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Colorado Employment Law Attorneys & Discrimination Employment Lawyers DenverWhen companies have to respond to EEOC discrimination charges for unlawful firing of an employee, it takes a toll on the company. Executives will worry about company exposure, subjectivity to media coverage, and most of all, whether the company can be facing a crippling jury verdict if the case goes to trial.


  • Race discrimination defense
  • Allegations of wrongful termination in the workplace and EEO Laws in Colorado
  • National origin discrimination
  • Gender discrimination defense
  • Religious discrimination defense
  • Sexual discrimination law
  • Draft employment agreements
  • Drafting internal policies and controls
  • Responding with EEOC position statements
  • Employment litigation defense
  • Internal investigations and employment advice for employers
  • Consulting on Colorado employer employee relationship laws

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Watson & Associates, LLC employment defense attorneys assign an experienced lawyer in Denver CO. We understand that the key to defending against discrimination in the workplace is to first assess internal policies and controls, whether supervisors and executives acted within the boundaries of the law or not.

Defending against employment law claims, our Denver employment law attorneys also make sure that the response to EEOC discrimination rebuttal statements highlights the employer’s rights to run the business.


  • Immediate analysis for risk of expensive judgments against your company for discrimination in the workplace 
  • Develop effective employer rebuttal statements to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC Denver field office
  • Get immediate investigations for allegations of discrimination
  • Aggressive legal defense for employer defenses to discrimination claims in Colorado


At Watson & Associates, LLC our Denver employer defense attorneys and law firm represent medium-sized to large businesses in the metro areas. We conduct detailed investigations and get to the heart of the dispute. This is important because the other side will at some point gather the facts.

  • You have to get to the facts and employment advice before the opposing party does.
  • Getting the facts during an internal investigation for allegations of unlawful firing of an employee
    sets the stage for asserting your employer defense to discrimination.



As employment law attorneys in Denver Colorado, our attorneys serve as employer lawyers when there is a discrimination claim in the workplace. We understand that employers have rights in the workplace and not just employees.

The key to defending against employment discrimination in Colorado is to support the alleged discrimination charge by showing that your company acted for a non-discriminatory reason.

Our Colorado employer defense lawyers help businesses to combat meritless EEOC claims brought by employees. Also as discrimination lawyers in Denver Colorado, we help employers to avoid some of the most costly mistakes seen in employment law litigation.

Types of  Discrimination in the Workplace Cases

 As your discrimination defense attorneys in Denver Colorado, the law firm is well rounded in developing strategic approaches to defending various employment claims in Colorado. Our employment law attorneys can help with:

Wrongful termination 

When employers terminate employees for unlawful reasons, it can give rise to a wrongful termination lawsuit. As Colorado employment law defense employer attorneys, we help employers to make the best decisions beforehand or respond with EEOC Denver employer position statements.

Age discrimination lawyers in Denver Colorado

Colorado employment laws prohibit employers from taking adverse actions due to a person’s age. Whether the claim is at the hiring stage or equal pay act at the workplace, Watson’s Denver employment lawyers can help.

National origin discrimination employment attorneys Denver

Many employment discrimination in the workplace lawsuits are based on a violation of national origin discrimination laws. Watson’s Denver employment attorneys defend against national origin discrimination claims at the EEOC level and litigation at Court.

Sexual Discrimination / Gender Discrimination 

When employers face charges of discrimination based on gender or Equal Pay Act, there are certain legal discrimination defenses that can be asserted. Watson’s employer defense attorneys help to sift through the facts and assert a viable defense to EEOC sexual discrimination charges.

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As Colorado employment defense attorneys, we understand the rights of employers and the legal reasons why they can take adverse actions against employees. Without this required understanding of the laws on firing employees, employers cannot start their defense when responding to EEOC field office employer position statements.

  • Our Denver employment lawyers
    help you to take proactive measures to reduce the possibility of litigation in Colorado courts.
  • We offer direct and credible employment advice for employers in the Denver Metro areas.


 The employment defense lawyers of Watson & Associates, LLC will promptly assess the details of each case and assess the strengths and weaknesses so that employers can make informed decisions.

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  • Our Colorado employer attorneys and EEOC Denver attorneys treat each dispute as though it were going before a judge. This approach can significantly reduce the costly charges and expensive litigation.
  • We help you to effectively use employer defenses to discrimination claims.

Theodore Watson discrimination in the workplace lawyer denver COUsing the facts under Colorado laws and regulations and terms of your employment contract, our Denver employment attorneys will investigate the facts and prepare sound position statements. Your position statement is the beginning of the litigation process for discrimination cases.

  • This information will be held against you at trial.
  • Here is where you invoke affirmative defenses discrimination claims.

Responding to an EEOC Charge of Discrimination in the Workplace & Position Statements

Workplace discrimination lawsuit officially starts at with response to a Colorado EEOC charge of discrimination. Developing a sound EEOC position statement is very important because it creates a record in the event of an employment lawsuit.  

  • Knowing and asserting the proper discrimination defenses against discrimination allegations  is critical at this stage.

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