Federal Whistleblower Qui Tam Defense AttorneysWatson & Associates, LLC Federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Whistleblower Litigation Lawyers Provide Aggressive Legal Defense in Whistleblower Qui Tam cases. Our Goal is to Get Cases Dismissed Early and Send A Message that Our Clients Hire Attorneys that Understand the Underlying Issues that Lead to Whistleblower and a Qui Tam Lawsuit. Our Goal is to Help Clients Avoid Some of the Most Costly Mistakes Made When Defending Qui Tam Lawsuits.

The adverse effect of Qui Tam False Claims Act verdict against your company can be crippling to say the least. Dealing with media publicity and the tolling effect of litigation before a jury can be equally daunting. Simply because there is an allegation by a whistleblower, and government intervention, does not mean that you have violated the law. The real question becomes whether you can prove that you have not. – despite the commonly-know “presumption of innocence.”

With law offices in Washington, DC and in Denver, Colorado, Watson & Associates, LLC has extensive experience litigating the core issues that drive Whistleblower Qui Tam defense cases and lead ultimately t the False Claims Act. We defend FCA lawsuits and  offer civil defense counsel and criminal defense support in cases involving procurement fraud, small business matters, Buy American Act (BAA Compliance) and regulatory compliance matters.

As False Claims Act lawyers, the law firm can conduct internal investigations, respond to government and congressional investigations (CID responses), defend Qui Tam lawsuits filed under the FCA, defend whistleblower retaliation lawsuits brought by internal employees.

When clients contact us, we quickly find that previous legal counsel was not familiar with the underlying issues that triggered the Qui Tam lawsuit. Often, the issues revolve around SDVOSB fraud, fraud under the SBA 8(a) Program or HUBZone Program; BAA compliance or some level of violating SBA affiliation and control regulations. We also help wit FAR compliance allegations and more. If you are looking for a defense contract whistleblower attorney that defends government contractors our firm can help.

Qui Tam False Claims Act Defense

Almost all federal false claims act and qui tam litigation stem from underlying procurement regulations. Once the Qui Tam lawsuit is filed on behalf of the Government, then federal agencies such as DOJ will decide whether or not they will take over the case on behalf of the government. Having false claims act defense lawyers and  Qui Tam attorneys that can launch credible legal defenses and fight back is essential. We will develop legal teams for cases involving:

Qui Tam Whistleblower Defense and FCA Attorneys

The Watson law firm compiles and works with FCA attorneys and Qui Tam Whistleblower defense lawyers that are found in various locations in the country.  We also work with DOJ attorneys in an attempt to dismiss any investigative actions or cases. The damaging impact of being charged with a crime against the federal government can be damaging. Not only do you have to be worried about oversight of false claims by the government contracting agency but you also have to be aware that Whistleblower Qui Tam actions that arise from within your own company or a subcontractor can also be possible. A Qui Tam lawsuit takes a  very acute mindset to analyze and defend. When the feds decide to pursue a case against you or your company that can be worth millions, tensions and exposure are extremely.

  • Having the right Qui Tam Whistleblower Defense Lawyers on Your Team can make a Huge Difference
  • Having defense attorneys that have been either federal prosecutors or federal contracting lawyers gives you the ability to push back
  • Many defendants in a Whistleblower Qui Tam lawsuit hire criminal defense attorneys that have very little experience in federal government procurement of False Claims Act defense.
  • Minimize exposure and liability to you or your company.
  • Get legal help from the investigation stage all the way through trial

False Claims Act lawsuits and criminal liability resulting from them are common in healthcare, government contracts, construction cases and various industries. Our defense team has the experience to provide aggressive legal defense services.

Our government contract whistleblower attorneys Qui Tam lawsuit defense lawyers represent Fortune 500 companies, DOD and defense contractors, nonprofit companies, and small business federal government contractors in a variety of government investigations and litigation including:

• Federal Construction
• IT services
• Healthcare
• Manufacturers
• Airlines
• Shipping
• Government services contracts


Qui tam false claims investigations can be daunting and complex to government contractors. The False Claims statutes provide for both civil and criminal penalties. Many companies are unsure as to whether the government is pursuing a criminal or civil case. Sometimes, both occur. As a business owner, you must be prepared to deal with both.

Civil Liability: Treble damages and a penalty of up to $ 11,000 per claim if you knowingly submit or cause the submission of a false or fraudulent claim to the United States.

Criminal Liability (18 USC 287): Healthcare providers who intentionally present fraudulent claims to the government for reimbursement with the knowledge that such claims were false, fictitious, or fraudulent are exposed to five-year imprisonment and a fine of $ 250,000 (individuals) or $ 500,000 (companies) for federal felony convictions and $ 100,000 (individuals) or $ 200,000 (companies) if found liable for misdemeanor conviction (per claim).

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