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The legal system can be intimidating to a small business involved in a defense contractor fraud case. Many False Claims defendants will find it hard to accept their sentences and experience a lifetime of injustice. Frequently, when a criminal False Claims Act case is examined by a skilled federal criminal attorney, potential causes for your inappropriate charge are uncovered. The criminal litigation process is designed to give defendants chance to present their cases in front of a court or jury. Getting the proper legal help from an experienced False Claims Act Whistleblower law firm to defend the charges can be of great benefit. Don’t wait until its too late. Schedule a FREE initial consultation.

As former federal government attorneys and procurement executives, the team at Watson & Associates, LLC knows both sides of the argument.  Some of our practitioners have over 30 years in criminal practice. This gives your case a winning edge.

Watson & Associates, LLC Federal Criminal False Claims Act and Whistleblower attorneys aggressively defend government contractors and individuals nationwide and overseas facing criminal and Qui Tam defense actions for government fraud.

  • Position your company to develop a solid case or negotiate a more favorable outcome up front for whistleblower lawsuits.
  • Get help from federal whistleblower law defense attorneys that understand both federal government contract law and criminal defense.
  • Learn how the government investigation works and make more informed decisions.

Experience Matters


The legal process begins with knowing how the procurement and criminal system can work against you and by knowing how to avoid the dangerous landmines that federal prosecutors lay out. Taking advantage of negotiations in defense contractor fraud cases when the law is against you can be to your advantage. Our lead Qui Tam and False Claims Act lawyer, John Scorsine has been representing Criminal False Claims Act defendants for more than two decades. Call him to develop your case from beginning to end.

Experienced Whistleblower Lawsuit  Attorneys – Defense Services


Our Federal False Claims Act Whistleblower lawsuit attorneys defend against the various Qui Tam criminal and civil allegations and misrepresentation nuances involved with federal procurement laws and regulations. A federal criminal defense lawyer at Watson & Associates can help with:

  • Allegations of FCA violations from the Contracting Officer
  • Government investigations
  • Civil False Claims Act defense
  • Criminal False Claims Act defense
  • Responding to government investigations and subpoenas
  • False Certifications and misrepresentation disputes
  • Qui Tam Action, and Wire Fraud and Conspiracy Claims 
  • FCA retaliation defense
  • White collar investigations and defense contractor fraud cases
  • SEC whistleblower attorneys – defense
  • Assessment of FCA Penalties
  • Fraudulent invoice allegations
  • Improper product submissions
  • SBA and Small Business Program fraud
  • Fraudulent schemes and pass through contract allegations
  • Kickbacks and government fraud
  • Subcontractor Liability
  • Fraudulent invoices submitted to the government
  • Mischarge and Overcharges
  • False Claims Act settlement agreements
  • Federal criminal defense attorney and QUI TAM defense services

Find government fraud defense attorneys at Watson for a confidential free initial consultation. The federal agencies are working 24/7 against you. Start right away to protect your legal rights. Speak with a federal criminal defense lawyer and Criminal False Claims Act attorney, call us toll-free at 1-866-601-5518.

John Scorsine Government Procurement Fraud Criminal Defense AttorneyLead Criminal False Claims Act and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney and Procurement Fraud Lawyer John Scorsine

When companies or individuals charged with defrauding the government are looking for experienced defense government fraud lawyers to defend in high-stakes  fraudulent representation cases under 31 USC 3729 in involving procurement fraud, implementation of Federal False Claims penalties, conspiracy, Qui Tam Defense Action defense, wire fraud or violation of SBA regulations, they call upon the Watson’s False Claims Act lawyers and federal FCA attorneys to provide aggressive defense services and representation and legal advice including possible defenses to the false claims act statute of limitations.

Your rights are at risk once the IG office or other federal criminal investigative agency knocks on your door.

The U.S. Federal False Claims Act  31 USC 3729 (FCA) creates a problem for government contractors when the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ), SEC and other federal enforcement agencies initiate government investigations.

  • Without knowing the legal and constitutional limits on the government’s actions, your company can face millions or thousands of dollars in penalties and fines.

How you respond to federal subpoenas and government investigations is critical when structuring a favorable outcome. Having the False Claims Act law firm and defense attorney for legal representation is just a critical.

  • Federal criminal and civil False Claims Act penalties can also include a fine for each false statement made to a government agency and US attorney.
  • While you are busy protecting your legal rights in a Qui Tam action, you must avoid the provisions for False Claims Act treble damages.

Watson & Associates’ LLC, provides Criminal False Claims Act Law Firm Services and Federal Whistleblower law defense attorneys and federal criminal defense lawyers that aggressively defend federal government contractors and individuals being investigated or charged with criminal violations.

  • Our federal criminal defense attorneys help you to minimize the impact and effectively respond to investigations while positioning your case in the best possible light.
  • If the government investigation shows the allegations of liability to be unfounded, we will compile a sound Qui Tam defense team and aggressively prepare for trial.

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