IL Federal Government Contract Attorneys & Nationwide Contractor Fraud Defense Lawyers

Watson & Associates Federal Government Contracts Attorneys Aggressively Represent Clients and Defense Contractors in Illinois. and Help Them to Avoid Some of the Most COSTLY MISTAKES Seen When Doing Business With the Federal Government.

Watson & Associates, LLC helps small businesses and large defense contractors to avoid adverse actions, and defend against unlawful government contracting actions while maintaining the company’s bottom line. We represent federal government contractors for various industries across the United States Maine Federal Government Contracts Attorney Law Firmincluding Illinois and its metro areas including Chicago and Springfield.

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the law firm has domestic and international reach. As federal government contract law attorneys, we understand the common legal issues that arise in government contract law.

Some of our government lawyers have actually worked for federal agencies and, therefore have first-hand knowledge of the serious mistakes made by contracting officers. When the Inspector General (IG) or Department of Justice (DOJ) alleges that your company is liable under the False Claims Act or is criminally liable under government contract fraud guidelines, our Illinois government contract lawyers will form a legal team to aggressively fight back. We are well-versed in the various underlying charges that commonly arise in whistleblower lawsuits (qui tam).

For example, we help contractors to fight back in procurement fraud cases involving limitations on subcontracting, Buy American Act compliance, or violation of SBA small business regulations involving teaming agreements, joint ventures and more.  Our Illinois federal government contract attorneys provide legal advice and counsel in such areas as:

  • Bid protests (GAO and COFC)
  • Government contract claims and disputes
  • Cure notices and show cause letters
  • Small business and SBA program matters
  • False Claims Act defense
  • Government contractor fraud defense
  • Litigation and appeals COFC and US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Suspension and debarment lawyers
  • Termination of contract for default and convenience
  • Teaming agreements, Joint Ventures and SBA Mentor Protégé Programs
  • SDVOSB, HUBZone and SBA 8(a) programs
  • Government contract consulting services
  • Federal contractor white collar crime lawyers

Bid Protests, Litigation and Appeals

Our law firm appears before the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Court of Federal Claims, and Appeals to the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Besides government contract bid protest litigation and intervenor legal counsel, we litigate matters related to the termination of contracts for default and convenience; appeals of federal contracting claims to the Boards of Contract Appeals and other Contract Disputes Act matters.

Illinois Contractor Fraud White Collar Crime Lawyers

Our Illinois white collar crime lawyers and government contractor fraud lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and defense contractors in Illinois facing criminal investigations or charges. We are committed to providing strong representation and personalized attention while working toward a successful outcome in each case. Our experience dealing with government contractor fraud, False Claims Act, conspiracy charges, Kickbacks, Buy American Act fraud and other related matters is unmatched in the field. We are equipped to defend our clients in court, as well as during internal investigations or audits.

Our lawyers understand the complexities of white collar cases and will work tirelessly to protect your rights. If you find yourself facing a white collar crime investigation or charge, contact us today for experienced legal advice and representation. We are here to help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible result.

Federal Illinois False Claims Act Lawyers

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our highly experienced attorneys provide comprehensive counseling and defense services for False Claims Act (FCA) matters. We are dedicated to supporting federal contractors in Illinois and helping them navigate the complex FCA landscape. Our team leverages their expertise and resources to protect both personal and business prosperity. We thoroughly investigate strategies to mitigate liability risks associated with government investigations, civil actions, criminal prosecutions, and other potential ramifications. Trust our Illinois Federal False Claims Act lawyers’ extensive knowledge in FCA defense.

Illinois Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers

Federal Health care fraud is a serious criminal offense that carries heavy penalties. If you face charges of health care fraud or are under investigation for a suspected violation, contact our Illinois Health Care Fraud case attorneys immediately to discuss your options and safeguard your rights and best interests. Our team can help with handling criminal cases involving violations of procurement laws, kickback Statutes, and the Procurement Integrity Act. If you seek an aggressive team of health care fraud defense lawyers, call us immediately at 1.866.601.5518.

