Colorado contract lawyer attorneys denverWatson & Associates, LLC offers experienced Denver breach of contract lawyers who help businesses aggressively assert or defend their rights pre-litigation and during litigation. 

Signing a contract without understanding the terms and conditions can be devastating when there is a breach of contract lawsuit. With effective legal advice from a Colorado contractor laws attorney, you can get a better understanding of your legal obligations and rights.

This way, you can also negotiate better terms and include important clauses for attorney fees, damages etc.

  • Draft business agreements
  • Document review
  • Prompt turnaround
  • We treat every detail as though it were going before a judge
  • Defend against litigation
  • Competitive rates and aggressive representation

 Colorado Contract Lawyer Services

As Colorado contract law attorneys, we provide a wide variety of legal services to businesses and individuals including the following practice areas:

  • Drafting and review. The initial stages are critical to the future relationship of the parties. Most disputes can be handled at this stage. Watson’s Denver contract lawyers draft various types of agreements including commercial, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, construction, subcontractor agreements, and more. We also review agreements for viability and protect our clients’ interests.
  • Breach of contract disputes. When there appears to be a breach during the performance stage, our contract attorneys assess the facts and discuss the next steps. If the other side alleges a breach, then we immediately look to see whether there are any legal defenses to the alleged breach. These are all critical steps before any costly litigation takes place.
  • Business Agreements. When companies are at the initial formation stages, having the right business agreements in place is critical. If another company has presented you with an agreement to sign, then you should get a legal review of the agreement. Watson’s business law attorneys provide help with employment agreements, UCC  and more.
  • General dispute and litigation lawyers. When neither side can resolve a dispute, sometimes legal action is required. At Watson, our breach of contract law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits before Colorado courts. We will assign attorneys that can get to the heart of the dispute and resolve the matter in the most cost-effective manner.

Common matters that our law firm resolves include:


Although there are many good reasons to litigate a breach case in Denver courts,  some of the more common mistakes made by either plaintiffs and defendants regarding Colorado laws for contractors include arguments where the other side had a legal excuse for their actions. Some cases involving a binding agreement can be resolved by having a Colorado contract lawyer assess the facts. If you have been wrongly accused of breaching or simply need help with the terms and conditions, proving your case in court can be difficult. For this reason, contacting experienced law firms in Denver CO regarding contractors laws such as Watson & Associates, LLC can be your smartest defense.

Anticipating Litigation? The court system can be very intimidating. Many Colorado plaintiffs and defendants mistakenly interpret the clauses or presume that a court will rule in their favor.  In many cases, the result is far from the expectation. Frequently, when a litigation case is examined by a skilled Denver contract lawyer, potential downfalls are uncovered when applying the facts to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Before filing a lawsuit or responding to a lawsuit, seek the legal advice of Watson’s Colorado contract law attorneys.

At Watson & Associates, LLC our Denver business and corporate lawyers frequently help companies and small businesses to draft better agreements and to defend against allegations of breach. Each lawyer will examine the underlying purpose of the agreement and help you to implement terms and conditions that are fair and reasonable.

We look at every dispute as though it were going before a judge in court: As Denver contract attorneys, we represent individuals and businesses throughout the state of Colorado in a wide variety of business and corporate matters regarding laws for contractors. If litigation is imminent, we represent plaintiffs and defendants.

Denver Contract Law Attorneys Helping Clients to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes 

 Depending on the type of issue, the remedies and defenses can be different. At Watson, our Denver contract attorney also helps with unique situations such as federal government contracts, mergers and acquisitions, novations and more. Our goal is to prevent some of the most dangerous and costly mistakes seen in the various areas of law.

Statewide help: For help with a binding agreement and legal advice with breach remedies, need Colorado contract law attorneys, legal representation or common law legal advice, our Denver lawyers and attorneys help small and large businesses in Denver CO, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Pueblo, Centennial, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Grand Junction; Columbine Valley, Superior, Louisville, Castle Pines Village; Cherry Creek CO, Holly Hills, Morrison, Cherry Hills Village, Bow Mar, Woodmoor, Centennial and more. Call a Denver contract lawyer for help with your business legal and general matters.

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