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The SBA’s 8a certification application process can be very tricky, carries a  legal burden of proof and requires applicants to discuss specific topics.  Meeting these legal thresholds can be difficult. As a result, many small businesses trying to get 8 a certified find themselves at a loss, and often have to submit a request for reconsideration to the SBA.

With over 30 plus years of experience in the federal procurement marketplace, at Watson & Associates, LLC, our government contracting and small business experts, help  companies across the United States to meet the SBA’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), officially referred to Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDB) application requirements.

  • Detailed review of social and economic narratives;
  • Financials and guidance on how to meet SBA guidelines
  • Requests for reconsiderations;
  • 8a certification denials, terminations, and appeals.

Clients Come to us to Avoid Costly Mistakes and to Avoid Legal Trouble.

We understand the law: When you need 8a Certification, we understand the law and the serious mistakes made by applicants and 8a certified companies.Given the complex issues buried in the SBA 8a certification application process, small businesses quickly discover that the information requirements in an 8a application can be confusing and very complicated.

  • The SBA denies your 8a status simply because you fail to meet the legal requirements.
  • Small businesses come to us because we have the hands-on experience dealing with the legal issues that arise every day with 8a certification applications and denials.

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We offer:

  • Flat rates available
  • Free initial consultation.
  • Experience based upon litigation of 8a certification issues
  • Over 30 years experience in SBA small business programs
  • Less guesswork given our legal case law expertise.

Many companies initiate the 8a certification process only to find out later that the SBA denies the application because they did not communicate the right information in the 8a application.

Avoid criminal charges for making false statements. In some cases where an applicant is denied 8a certification, the SBA may decide that the applicant made false statements. All of these mistakes can and should be avoided.

Avoid costly mistakes in with common 8a application topics: The 8a certification consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently guide small businesses through critical issues such as net worth requirements, business documentation and control problems, and affiliation and revenue dependency. Our goal is to increase our clients’ likelihood of obtaining their 8a status.

In working with our clients we frequently:

  • Litigate and appeal invalid SBA denials
  • Consult legal issues that arise during the 8a application process
  • Guide clients through the legal landmines that small businesses experience


After your 8a application is approved and you have 8a status, our consultants help with: 8a set-aside government contracts; joint venture and teaming agreement concerns, small business 8a size protests and appeals.

We understand that getting 8a certified is just the start, you still have to win government contracts and our consulting team can assist your company in winning government contracts. Learn more about getting 8(a) Sole-Source contracts with the government.

The SBA uses great discretion to make subjective decisions. Any conclusions it makes only have to be reasonable. Watson’s SBA 8a certification experts help you to stay in compliance with the small disadvantaged business requirements and to take proactive measures to develop internal policies and controls after getting 8a certified.

Improve your social and economic narratives: When writing your application narratives, you also have to know what topics to write about, and what level of detail you should discuss your experiences. Writing to communicate your company’s economically disadvantaged status also means communicating the end-result of the experience that led you to be disadvantaged.

Watson and Associates understand how to communicate the narrative in the SBA 8a certification application and we know how important it is to get this area right the first time.

Avoid costly legal mistakes when preparing your narrative statement of Social Disadvantaged status: The SBA scrutinizes your 8 a certification application for irregularities, inconsistencies, and reliance on your business customers. At Watson, our consultants help you to look deeper into legal issues such as improper small business set aside relationships and control of your business. This is fertile ground for getting your SBA 8a certification package denied.

Watson and Associations, LLC is extremely well-versed at consulting companies about how to demonstrate their social and economic disadvantaged status to the SBA.  As small business set aside lawyers, we  understand SBA 8a eligibility requirements and we share our clients’ goal to avoid the underlying legal landmines and get approval the first time that they apply.

Our consultants and lawyers understand what the SBA looks for in an application. We know the legal standard of review for Small Disadvantaged Status (SDB) and can minimize the inconsistencies found in many applications that lead to SBA 8a application denials and appeal rulings.

Our team understands what the SBA looks for in an application. We know the legal standard of review for Small Disadvantaged Status (SDB) and can minimize the inconsistencies found in many applications that lead to SBA 8a application denials and appeal rulings.


Our government contracting solutions and small business lawyers have insightful and substantive knowledge about the laws and regulations governing SDB certification. We understand the federal government bidding environment and have members of our team were small business program executives. Our team has:

  • The knowledge to prepare small business applications and we also understand the issues that arise after getting 8a certified.
  • We have the experience to help with asset purchase agreement sales, mergers and contract novations.
  • A track-record for litigating and appealing unlawful 8 a certification denials by the SBA.

We have successfully challenged the SBA on appeal when it denied our clients’ 8a certification application. Given our legal expertise, we are in a better position to help new applicants become 8a certified. We invite you to learn more about our favorable results for clients.

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