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Contract Mistakes : Avoid Costly Legal Errors in Government ContractingContract mistakes in federal government contracting can cost you the project in termination for default, or it can cause the government to  not pay your invoices. The end result is that your business suffers a substantial loss of revenues. Developing internal policies and controls can minimize the amount of bidding mistakes and adverse actions taken against you.

It is our experience that there are few companies that we cannot help to develop better performance practices and minimize contract mistakes. If you are a federal government contractor without a sound performance compliance and management policy in place, then your are operating at your own risk.

Watson & Associates’ federal contracts practice provides legal advice and representation to small businesses and large corporations various in industry groups that are doing, or want to do, business with the federal government.

Our government lawyers and consultants are prepared to help your company develop and maintain adverse-free relationships with federal government contracting agencies. It is our experience that the courts are filled with cases that litigate termination for default or denial of claims for non-compliance. We help you to avoid such outcomes.

  • Maximize profits in government contracting
  • Avoid unnecessary procurement fraud pitfalls – develop the required internal policies
  • Develop sound litigation strategies in bid protests and claims litigation.
  • Strengthen your road-map to success as a small business
  • Learn how to increase your success rates
  • Train your key staff members in critical

Avoiding mistakes and creating proactive internal policies are the key ingredients for success. Our attorneys help you to accomplish this by utilizing our 45 years of combined experienced as executive contracting for DOD agencies and our experienced day-to-day legal experience. We offer bid protests, termination and appeal disputes, procurement integrity issues and legislative guidance.

Federal contracts law is very complex and sometimes confusing. This is where our law firm can guide you away from common contract mistakes made and better prepare you for success from the bidding process all the way to contract closeout. Comply with small business subcontracting plans.

  • Avoid mistakes in the bidding process
  • Avoid costly mistakes that lead to fraud and debarment

Federal Contracts for Small Businesses/Minority-Owned Businesses

Federal contracting represents a significant opportunity for small businesses and minority-owned businesses.

A meaningful share of federal contracts allocated for small and minority-owned businesses are never awarded. 

Avoid Costly Contract Mistakes in Federal Procurement

As you progress through the critical stages of federal contracts, you want to avoid some of the common contract mistakes made by businesses. Watson frequently advises corporations to avoid mistakes that include:

  • Marketing to the federal government in the same fashion as the commercial market
  • Failure to develop separate internal controls and policies specifically tailored to federal contracting
  • Failing to adequately prepare and understand that critical aspects of government contract law which applies to your contracts (FAR Clauses)
  • Taking direction from contracting officer representatives (COR). Learn about apparent authority in government contracts.
  • Failure to understand your obligations under the various FAR clauses
  • Improper use of teaming agreements and joint ventures
  • Only utilizing a government contracts lawyer when litigation arises instead of proactive measures

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