Government Contracts Consulting Services

federal government contracts consulting servicesAfter the Award of Federal Contracts, the Difficult Part of Compliance and Avoiding Legal Liability and Criminal Investigations Begins.

At Watson & Associates, LLC We offer Seasoned Government Contracts Consultants and Lawyers Who Understand the Process. We Know that to Adequately Advise Our Clients, We Have to Know Business And Law. Some of Our Staff Have Actually Worked in Contracting Agencies and Understand the Procurement Landscape.

As a federal government contractor, you have to develop internal policies and controls that not just make your company profitable but also stay out of trouble. As you aim to improve your company’s success and deal with agency decisions, you need government contract consultants that understand the rules, where your company is going, and how to minimize adverse decisions.

Watson & Associates’ federal contract consultants come from various backgrounds. We pride ourselves in providing help with government small business matters, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance and helping companies to develop unique marketing approaches. The ability to avoid law enforcement intervention separates successful companies from those that make millions but suddenly get termination dues to violations of the not-so-obvious regulations. We represent clients throughout the United States and overseas.

  • We help clients to avoid the most costly mistakes seen in government contracting
  • Learn to develop internal policies and controls to monitor your processes
  • Learn to build the proper relationships to reach larger federal contracts.

Government Contractor Consulting Services for US Companies and Overseas

The amount of compliance and legal issues that arise when performing government contracts can be burdensome. When one issue arises, a solution could entail other FAR clauses or SBA regulations. At Watson, our government contractor consulting services involve the expertise of lawyers and former contracting personnel. We believe that without the legal experience our clients only get half of the solution.

 As government contracting consultants, we understand federal small business programs and how violations of the rules can impact your bottom line as a small business or fortune 500 company. By utilizing our procurement consulting services, you can: 

  • Minimize and reduce exposure to criminal liability and fines
  • Get help with federal small business matters
  • Avoid terminations for default or debarment
  • Implement sound compliance programs

 Government Contracts Consulting Services

With the consistent changes in federal procurement law and criminal indictments of federal contractors, we have a broad range of issues that seem to be in popular demand in the federal marketplace. We frequently help clients with issues such as:

Watson is known as a federal procurement advisory firm that takes a company from the basic contracting and compliance requirements all the way through the development of advanced measures and relationship building.  

Over 30 Years of Government Contracting  Experience

Some of our lawyers and government contract consulting staff are former federal employees – we understand both sides of the issue and are in a better position to advocate on your behalf.

With over 30 years of experience in the federal procurement industry, the federal government contracting consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC provide a vast amount of federal procurement consulting to small businesses and larger DOD contractors nationwide and overseas. As the go-to government contract and procurement consulting firm, many businesses utilize our ability to resolve issues stemming from the various contracting regulations.

SBA Small Business Consulting Services

Watson also provides federal government consulting services for the various agencies on matters related to building the bridge between the agencies in the public sector. See New SBA Rules. This includes best practices when it comes to market research, performance-based contracting, CPARS and claims avoidance. Our  contract advisory and assistance services include: 

  • Teaming agreements
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Mentor Protege relationships
  • Limitations on subcontracting 
  • SBA size standards and affiliation

Watson & Associates can also provide federal government consulting services to the Small Business Administration and fill in the shortages for training and business consulting. There is a nationwide concern about procurement positions and the ability to perform small business training for companies nationwide.

Contractor Business Ethics

Watson & Associates’ government contracting consultants also help companies in both overseas and domestic locations to develop or revamp their internal policies and controls. This includes contractor business ethics training and the development of ethics programs. Call our federal procurement consulting advisors today for immediate help.

Government Contracts Compliance Consultants 

When contract disputes cannot be resolved amicably, the issue may have to resort to litigation. Watson’s government compliance consultants and procurement litigation support professionals work with companies to discuss any available remedies that how to take the next steps.  As a government contract consulting firm, we often help traditional non-governmental lawyers through the litigation process either directly or as outside counsel.

Call Watson’s Government Contracts Consulting Firm

 Speak with our team of government contract compliance consultants and get more information about our federal government contracts consultants by calling Toll-Free 1-866-601-5518.

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To learn more about the Government contract consulting services at Watson & Associates, LLC, or to set up an appointment to discuss the specifics of your federal procurement matter, please contact our government contract consultants today. When it comes to going up against the legal system, time is of the essence. Schedule a free consultation or call Watson’s government procurement consultants at 1-866-601-5518 to get started.