false claims act white collar fraud defense lawyerWatson & Associates LLC vigorously defends small businesses and large government contractors facing Whistleblower and Federal False Claims Act criminal and civil charges, and federal investigations in the United States. We are government contract attorneys that understand the procurement regulations.

The federal government has increased its oversight of False Claims Act compliance by federal contractors. When corporations and small businesses face federal investigations or criminal exposure, the company or individual’s future is at risk and the company is exposed to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.

Whistleblowers, or Qui Tam Relators and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) take advantage of the Act to get violators to pay treble damages and other criminal and civil penalties.

When the IG, DOJ, or SBA OIG has your company on their scopes for federal false claims violations, it is difficult to overcome the result without a False Claims Act lawyer that understands federal procurement laws.

Watson & Associates False Claims Act defense attorneys represent large and small businesses involved in Qui Tam litigation or investigation stemming from law enforcement agencies. The law firm helps companies and individuals to respond to subpoenas and CID demands. We provide legal counsel to Fortune 100 companies and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Aggressive Advocates and Contractor Defense Lawyers

Our government contractor defense team will initially gather what facts and details are involved, and consult with top management and key personnel. Our goal is to develop the best defense as early as possible. Sometimes, we must conduct an internal investigation to find out where any potential problems exist. Our False Claims Act Whistleblower attorneys include former government contracting personnel that understands the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), SBA statutes or federal laws such as the Buy American Act, and other regulations that are the underlying violations that lead to false claims.

Our FCA attorneys often will have to deal directly with federal attorneys in an effort to get the case dismissed or settle the matter. When the government initiates both a civil and criminal case, the Watson law firm will develop a defense plan that addresses each case.

When clients face criminal indictment and need litigation defense, Watson & Associates often work with local counsel in different states to address unique court rules and legal requirements.

Types of Federal FCA Cases

Our contractor defense lawyers represent clients in a variety of situations that can lead to penalties under the FCA. They include:

  • Buy American Act violations
  • Small business fraud allegations
  • SBA 8(a) and HUBZone Fraud
  • SDVOSB Fraud
  • Substandard parts 
  • False invoices
  • Pass-through contracting violations
  • Improper joint venture and teaming arrangements

Federal Attorneys increasingly conduct government investigations and ultimately seek to bring actions under the federal False Claims Act. Whistleblowers (Relators) and the lawyers also use the FCA. and Qui Tam litigation that results in millions of dollars in damages

Watson &. Associates’ False Claims Act attorneys help defense contractors defend FCA civil and criminal cases. We build tailored defense teams for your specific case and work to eliminate, reduce or eliminate the impact of the government’s investigation or criminal charges brought against you.

The law firm works with Fortune 100 to 500 companies by helping to respond to government investigations, defend against allegations of government fraud, and small business program fraud and also defend companies when the government intervenes in Qui Tam cases.  

Experienced Federal False Claims Act Defense Lawyers and Advocates

Watson & Associates provides legal advice to clients in various industry groups including construction, IT, facilities, landscaping, manufacturing,  aerospace, healthcare and more. More importantly, we understand the substantive issues and the government’s approach to Federal False Claims Act defense cases. Our goal is to help clients avoid the most costly mistakes when defending themselves or filing Qui Tam cases.  

Our attorneys are skilled in dealing with small business matters and SBA regulations dealing with compliance with government contracting and procurement law. We also handle allegations of Buy American Act compliance violations. Whether you are at the initial FCA investigation stage or facing indictment and going to trial, let the Watson Law Firm build a solid defense team to fight back.

Federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation – Disclosure Statements

If you are defending a False Claims Act Qui Tam Litigation claim, the Whistleblower ( Relator) will draft a disclosure statement to the government.  Under the Act, the Plaintiff is required to present the government with a  “written disclosure of substantially all material evidence and information the person possesses.” The goal is to convince the government that there is evidence of fraud and that if necessary, the government can prove the fraud in court. If you are a Whistleblower filing a Qui Tam Action, you would essentially have to lay out the government’s case and then provide convincing proof of procurement fraud against the government. Once the disclosure statement is shared with the government, the information remains confidential. This means that the contractor or management would not easily know about the case or that the company is under investigation.

Government Investigates Allegations of Fraud 

Government must be interested in the case:  Whether the case is initiated by a Qui Tam Action or an internal inquiry from the contracting officer, the government will take control of the matter and start its internal investigation. If a Whistleblower is bringing a Qui Tam action on behalf of the government, he or she (Relator) is required to have a False Claims Act defense attorney since the government does not want a layperson representing it in court.

False claims lawsuits are filed under seal. As result, the contractor or individual would not know about the lawsuit. Only the court and the government know of its existence. This is where clients are at a disadvantage when defending their rights. The stealth involvement of the government allows it to investigate under the radar. It can use tools such as informants, wiretaps, and various tools allowed by law.

What Happens if the Government Takes Over the False Claims Case?

Government contractor defendants are at a great disadvantage in the initial false claims and Qui Tam litigation or investigation. Once the government interviews the Relator and decides to intervene in the case Defendant has to now develop a sound legal defense. Once the government takes over the Qui Tam case, it is generally convinced that it would win the case if it had to litigate in court. This makes it difficult to negotiate.

At Watson, we understand the mindset of federal prosecutors. When the stakes are high, our government contracting team will try to minimize the impact, look at the possibility of settlement, or aggressively litigate and defend your rights.

If the Government declines to intervene in a qui tam case, the relator and their lawyers must decide whether or not to litigate the case on their own:  In a Qui Tam False Claims Act FCA. case, if the government chooses not to intervene, the Relator and his or her attorney can try to settle the matter or litigate in court. Usually, the focus is on the strength of the government’s underlying case. For example, one must first ask the question – Was the Buy American Act violated? If the answer is no, then no case to bring.

Relator and Their Attorney Get to Share the Profits in Successful Qui Tam Cases: When a government contractor or defendant settles a Qui Tam case,  the Relator and the Qui Tam False Claims attorney can share between 15% and 25% of the government’s recovery.


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