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The process of resolving business partnership contract disputes, regardless of your business structure, begins with knowing how the legal system works and minimizing risks and liability. Simply copying and pasting a contract between business partners is not the way to go. Instead, you want to make sure that real issues that can occur during the business relationship are covered.

  • Understand that drafting an agreement that undermines the business rights could be challenged
  • Quickly assess the underlying legal issues so that you can make a decision and move on to any next steps.

Colorado Small Business Partnership Agreement Lawyer Services

  • Drafting & review of business contracts for LLP, LLC
  • How to form a partnership and revamp old business contracts
  • Partnership buyout agreement
  • Limited partnership contract
  • Partnership agreement dissolution
  • Operating Agreement and other documents for a limited liability company
  • Colorado partnership law consulting services
  • General partnership agreement for business and creating a business contract documents
  • Breach of business partnership agreements disputes
  • Small business partnership litigation.
  • Drafting legal contract for business partnership entity
  • Prompt turnaround.

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By having years of litigation behind us, we focus on protecting the corporation, and the rights of each business partner.  The best defense to any form of partnership law litigation is to have the right business partnership agreements in place at the beginning. Don’t Wait Until It is Too Late. Call Our Attorneys Today.

  • Creating a small business partnership agreement for business entities can avoid costly litigation and unpleasant disputes between partners whether or not it is a general partnership or partnership limited liability company.
  • Our Denver business lawyers frequently provide counseling to new business owners who need to better understand their professional obligation to the business entity and to each partner.

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Although many company executives understand that when creating a business partners agreement, each partner may have legal rights, my business partnership disputes occur because individuals in the company do not realize that the corporation also has legal rights. Common mistakes often arise from this very important fact. Having a business partnership attorney that understands how to preserve the rights of the company versus the rights of each partner can save thousands in unnecessary litigation.

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Theodore Watson discrimination in the workplace lawyer denver COCreating a Business Partnership Agreements for LLC – Important Clauses

Although there may be other items that you want to include in a business partnership agreement between two business partners when forming a partnership, here is a list of some of the most common and prominent clauses when creating partnership agreements for LLCs:

The name of your business partnership:  If you have not done so already, perhaps one of the first clauses that you and your partners need to sit down and agree on is the name of the business partnership. You can also choose the option of making a fictitious business name. You must register the name with the Colorado Secretary of State

The respective contributions of the partners: When a contract between business partners is written, it is important that all the partners get together and agree on who will be making what contributions to the partnership, and what ownership percentage each partner will be entitled to

How the profits, losses, and draws will be allocated when forming a partnership: Colorado business partnership agreements should set out how the profits and losses will be allocated. One of the most popular methods for allocated profits and losses is to go by ownership percentage. 

Business decision-making powers: Like the power to make decisions about debt, it is important that you decide amongst all the partners how important business decisions will be handled. If you do not want one partner to be able to make important partnership business decisions without consent, then you need to make sure to spell out the business-making powers of each partner in your business contract agreement. 

Limited Partnership Formation – General Business Partnership Agreements  FAQs

When forming a legal partnership in Colorado, do you have to file information about your business partner agreement with the Colorado SOS?

Under Colorado partnership law, you do not have to file any documents with the Colorado Secretary of State. However, you should file a Certificate of Assumed Name with the Register of Deeds office in the county where your partnership in business has its principal office. However, you want to make sure and have an attorney guide you through the limited partnership formation.

How Do You Minimize Risk and Personal Liability?

You want to minimize risk by creating business partnership agreements in Colorado or limited partner contract. Finding a Colorado partnership law attorney can also be helpful to make sure you are forming the right type of partnership for your business.

Does Closing the Business Terminate Partnership Limited Liability?

Filing Articles of Dissolution or a similar document will create a public record that your business or organization is no longer operating and is winding up its affairs.  When it comes to partnership agreement dissolution, be aware that you may still be on the hook for past liability, providing that the statute of limitations in Colorado has not run. 
What Happens if You Don’t File Your Documents on Time?
 Under Colorado business partnership laws and business agreement regulations governing a contract between two business partners, if you do not file any document, your business record will become delinquent for failing to file a Periodic Report. Similarly, if you are operating a sole proprietorship or general partnership, and you do not withdraw or renew your trade name, the trade name will expire.  If you have business partnership agreement contracts in place, you may want to speak with a Colorado partnership agreement for business attorney to get legal advice as to the implications of ending the business relationship.

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