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As  offer as Federal Government construction contract lawyers, we offer additional legal services which include but are not limited to

Federal Construction Litigation & Appeals

When the contracting officer issues an adverse decision, you have only so many days to appeal the decision. The question for most CEOs is whether there is enough merit to file an appeal. At Watson & Associates, our federal construction contract lawyers frequently handle construction claims and disputes cases. They include Contract Disputes Act litigation and appeals, differing site conditions, defective drawings, excusable delays, breach of contract claims by the government and other common construction law matters.

Litigation Before Various Courts

As federal construction law attorneys, the law firm frequently appears before the various court including:

Avoid Common Mistakes Made at the Agency Level

Although you may have a valid claim, your presentation of that claim to the contracting officer can be a problem. The Contract Disputes Act sets forth the foundation of how construction claims must be presented and how the contracting officer must react to those claims. many companies make the mistake of simply formatting their claims as they would have in the commercial sector. This can be, and often is, a huge mistake. All federal construction claims must meet the guidelines set forth in the Contract Disputes Act.

Another common mistake made at the agency level is not supporting your position with credible evidence.  For example, claims must have a sum certain; they must also explain to the CO your position and why your situation could never have ben anticipated at the beginning. In sum, you must provide the contracting officer with sufficient information to have make a reasonable determination as to whether the government will pay the claim.

Tip: Create a correspondence file for every federal construction project. If you have a telephone call with the CO, always follow up with an email (this creates a record).

Tip: Do not make substantive changes to your performance on the contract through direction from the COR. Always get permission from the contracting officer.

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