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Business incorporation services: With law offices in Denver, the Colorado LLC lawyers at Watson & Associates provide complete legal services to owners of sole proprietorships that are considering creating an LLC in Colorado and want professional legal advice on how tostart your business and avoid legal mistakes in the day-to-day operations. 

Get all of your business legal requirements in one place. 

If you are new to the business world and want to find out whether a limited liability company is the best business entity for you, then our LLC lawyers can help. Our Denver small business attorneys provide a variety of business services for setting an LLC in Colorado including:

  • Business incorporation services forming an LLC in Colorado
  • Colorado Limited Partnership (LP) formation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Personal liability protection and protecting your personal assets
  • LLC S Corp legal advice
  • Limited liability Partnership matters
  • Colorado LLC statutory compliance
  • Developing LLC Bylaws and documents for setting up an LLC in Colorado
  • Colorado guidance and how to get an LLC dissolved
  • Colorado LLC operating agreements.
  • Business contract drafting and review 
  • Colorado LLC requirements and partnership disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary agreements
  • Meeting Colorado Limited Liability Company Act requirements
  • Buy Sell Agreements and help with limited liability company purchases and sales
  • Business litigation and defense

Small business LLC members often get into legal trouble and expose themselves to personal liability by not following the basic rules such as advertising, having LLC Colorado bylaws, owners acting outside the scope of their authority and more.

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Setting up an LLC in Colorado


When you are forming an LLC in Colorado, there is more to it than just incorporating with the Secretary of State. You have to make sure that your business contracts are in order; you want to make sure that creditors do not pierce the corporate veil and make you subject to personal liability for company debts.

Understanding how each partner (if more than one) over Setting up an LLC in Colorado is more involved than you may think. Having an experienced limited liability company lawyer in the Denver metro can save you thousands of dollars when there are disputes about LLC partnership obligations and litigation arises. Don’t Wait Until Its Too Late. Call Our LLC Attorney in Colorado Now.

  • Get prompt turnaround
  • You get LLC Lawyers near you with the ability to think out of the box
  • We treat each legal issue as it was going before a judge
  • If we can’t resolve matters amicably, our Denver business lawyers aggressively represent you in court.

 If You are Trying to Figure Out How to Set Up an LLC in Colorad0 – Some Legal Experience Matters


Forming an LLC in Colorado begins with knowing how the legal system works and using it to your advantage. The Colorado LLC lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help small business owners to navigate through the complex business laws and regulations associated with starting an LLC in Colorado. 

Creating or forming an LLC in Colorado means that you are normally not personally responsible for company debts and liabilities. Similar to business partnerships, LLCs create a unique advantage of pass-through taxation. The company’s income is reported on your personal tax returns and state and federal tax is paid at the individual level. Always consult your account for this type of information.

Help With Limited Liability Company Operations – Business Attorneys Helping You to Avoid LLC Personal Liability 

The following are but a few precautions that company owners must consider about Colorado LLC requirements to avoid personal liability when creating an LLC in Colorado.

  • Avoid sole proprietorship formation
  • Commingling personal assets and the assets of another company.
  • Creating a Limited Liability Company in Colorado — Maintaining negligible corporate records;
  • Failure to maintain records concerning substantive transactions were inadequate;
  •  Failure to pay corporate debts without characterizing the transactions;
  •  Using LLC assets for non-­entity purposes.

When Incorporating in Colorado, Do You Need a Registered Agent to Set Up an LLC?

Colorado LLC laws require you to have a registered agent. The public must know who the representative of the company is. They should not have to guess. For example, if you are being sued, then having a registered agent would be required if he or she is designated to accept service of process.

Definition of Registered Agent? A registered agent for your limited liability company can an individual or other business entity responsible for receiving important legal documents on behalf of your business. In other words, this person is the key point of contact for the general public and Secretary of State.

  • Your registered agent must be a Colorado resident or another business entity that is authorized to conduct business in the state of Colorado.
  • You can elect yourself or someone in the company to be the LLC’s registered agent.

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