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Civil Suit Experience Matters


The litigation process begins with knowing how the system works and using it to the clients’ advantage. Watson & Associates, LLC civil defense litigation attorneys been representing corporate entities and individuals since 2003. When it comes to business and contract matters we under the ins and outs and focus on helping our clients avoid the most dangerous landmines in the civil litigation and trial experience.

Denver Civil Defense Attorney Services

  • Civil Defense Litigation Representation for Plaintiffs or Defendants
  • Business Litigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Civil lawsuit defense
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Commercial Law Litigation
  • Construction litigation (commercial)
  • Employment Discrimination Defense for Employers
  • Non-compete disputes

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Aggressive Civil Lawyers in Denver Colorado 


The civil ligation legal system in Colorado can be intimidating. Many Colorado civil lawsuit defendants simply approach the case by playing from behind and let the other side dictate the pace. Frequently, when a civil case is examined by our skilled civil lawyers in Denver, potential mistakes and important legal issues are uncovered.

  • Get to the other side’s weakness in the case early
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses before the other side does
  • Analysis of whether your case is worth settling or going to trial

The civil litigation process is designed to give both plaintiffs and defendants the chance to put their best foot forward before the court at trial. Our Denver civil defense litigation attorneys help you to reach this goal. Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late. Set up a Free Initial Consultation.

  • Properly apply the civil litigation rules to your advantage
  • Get a team of professionals properly assess each case

Understanding the procedural requirements in civil litigation is essential to winning a civil suit. Getting a legal analysis of the strength of your case up front is equally important. ( there no such thing in the legal world as a “slam dunk” case.) Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, developing a strategy up front is critical.

Our civil lawyers in Denver CO also include several seasoned professionals who consistently work within the courts and understand how to craft sound legal arguments. We have earned a reputation for gaining favorable results and providing sound legal advice to small businesses and larger corporations through vigorous representation

As civil lawyers in Denver, we plan our cases based upon previous court decisions and not speculation: Since civil lawsuits have a variety of substantive law that can be applicable, the Denver civil litigation attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC develops a trial strategy based on previous case decisions in your particular substantive area, and the firm provides aggressive legal representation for businesses and individuals throughout the Denver metro area.

Help with civil liability disputes including contracts, commercial law matters, breach of contract, business torts and more. Whether the parties to a civil lawsuit are companies or individuals, our goal is to help our clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their civil liability and to educate them on strategy and what the next steps will be.  

  • Help for clients in a variety of business industries. Our Denver civil dispute clients range from individuals, small businesses, and medium or large business from various industry groups


 A Colorado civil defense litigation attorney at Watson will also represent prime and subcontractors when a civil lawsuit is filed. We also litigate and defend employers when discrimination disputes arise. The law firm helps in business partnership law disputes and business torts.

Colorado Civil Litigation Attorneys & Civil Defense Attorneys

 As a Colorado civil defense attorneys, we are frequently retained to challenge adverse lawsuits against defendants or as Plaintiff’s counsel for individuals, and small businesses or larger corporations in a variety of civil matter cases throughout Colorado. 

Clients work closely with experienced civil lawyers in Denver CO to develop comprehensive strategies to position a case for a successful resolution in trial proceedings.

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