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 government contracts attorneys and contractor fraud criminal defense lawyersContracting with the United States government can be very lucrative. However, you also must comply with very complex regulations and, most of all, avoid criminal liability. Success in government contracting requires a deep understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and sometimes taking a crash course in government contract law does not equip small businesses when the contracting officer makes a final decision or the Department of Justice (DOJ) launches an investigation.

Watson &. Associates, LLC offers top government contracts attorneys with hands-on experience working for the federal government. With law offices in Washington Dc and in Denver, Colorado, we are geographically positioned to advocate and aggressively represent contractors of all sizes throughout the country and in all phases of the procurement process. 

When the Offices of OIG and DOJ investigate civil or criminal allegations, our government contractor criminal defense attorneys immediately build stronger legal defenses and push back to aggressively defend our client’s rights. Our experience in federal procurement law gives us an edge over traditional criminal defense firms.

With over 30 years of experience, we support a broad range of federal contractors, including providers of private security, logistics, intelligence engineering services, information technology, and medical support. Our services include counseling and dispute avoidance, government contractor compliance, suspension and debarment, claims and bid protests, and litigation in state and federal courts, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and the Board of contract appeals. We’re ready to assist you from the beginning to the end of the procurement process.

Many of our government contracts lawyers have worked for the Federal Government and Contracting Agencies and Know How They Think. We Know Government Contracting From Hands-on Experience: When venturing into the federal procurement marketplace, your company holds the potential for growth and success. However, it also faces the possibility of unfavorable agency decisions, rigorous investigations, and potential criminal charges. In such instances, expert assistance may be necessary to effectively negotiate significant government contract claims.

With strategically situated offices in Washington DC and Denver, CO, the team of government contract lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC is excellently positioned to offer guidance to both small businesses and large DOD contractors, helping them navigate the intricate landscape of federal contracting.

Additional Government Contracting Attorney Services:

  1. Consulting Services: Tailored consulting for government contractors on various topics, including FAR statutory compliance and federal government marketing strategies.
  2. Criminal Defense: Protecting clients from allegations of procurement fraud and other related civil and criminal charges.
  3. Litigation & Appeals: Experienced representation in bid protests, contract disputes, terminations, and higher court appeals.
  4. FAR )art 19 and SBA Small Business Program matters: Comprehensive support for small businesses in federal contracting, from SBA certifications to defense against size protests; teaming agreements, jont ventures and mentor protege matters.
  5. Government Investigations & Defense: Assisting clients facing investigations by federal bodies, ensuring proper responses and robust defense against allegations.
  6. OIG and DOJ Civil Investigative Demands and Supoena responses.
  7. Suspension and Debarment: Representing businesses and government employees in suspension or debarment scenarios.
  8. Government Contract Terminations for Default and Convenience
  9. Washington DC Government Contractor White Collar Crime Defense: Vigorous protection for individuals and businesses facing government contractor white collar crime allegations.

Best DC Government Contractor Criminal Defense Attorneys 

We are a top government contracts law firm in Washington, DC, specializing in providing comprehensive legal services to federal contractors. Our goal is to mak sure the company stays in compliance with the various regulations. However, once an investigation starts, or the OIG and DOJ bring criminal charges through indictment, we aggressively defend cases all the way to trial. 

 Our highly experienced federal criminal defense attorneys are dedicated exclusively to serving federal contractors. With decades of expertise in this specialized field, our adept team of government contractor defense attorneys will guide you through the complex regulations and statutes, protecting your legal rights.

False Claims Act Defense Attorneys Washington DC

Federal prosecutors generally investigate alleged civil and or criminal violations before bringing a False Claims Act charge. At Watson, we understand that realistically, if there is no underlying violation or intent to commit fraud, the prosecution’s false claims case is weaker.

Compared to traditional criminal defense attorneys with no government contracting experience, we believe that our experience with such issues as limitations on subcontracting, Buy American Act compliance, False Claims Act compliance, Procurement Integrity Act (PiA) and SBA small business regulations creates the possibility of getting your case dismissed.

We possess in-depth knowledge of False Claims Act cases against defense contractors, enabling us to handle procurement fraud or criminal charges that may arise in relation to your contracting work.  We understand FAR regulations and the various statutes the federal prosecutors allege have been violated. 

Contact our Washington DC government contract lawyers today at 1.866.601.5518 to learn more about how we can help you with all of your government contract fraud criminal defense needs for federal contractors.

DC Buy American Act TAA Compliance Lawyers

Understanding the intricacies of the Buy American Act can be daunting. Our MD government contracting attorneys specialize in ensuring Washington DC-based contractors remain compliant with these regulations, safeguarding their businesses from potential pitfalls. Our defense attorneys help with TAA compliance investigations, criminal subpoenas and civil investigative demands CID. Read more….

Washington DC Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance Attorneys

A TAA and buy american act criminal defense attorney discussing government contract laws with a clientTrade agreements can be complex and require a deep understanding to navigate. At Watson & Associates, LLC, our experts offer detailed guidance on TAA compliance, OIG and DOJ investigations, ensuring Washington DC government contractors meet all necessary requirements and maintain their competitive edge. Read more..

Washington, DC Government Contract Fraud Attorneys (Defense)

Allegations of fraud can seriously jeopardize a company’s reputation and financial status. Our dedicated team robustly defends CEOs, entities, and government contractors against claims of procurement fraud and other related allegations.

The team that we will assign is highly experienced in helping businesses and organizations fight false claims, waste, abuse, and fraud involving government contracts. Our team deeply understands the relevant laws and regulations that govern government contractor activities, including the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, SBA small business fraud, Procurement Integrity Act, Truth in Negotiations Act, and more.

Watson’s government contract fraud attorneys are dedicated to providing the utmost quality legal advice and representation for disputes and allegations concerning government contractors. With our profound understanding of the complex nature of government contracts, we will assist you in mitigating risks, protecting your interests from potential losses or penalties, and achieving a favorable resolution.

Whether you are confronted with accusations of contract breach or overcharging, you can rely on our Washington DC Government contractor fraud lawyers to deliver expert legal counsel and exceptional representation.. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Top Federal Government Contractor Fraud Defense Attorneys Washington DC

With law offices in the heart of Washington DC and the beautiful state of Colorado, our Washington DC government contract attorneys specialize in federal government contract fraud defense and formidable criminal defense for cases of government procurement fraud. We are passionate about providing top-notch representation for government contractors in white-collar defense and contractor fraud cases across various vibrant DC metro areas.
Don’t hesitate to contact our exceptional federal contractor fraud defense attorneys today for an initial consultation, absolutely free of charge, at 1-866-601-5518 or reach out to us online. Immediate assistance is just a phone call away and we’re here to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Why Choose Us?

  • Nationwide Representation: With strategic offices in Washington DC and Colorado, our government contracts lawyers provide comprehensive representation to clients across diverse regions.
  • Over Three Decades of Procurement Experience With a track record of over three decades in the federal procurement sector, our firm demonstrates unparalleled knowledge and expertise.
  • Personalized and Aggressive Approach: We understand the various issues that arise for both small businesses and large defense contractors. As a boutique law firm in Washington DC, we are prepared to help you increase your bottom line while aggressively defending any criminal charges against you or your company. 
  • When it comes to criminal defense, our expertise in actual government contract laws sets us apart from traditional criminal defense attorneys.

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