Hiring Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys and Government Contractor White Collar Crime Lawyers

Uncover government flaws, expand your ability to aggressively challenge federal prosecutors. Hire a federal criminal lawyer that also understands government fraud laws and procurement False Claims Act laws. Develop the strengths of your case early. This will increase your negotiation position. Watson & Associates, LLC offers seasoned federal criminal defense attorneys that can help in your state. Our lead federal defense attorney is also licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

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“EXP Logistics Solutions Inc. has worked with Watson and Associates for the past year. During that time, their knowledge and expertise in Government Contracting and Small Business concerns have been an asset to our company. We look forward to a continued relationship with Watson and Associates.”

Richard A. Ricks, President and CEO EXP Logistics Solutions, Inc.

Federal Criminal Lawyers Helping to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes in Government Investigations and Litigation.

Federal Defense Attorneys, We Help Individuals and Companies Nationwide Avoid Costly Jury Verdicts

Federal Criminal Defense Expertise

Aggressive Federal Defense Attorneys

When the federal government launches a criminal case against you, it has already done much of the case building. An experienced federal criminal lawyer can uncover problems with the government’s evidence and burden of proof. At Watson & Associates LLC, having one of our federal criminal defense attorneys on board can put your case and legal defense in a stronger position.

Government Subpoenas

Get help responding to federal government subpoenas. There can be serious problems if you fail to disclose information during a federal investigation or supplying false information. Our federal criminal defense lawyers can help.

Create Viable Legal Defenses

When the government brings criminal charges, having a high-level federal criminal lawyer  and contractor white collar crime attorneys on board can be beneficial. You can now develop and push back with a viable legal defense to each of the government’s claim.

Federal Criminal Lawyer Litigation Defense

At Watson & Associates, our federal criminal defense attorney prepares and aggressively defends individuals and corporations at trial. We will formulate a team that can take on the government.

White Collar Crime Lawyers for Government Contractors and Individuals

If you are a federal government contractor or individual needing legal counsel to defend you in a federal procurement case, our law firm has attorneys that also understand the procurement process and small business laws that are in dispute.

Protect Your Rights

If you don’t protect your legal rights, then you waive them. In any case with criminal charges, you should always seek to protect your statutory and constitutional rights early in the case. Watson’s Government contractor federal criminal defense attorneys and white collar crime lawyers will seek to preserve your legal rights during a trial and for potential appeals.


The attorneys at the law firm of Watson & Associates offer Government Contracting Legal Services in
Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Colorado and Nationwide.