico, representing manufacturers, healthcare providers, and others facing criminal investigations.


Contact Us for Expertise in Federal Government Contracting

For professional legal guidance on federal government contracting in Puerto Rico, reach out to Watson & Associates, LLC online or call us at 1-866-601-5518. We are here to provide the expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of federal procurement law in Puerto Rico.