Whistleblower Qui Tam Lawsuit Defense Attorneys


The damaging impact of being charged with a crime against the federal government can be damaging. Not only do you have to worried about oversight fo false claims by the government contracting agency but you also have to be aware that Whistleblower Qui Tam actions that arise from within your own company or a subcontractor can also be possible. A Qui Tam lawsuit takes a  very acute mindset to analyze and defend. When the feds decide to pursue a case against you or your company that can be worth millions, tensions and exposure are extremely.

  • Having the right Whistleblower Qui Tam Defense Lawyers on Your Team can make a Huge Difference
  • Having defense attorneys that have been either federal prosecutors or federal contracting lawyers give you the ability to push back
  • Many defendants in a Whistleblower Qui Tam lawsuit hire criminal defense attorneys that have very little experience in federal government procurement of False Claims Act defense.
  • Minimize exposure and liability to you or your company.
  • Get legal help from the investigation stage all the way through trial

Watson & Associates, LLC has extended its litigation and legal defense practice to accommodate companies and defendants in a Qui Tam Lawsuit. Depending on the type of Qui Tam Whistleblower case, we put together a team of former government lawyers and federal prosecutors that understand the tricky legal issues that arise in Qui Tam defense cases.

False Claims Act lawsuits and criminal liability resulting from them are common in healthcare, government contracts, construction cases and various industries. Our defense team has the experience to provide aggressive legal defense services.

Our Qui Tam lawsuit defense lawyers represent Fortune 500 companies, DOD and defense contractors, nonprofit companies, and small business federal government contractors in a variety of government investigations and litigation including:

• Federal Construction
• IT services
• Healthcare
• Manufacturers
• Airlines
• Shipping
• Government services contracts


When it comes to representing individuals or corporations in a Qui Tam action, we defend in a variety white-collar criminal defense cases such as:
Mail and wire fraud
• Bank fraud and Qui Tam Law cases
• Conspiracy defense
• Money Laundering defense and other financial crimes
• Healthcare fraud defense
• Government contracts
Import-export cases
• Federal government construction cases
• SBA small business program fraud defense


government contract law attorneysGiven the seriousness and potential jail time involved in a Qui Tam Lawsuit, our law focuses on developing the best federal criminal defense lawyers that have the requisite experience with the various issues that arise.

We sometimes co-counsel with team members that were former federal prosecutors; we also have Qui Tam lawsuit attorneys on board that are particularly experienced with federal government contracts and SBA small business programs such as 8(a) Business Development Program; HUBZone Program, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Programs and FAR requirements.

• We are particularly experienced with SBA Fraud disputes and litigation
• Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud Defense
• Conspiracy to defraud the government
Federal small business program fraud


For immediate help in a pending Whistleblower Qui Tam lawsuit, reach out to our criminal defense lawyers today. 1-866-601-5518, FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.