SBA 8a Certification Application ConsultantsGetting your SBA 8a certification application submitted correctly and ultimately getting your 8a status, is a very daunting process. Proving that you are socially and economically disadvantaged is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in an 8a application. The SBA frequently denies an applicant’s 8(a) status because of deficient narrative statements or questionable business relationships.

Having a better understanding of the SBA’s review process and the legal standard of review for 8a certification improves your chances of getting approved. This is where Watson & Associates’s SBA Program consultants and lawyers can help.

When struggling with how to get SBA Section 8a certified, you have to be extremely mindful of your business relationships, business structure, and even making sure that you meet the SBA’s net worth requirements.Without professional help, applicants stand a 48% chance of not getting into the SBA 8a Program on the first try.  See some of our results.

We help small disadvantaged business applicants and minority-owned companies in ALL states.

We offer:

  • Flat rates.
  • Free initial consultation.
  • Top-level experience based upon litigation of complex 8a certification issues
  • Over 30 years’ experience with SBA small business programs and government contracting.
  • Less guesswork given our legal case law expertise.

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Experience: With over 30 plus years of experience in the federal procurement marketplace, at Watson & Associates, LLC, with a management team that has actual experience overseeing agency small business programs,  gets increasing results in help clients through the SBA 8a certification process. Given that our lawyers have experience actually challenging the SBA’s denial of 8a status on appeal, are better suited to help small businesses to meet the 8a eligibility requirements.

How We Can Help

Clients use our consulting and legal services because of our deep understanding of federal small business programs. We also litigate the very issues why 8a applications get denied. Many 8a certification service companies lack this level of experience. At Watson, we help with:

  • Detailed reviews of social and economic narratives;
  • Analyzing financial and professional guidance on how to meet SBA guidelines
  • Preparing requests for reconsideration;
  • Appeals of SBA 8a certification denials and improper termination from the 8a Program.

What makes our services better? Small businesses get the benefit of our detailed legal analysis and our experience litigating improper SBA 8(a) denials.  See our results.

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We understand the law on getting SBA certification:  Understanding the complex nuances of how to get SBA 8 a certified blindsides applicants even  after the SBA issues a denial. Although companies focus on meeting eligibility requirements in hopes of getting their 8a status, we understand that key to becoming 8a certified is knowing how the SBA reviews your 8a application and the legal standard that applicants must me.

  • The SBA denies your 8a status simply because you fail to meet the legal requirements.
  • Small businesses come to us because we have the hands-on experience dealing with the legal issues that arise every day with 8a certification applications and denials. 

Many companies initiate the 8a certification process only to find out later that the SBA denies the application because they did not communicate the right information in the 8a application.

In working with small business clients we frequently:

  • Litigate and appeal invalid SBA denials
  • Consult legal issues that arise during the 8a application process
  • Guide clients through the legal landmines that small businesses experience

Avoid SBA 8a Application Pitfalls

Avoid criminal charges for making false statements. In some cases where an applicant is denied 8a status, the SBA may decide that the applicant made false statements and can face criminal liability.

The SBA uses great discretion to make subjective decisions. When reviewing your 8a certification application, any conclusions the SBA makes only have to be reasonable. Watson’s SBA 8a certification experts help you to stay compliant with the small disadvantaged business requirements. We help take proactive measures, develop internal policies and controls after getting 8a certified.

Improve your social and economic narratives: When writing your application 8a narratives, you also have to know what topics to write about, and what level of detail you should discuss. Writing to communicate your company’s economically disadvantaged status also means communicating the end-result of the experience that led you to be disadvantaged.

Narratives are areas where applicants fail:Watson and Associations, LLC is well versed in advising companies about how to prove their social and economic disadvantaged status.  We  understand the SBA’s 8a eligibility requirements. We also help to avoid legal land mines to get approval the first time that they apply.

Things the SBA looks for in your 8a application: The SBA scrutinizes your 8 a certification application for irregularities, inconsistencies, and reliance on your business customers. At Watson, our consultants help you to look deeper into legal issues such as improper small business set aside relationships and control of your business. This is fertile ground for getting your SBA 8a certification package denied.

We help you to avoid costly mistakes with common 8a certification application topics: The SBA 8a certification consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently guide small businesses through critical issues such as net worth requirements, business documentation and control problems, and affiliation and revenue dependency. Our goal is to increase our clients’ likelihood of obtaining their 8a status.

Consulting Services After Getting SBA 8a Program Certified

After your application is approved and you have your 8a status, our 8a certification consultants help with: 8a Program set aside requirements and  government contracting solutions; novation contracts; SBA joint venture and teaming agreement concerns, small business 8a size protests and appealsLearn more about getting 8(a) Sole-Source contracts with the government.

Watson and Associates understand how to communicate the narrative in the SBA 8a certification application and we know how important it is to get this area right the first time.

What Makes Our SBA 8a Certification Application Consulting Services Different?

Our government contracting solutions and small business lawyers have insightful and substantive knowledge about the laws and regulations governing SBA 8 a certification.  To effectively help our clients, we understand our consulting have a deep understanding of the legal issues and how the SBA reviews each applicant seeking to get 8a certified. Our team has:

  • The knowledge and expertise in  preparing small business applications.
  • We understand the issues that arise after getting 8a certified.
  • We have experience with asset purchase agreement sales, mergers, and contract novations after getting pass the 8a certification process
  • A track record for litigating and appealing unlawful SBA 8a certification denials.

Litigation success against the SBA. Our SBA Section 8a certification lawyers  have proven success in challenging the SBA on appeal when it denies admission to the 8a Program. Given our legal expertise, we are in a better position to help new applicants become 8a certified. We invite you to learn more about our favorable results for clients.

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