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Breach of Contract Lawyers Denver COloradoWhen suing a company for breach of contract, the allegedly breaching party may have a legal defense that could get a court to rule in their favor. Plaintiffs, or even their attorneys, sometimes make the costly mistake of not thoroughly analyzing the facts of each case to see if the plaintiff can prove all of the elements of the case. This is why having an experienced Colorado civil contract breach lawyer can make a difference.

  • Plaintiffs or defendants can spend quite a bit of money during the discovery and trial stages. A thorough investigation upfront can save a party thousands of dollars.

As Denver breach of contract attorneys and business contract consultants, Watson & Associates represent companies with disputes and provide legal advice as to the next steps when litigation is involved.

  • Merely asserting a breach is not the end of the analysis
  • The Defendant may have a viable legal excuse to be in breach
  • If Defendant comes forward and proves a viable defense, then Plaintiff may not prevail

Our goal is to assess the strength of the case’s merits and vigorously defend against allegations that our clients breached the contract terms. We have successfully handled complex litigation and provided breach of contract legal advice at all levels of federal and state courts in Colorado.  

  • Prompt turnaround
  • In-depth legal analysis
  • Cost-effective solutions without taking shortcuts
  • Aggressive litigation and defense contract breach lawyers

Colorado Attorneys for Breach of Contract – Legal Services

If you are seeking to find a civil contract attorney to provide detailed and review and honest legal advice, our Denver Colorado contract law attorneys will assess the facts and aggressively protect our client’s interests. we handle civil defense litigation and plaintiff cases.

 Attorneys for breach of contract We provide contractor contract law legal advice and help by:

  • Addressing breach problems early and learning how to minimize your remedies for an independent contractor agreement breach.
  • Making sure that your agreement has the right terms.
  • Providing drafting and review services applying civil law
  • Developing the strongest legal position before litigation gets too far gone.
  • Assessing your defenses when there is a lawsuit filed
  • Resolving independent contractor contract law and breach disputes.
  • Giving our clients clear direction based on court rulings.

We build our contract law and business practice on trusting relationships: Clients frequently retain Watson’s civil contract attorney and the firm’s litigation practitioners to challenge parties that breach legally binding defendants or as Plaintiff’s seeking to achieve specific performance or other remedies for contract breach

Clients work closely with our firm’s civil contract attorneys to develop comprehensive strategies in common law cases either to develop affirmative defenses or to get specific performance.

What Damages Can a Court Give in Breach of Contract Cases?

If the plaintiff in a breach lawsuit can prove that the defendant breached the agreement then the court may award certain remedies to the plaintiff. In Contract breach law the severity of the breach drives the outcome and the type of breach damages that the plaintiff gets. Having a detailed contract breach lawyer can make the difference when figuring out the strength and weaknesses of your case.  The following are the types of damages that contract breach law might allow in Colorado courts.

Compensatory Damages: This type of contract breach damages allows the non-breaching party to be made whole and get the benefit of what they contracted for. Some refer to this as a form of equity. Have one of our contract law attorneys review your facts.

Punitive Damages:  In contract breach law, punitive damages in Colorado and most states are disfavored as a matter of public policy. However, if one can show that either a statute or that the breaching party acted so egregiously then a court may decide to award punitive damages.

Specific Performance: Not all contract breach cases end up with monetary damages or compensation. The plaintiff may simply want the contract performed as agreed. This is where your contract law attorney must be creative and focused on a potentially winning strategy. The facts of each case may not always provide for specific performance. Therefore, it is important to decide upfront what the end result should be.

Suing a Company for Breach of a Contract in Civil Law?  When you enter into a business contract with an independent contractor, each party is obligated to follow the agreed-upon terms and conditions. If one party fails to follow any material clauses, this can be considered in litigation in a civil lawsuit. When litigating a breach case, it means that you must make a legal determination as to whether the breach was material or immaterial.

The following are some of the legal issues and questions that we can assess the merits of your case for.

  • Can you get lost profits damages? 
  • Can I sue for breach of contract and negligence together?
  • Does your case meet the burden of proof and a showing of the required legal contract elements?
  • The next step that most litigants miss is deciding whether the breaching party has a legal affirmative defense. Although the court may decide that a breach has occurred, if the defendant shows that it has a legal defense, and succeeds on that point, then the case may be dismissed.  

Are You in Material Breach?

A material breach occurs when the breaching party fails to perform to such a level that is legally inexcusable and to a level where the non-breaching party has been so prejudiced and aggrieved that there is no other choice but the seek help from the court or some other legal remedy.

  • Suing a company for a breach is designed to put the non-breaching party in a similar place as if the breach had not occurred.
  • When you sue for a material breach, you also have a legal obligation to mitigate your damages.

A lawsuit for material breach is a civil action and the remedies awarded are designed to place the injured party in the position they would be in if not for the breach. Remedies for contractual breaches are not designed to punish the breaching party.

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