Federal Governement Contracts and Business Law AttorneysAs you experience adverse actions from the federal government, choose a government contract litigation attorney that understands the process and can help you to decide the most direct and cost-effective way to resolve contract disputes.

Not all cases need expensive litigation. Please choose from the appropriate level of litigation services and read more about how our government contract lawyers can help you.

Bid Protests

Our bid protest lawyers will help you to assess, legally analyze, and if warranted, file a GAO protest, agency level or Court of Federal Claims protest on your behalf. Time lines are short. Therefore, you must act quickly. Read more…

Bid Protest Defense or Intervention

Bid protest law allows you as the successful offeror the opportunity to engage in on ongoing bid protest. This allows you to weigh in and give your input. Our bid protest intervenor attorneys can help. Read more…

Small Business Size Protest & Appeals

As a small business you may want to challenge or defend a small business size protest or appeal OHA decisions to the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Lawyers United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Our government contract law attorneys have accomplished substantial success in this area. Call to us to meet the extremely short deadlines. Read more…

Government Contract Claims Litigation

As a government contractor, getting paid for work performed can be hectic. Complying with the Contract Disputes Act can become a nightmare. If you need help structuring, submitting or appealing the contract claims, our lawyer can certainly help. Read more…

Suspension and Debarment Litigation

If you are facing potential or actual suspension or debarment from government contracting, your company’s future can be at risk. Let our attorneys help you to negotiate or litigate to get a better outcome. Read more…

Termination for Default

Contracting agencies may sometimes issue a cure notice for non-compliance. This is usually a good indicator that you can be subject to a contract termination for default. Do not wait until it is too late to contact us for help. You want to preserve your legal rights early. Read more…

Termination for Convenience

The federal government can unilaterally terminate your contract for convenience. Although this can be a tough blow to future profits, you want to comply with the law to maximize any monetary damages you get. Call us for immediate help. Read more…

False Claims, Fraud and Defective Pricing

Given the increased level of scrutiny from government contracting agencies, you may find your company subject to adverse decisions such as False Claims, Fraud or allegations of defective pricing. Our government contract attorneys can defend you and provide legal guidance on critical issues on each of these matters. Read more…

Other Areas of Litigation that You Might be Interested In

Anti-Corruption Act / FCPA Representation

Appeals Representation

International Contracting Assistance

Federal Construction Litigation

Contract Investigations Defense

Miller Act and Bonds Assistance

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