Gov Contracts Law FirmNot all government contracting law firms are created equal.  Regardless of how large or small your company might be, the courts are filled with decisions where DOD contractors have lost out on millions due to some misunderstanding of the regulations for gov contracts.

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At Watson & Associates, LLC, we help companies to develop sound internal controls and business practices to reduce adverse impact and court decisions.

If you have contracts with the government or want to be competitive and stay in compliance, our government contracts lawyers can help.

  • Our law firm helps government contractors in all states
  • Your case is looked at as though it were going before a judge
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Help With Gov Contracts Compliance

The core of avoidance for adverse actions when you have contracts with the government is to make sure you have a viable compliance program. When the government investigates your company, having a valid government contracts compliance program is always helpful.

We are one of the top government contracts law firms for small business consulting, FAR compliance, contract management solutions, avoiding termination for default or suspension and debarment.

Be Proactive Can Reduce Thousands in Unnecessary Lawyer Fees

Many companies find themselves playing from behind when there is a problem with federal gov contracts. Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes reviewing what may seem like a tough procurement law problem can save thousands in unnecessary lawyer fees. At Watson & Associates, LLC our government contract lawyers have significant experience in a vast amount of federal contracting substantive areas.

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Nationwide Help for Federal Government Contractors

As one of the reliable government contracts law firms, we help small and large businesses nationwide and overseas. Clients benefit from getting:

  • Complete legal analysis of new and ongoing problems
  • Treatment of every case as though it were going before a judge
  • Clear and direct opinions so that corporate decisions can be made


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