Federal Government Contractor Fraud Lawyers

Our Government contractor Fraud Lawyers are highly experienced in helping businesses and organizations fight false claims, waste, abuse, and fraud involving government contracts. Our team deeply understands the relevant laws and regulations that govern government contractor activities, including the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, Procurement Integrity Act, Truth in Negotiations Act, and more. We are dedicated to providing clients and defense contractors in Illinois with the best legal advice and representation for any government contractor disputes or allegations.

With our understanding of the complex nature of government contracts, we can provide guidance on minimizing risks, protecting your interests from potential losses or penalties, and reaching a favorable resolution. Whether you’ve been accused of a breach of contract or have been overcharged, you can rely on our Government Contractor Fraud Lawyers to provide sound legal advice and high-quality representation. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Best Criminal Defense Attorneys for Federal Contractors in Illinois

At our law firm, we understand how important it is for federal contractors to stay in compliance with the law. As such, we are proud to provide the best criminal defense attorneys for federal contractors. With decades of experience in this area of law, our team can help you navigate complex False Claims Act regulations and statutes to ensure your legal rights are protected. We know the ins and outs of federal defense law and are here to provide comprehensive legal services for any criminal charges related to your contracting work.

We take a proactive approach to protect your reputation, rights, and freedom and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Our government contract fraud attorneys understand that facing any type of criminal charge can be stressful, so we strive to provide personalized and compassionate counsel that addresses every aspect of your case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your criminal defense needs for federal contractors.

Illinois Government Contracts Disputes, Claims & Appeals

Government Contract Disputes Act compliance, REA, and Appeals: When government contractors find themselves in a tough position when the contracting officer denies a claim or the government fails to compensate for scope of work changes, issue change orders or pay for equitable adjustments, Watson & Associates’ Illinois government contracts lawyers can help. We minimize civil and criminal liabilities of government contractors and the indicators for liability under the FAR.

For Illinois clients, Watson’s government contract lawyers litigate Contract Disputes Act claims (CDA) cases before the various Boards of Contract Appeals and the U.S. Court of Federal claims. At both our Colorado and Washington DC offices, the law firm has extensive experience in preparing contract claims and REAs. We also help our clients to negotiate complex contract claims arising from breach of contract, differing site conditions, and construction latent defect claims. Read more..

Federal Government Contract Legislation, Government Regulation, and Policy

Procurement Regulatory Practices – New Law, Federal Register & Comments, and Regulatory Guidance: As federal government contract attorneys, we frequently help small businesses and large DOD contractors to navigate through the complex FAR regulations and take proactive action when new government contracting regulations develop in the Federal Register. We help clients to prepare comments and viable questions when proposed legislation and federal policy can impact their business’ future.

Government contracts for small businesses. Our federal government contract attorneys frequently help companies to navigate through the legal issues related to SBA 8a certification; HUBZone ProgramSDVOSB government contract law; teaming agreements, joint ventures and SBA mentor protégé contract disputes. When small businesses are awarded federal contracts, our bid protest attorneys represent and intervene in SBA protests and size appeals to SBA OHA.

Criminal defense attorneys for government contractors in Illinois: When small businesses and large defense contractors receive target letters or have been indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud against the government, false claims against the federal government or some other criminal action, our government contractor defense lawyers can help. If you are being investigated for small business program violations, call our law firm immediately.

Illinois government contracts consultants: Our clients want to increase their bottom line when there are government contracts awarded. Our Federal government contracting consultants help in a variety of areas to include responding to cure notices and show cause letters, contract claims, marketing to the federal government and FAR statutory compliance. Visit our practice areas.

Illinois government contractor fraud case attorneys: When companies are facing federal investigation or criminal charges for procurement fraud against the government, our defense contractor lawyers will assess the merits of the allegations, and develop a solid legal defense.

Illinois federal suspension and debarment attorneys: If the contracting officer or agency recommends you or your company to be suspended or debarred from doing business with the government, we can help. We have successfully represented both individuals and companies facing suspension debarment actions.

Illinois Federal Government Contract Attorneys Helping Small Businesses and Large Defense Contractors

As federal government contract lawyers, with law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the law firm can represent government contractors in areas of Illinois including Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield,  Peoria, Elgin, Waukegan, Cicero, Champaign, Bloomington, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Decatur, Schaumburg,  Bolingbrook, Palatine, Skokie, Des Plaines and more.

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