We Help Federal Government Contractors in Minnesota to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Government Contract Fraud and False Claims Case While Complying With Complex Federal

Minnesota Government Contract Attoneys and False Claims Act Defense LawyersRegarding federal government contracts in Minnesota, federal prosecutors are embarking upon small businesses and large DOD contractors for non-compliance with the various FARs and DFARs regulations and various other statutes.  

Watson & Associates, LLC is here to help by offering expert legal counsel and representation for federal government contractors across the United States, including Minnesota and its metropolitan areas. With our law offices strategically located in Washington DC and Colorado, our reach is both domestic and international.

Why Choose Watson & Associates, LLC?

We bring over 30 years of experience in federal procurement law to the table, ensuring that your business is in capable hands. The law firm provides aggressive legal representation and offers a national reach that can address your needs promptly, no matter where you are located.

Types of Federal Government Contracting Cases We Handle

As seasoned government contracting attorneys, we understand the common legal issues that can arise in both civil and criminal cases. Our team is well-versed in a wide range of areas, including:

  1. Bid Protests (GAO and COFC)
  2. Government Contract Claims and Disputes
  3. Cure Notices and Show Cause Letters
  4. Small Business and SBA Program Matters
  5. False Claims Act Defense Lawyers
  6. Government Contractor Fraud Defense
  7. Litigation and Appeals (COFC and UC Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)
  8. Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures, and SBA Mentor Protégé Programs
  9. SDVOSB, HUBZone, and SBA 8(a) Programs
  10. Suspension and Debarment
  11. Government Contracts Consulting Services
  12. Government Contractor White Collar Crime Defense

Bid Protests, Litigation, and Appeals

When it comes to government contract bid protests, litigation, and appeals, our law firm focuses protests before the Court of Federal Claims, and the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Our expertise also extends to matters related to contract terminations, federal contracting claims, and more.

Government Contractor Criminal Defense Lawyers Minnesota

In cases of criminal investigations against government contractors in Minnesota, including allegations of False Claims Act violations, conspiracy, and procurement fraud, our criminal defense lawyers are here to assist you. If you’re under federal investigation for small business program violations, BAA or TAA compliance don’t hesitate to call our law firm immediately.

  • Help with civil investigative demands
  • Responding to subpoenas regarding government contracts
  • Litigation and trial involving federal government contracts
  • Qui Tam False Claims Act defense

Government Contracting Attorneys for Small Businesses

Our federal contracting attorneys specialize in helping companies navigate the complexities of government contracts, including SBA 8(a) certification, HUBZone Program participation, SDVOSB government law, and more. We represent and intervene on behalf of small businesses in SBA small business size protests and size appeals to SBA OHA.

Minnesota Government Contractor White Collar Crime Lawyers

When Minnesota government contractors face criminal charges related to procurement fraud, conspiracy, or False Claims Act violations, our white collar crime lawyers build a sound legal defense team. We will guide you through the entire process, from investigation to trial.

MN Buy American Act TAA Compliance Lawyers

Understanding the complexities of the Buy American Act can be daunting. Watson’s government contracting lawyers help Minnesota-based contractors remain TAA compliant with the applicable regulations, safeguarding their businesses from potential pitfalls. We help with TAA compliance investigations, criminal subpoenas and civil investigative demands CID. Read more….

Minnesota Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance Attorneys

Minnesota TAA and buy american act criminal defense attorney discussing government contract laws with a client

Buy American and Trade Agreement Act Compliance Attorney For Government Contractors in Maryland

The Watson Law Firm’s government contract attorneys help you deal with Trade Agreements Act compliance (TAA compliance) and Buy American Act BAA compliance requirements and the civil and criminal implications for non-compliance. Trade agreements law can be complex and require a deep understanding to navigate.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our MN government contracts lawyers offer detailed guidance on TAA compliance representation including OIG or DOJ investigations and responding to Subpoenas, ensuring MN federal contractors meet Trade Agreements requirements and maintain their competitive edge. Read more..

Contract Disputes Act Compliance, REA, and Appeals

Our government contracting lawyers are well-versed in Contract Disputes Act compliance. We help contractors in Minnesota to minimize contractual liabilities and handle Contract Disputes Act claims (CDA) and cases before various Boards of Contract Appeals and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Minnesota Federal False Claims Act Defense Lawyers

When the DOJ or OIG comes after your company for alleged violations of the federal False Claims Act, we work closely with government investigators to explore all available avenues for a resolution. We aim to reduce criminal exposure that responds to OIG’s and DOJ’ civil investigative demands.

Minnesota Government Contractor Fraud Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our team works tirelessly to defend federal contractors against allegations of procurement fraud or violations of SBA small business regulations. We collaborate with local criminal defense attorneys Minnesota to provide comprehensive legal support. If you are investigated for federal contractor fraud or charged with civil or criminal government contract fraud violations, our law firm can help.

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