Understand how federal procurement laws and regulations impact your company’s future. Avoid costly legal mistakes while increasing your bottom line.

Global Reach Over 30 Years of Federal Public Contracting Experience. Compliance with federal government Federal Government Procurement Law Lawyersregulations can make or break a contractor’s success either at the bidding stage for public contracts, performance or closeout stages of the federal procurement process.  

  • Failure to comply with federal regulations or specific litigation procedures can cause grave harm to contractors and their contracting strategy.

Our team of government procurement law attorneys ensures that businesses can reduce liabilities while safeguarding their revenues from government contracts. The law firm uses over 30 years of combined experience to protect your federal projects and reputation while safeguarding your bottom line.

Our federal contracts and procurement law team of government lawyers includes seasoned professionals who consistently work within the courts and understand how to craft sound legal arguments regarding government contracting legal issues. We have earned a reputation for gaining favorable results for small businesses and large DOD contractors through vigorous representation.

Our government procurement law firm finds that many cases in the federal courts are dismissed because the contractor’s corporate attorney may not quite understand the nuances involved in the procurement process to adequately resolve the dispute. For this reason, we are uniquely positioned to help companies to combat critical government contracts law disputes.

With government procurement law offices in Washington, DC and ColoradoWatson & Associates’ federal procurement law lawyers frequently provide legal advice and strategy consulting services to small businesses and larger companies with DOD contracts both in the U.S. and overseas.  See some of our representative cases.

  • Legal advice based on legal authority and not guesswork.
  • Affordable legal services at a fraction of what larger law firms charge.
  • Free initial consultation.
  • Straight talk with CEOs and clients.
  • Nationwide help for government contractors.

US Federal Contracts and Procurement Law Attorney Services

When it comes to federal procurement contract law in the United States, clients benefit from our broad expertise in a variety of federal government contracting areas.  The law firm helps federal government contractors in ALL states.The following are but a few of the common practice areas and public contracting services that our federal procurement attorneys frequently provide legal advice. 

  • We provide clients with candid legal advice and counsel about federal purchasing regulations
  • We focus on getting to the heart of the problem and providing practical legal solutions.
  • Our legal solutions focus on alignment with our clients’ strategic procurement objectives.

FAR small business acquisition regulationsFederal Contracting Litigation at Various Levels:  The law firm frequently appears before Government Accountability Office (GAO) and U.S Court of Federal Claims, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit,  and various Boards of Contract Appeals.  We have achieved several favorable outcomes for our clients.  Also, our federal procurement lawyers represent contractors from various industry groups in a wide array of federal public purchase matters.

Compliance policies and controls: federal government procurement laws and regulations are complex and unlike the commercial sector. The law firm provides proactive legal services by developing compliance policies that meet recent laws and court decisions.

Resolution of issues in all stages of the government procurement process

 At Watson, CO and DC federal procurement lawyers offer guidance from the beginning all the way through contract closeout.

  • Our goal is to take proactive measures to reduce expensive litigation.
  • Aggressively represent our clients’ interest before lower courts and on appeal.
  • Develop long-standing strategy relationships based on trust and integrity. 

Government procurement in the United States – Get Clear direction and substantive adviceThe procurement contracts lawyers at our law firm understand that corporate executives need straight talk and honest legal advice when making critical business decisions when a federal agency is involved.

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Watson’s government contracts lawyer ensures that key personnel understands the federal bidding and procurement process; saving time and money dealing with complex internal disputes and developing a strategy by building trusting relationships with the agency.

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