Government contract bribery defense lawyersBribery in government contracting is a serious offense and can result in severe penalties. Working with a bribery defense attorney who understands the intricacies of federal procurement bribery cases is critical to helping contractors achieve their desired outcomes.

Our experienced team of attorneys represents CEOs or government employees in bribery defense for federal government contractors. We understand that each case has its unique nuances, so we strive to provide personalized legal representation for each client. We are also well-versed in the applicable criminal laws, sentencing guidelines, and precedent-setting decisions that have been set by federal courts throughout the country. As bribery defense attorneys, we represent clients involved in federal investigations, facing criminal indictments, or facing a criminal trial.

What are Examples of Bribery in Government Contracting

Some government employees who are influential or decision-makers in the award of government contracts can be charged or indicted for engaging in a bribery and procurement fraud scheme. This includes contracting officers, end-users and procurement heads.  

Examples of actions in a bribery case can include receiving bribe payments in exchange for providing preferential treatment to a contracting firm.  When a public official accepts bribes during the government contracting process, they can be exposed to investigation, indictment or possible conviction with jail time.

When it comes to bribery and government contracts, several types of behavior can constitute a violation of law, including offering or accepting money or other items of value, influencing an election or contract award for personal gain, using inside information to influence competitive bidding processes, or giving false information on documents related to contracts. Because of the complexity of these situations, it’s important to work with an experienced defense attorney who can advise you on your options and help you reach your desired outcome.

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Protect Your Constitutional Rights

In a federal bribery case, the government may seize computers, subpoena cell phone records and raid corporate offices to seize equipment. Our bribery defense attorneys would be critical on the issue of your expectation of privacy under Fourth Amendment searches.

In a federal bribery charge, your constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment can pose serious legal issues. Proper Miranda rights and extended ‘interviews” to get a confession can be at issue. This is where our aggressive legal defense approach can pay off.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our bribery defense attorneys provide top-tier legal counsel and advocacy services for clients confronting charges related to bribery in government contracting. We aim to ensure your rights are protected so you can secure the best possible outcome from your case.

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