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The legal system can be intimidating as an employer. Many Colorado employers may accept the adverse EEOC discrimination decision as an indicator of what will happen at trial. Frequently, when an employment litigation case is reviewed by an experienced employment discrimination defense attorney, potential causes for the EEOC’s adverse decision might be uncovered.  In other situations, when employees file a discrimination complaint at the Colorado EEOC, Colorado employers can significantly reduce the chances of an adverse EEOC decision up front by retaining an employment defense attorney. Waiting to hire an attorney for employment disputes to later invoke employer defenses to discrimination claims might be too late.

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Although there are many good reasons to act adversely against employees, some of the more common mistakes occur when employers treat similarly situated employees differently, or when an adequate investigation was not conducted. In other situations, the employer does have a written employment handbook or viable employment policy in place. If you are subject to a discrimination allegation by an employee, proving your innocence can be difficult. Finding a talented and experienced employer defense attorney at Watson & Associates, LLC can be the best defense.

  • Getting sued for employment discrimination can cause extreme loss to the company and exposure to a loss of reputation.
  • As a Colorado employer, correctly responding to an EEOC claim of discrimination can make the difference in whether or not the business has to pay costly litigation cost in a lawsuit.

At Watson & Associates, LLC our Colorado employer defense attorneys help employers to combat various EEOC claims brought by employees. Also as Colorado workplace attorneys, we help employers to avoid some of the most costly mistakes seen in employment law litigation.

Colorado Employment Defense Lawyers – Types of Employment Discrimination Cases

 As discrimination lawyers in Denver Colorado, the law firm is well rounded in developing strategic approaches to defending various employment discrimination claims in Colorado. Our employer attorney defense team can help with:

  • Wrongful termination When employers termination employees for unlawful reasons, it can give rise to a wrongful termination lawsuit. As attorneys for employment disputes, we help employers to make the best decisions beforehand or respond with EEOC employer position statements.
  • Age discrimination defense– Colorado employment laws prohibit employers from taking adverse actions due to a person’s age. Whether the claim is at the hiring stage or at the workplace, Watson’s employment defense lawyers can help.
  • National origin -Many employment discrimination lawsuits are based on a violation of national origin discrimination laws. Watson’s Colorado employment defense lawyers defend against national origin discrimination claims at the EEOC level and litigation at Court.
  • Sex/Gender discrimination – When employers face charges of discrimination based on gender, there are certain legal defenses that can be asserted. Watosn’s employer defense attorneys help to sift through the facts and assert a viable defense to EEOC sex discrimination charges.

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Our Employment Defense Attorneys Only Represent Employers.

As Colorado employment defense attorneys, we understand the rights of employers and the legal reasons why they can take adverse actions against employees. Without this required understanding, employers cannot start their defense when responding to EEOC employer position statements.

  • Our workplace attorneys help you to take proactive measures to reduce the possibility of litigation in Colorado courts.
  • We offer direct and credible employment advice for employers in the Denver Metro areas.

Employment Discrimination Lawyers in Denver Colorado

Helping to Avoid Financial and Reputation Exposure

The Colorado employment discrimination lawyers at Watson & Associates, advise employers how to minimize employee charges of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile workplace environment claims, racial discrimination in the workplace, religious discrimination, ethnicity, age, gender, national origin and other discrimination cases. As employment defense lawyers in Denver Colorado, we provide a comprehensive analysis of each case and help clients to decide the next steps.

Develop Effective EEOC Position Statement Responses 

 The employment defense law firm of Watson & Associates, LLC will promptly assess the details of each case and assess the strengths and weaknesses so that employers can make informed decisions. Our Denver employer defense attorneys treat each dispute as though it were going before a judge. This approach can significantly reduce the costly charges and expensive litigation.

Theodore Watson discrimination in the workplace lawyer denver COUsing the facts under Colorado laws and regulations and terms of your employment contract, our Denver employment lawyers will investigate the facts and prepare sound position statements. Your position statement is the beginning of the litigation process for discrimination cases.

  • This information will be held against you at trial.

Responding to an EEO Charge of Discrimination in the Workplace & Position Statements: Workplace discrimination lawsuit officially starts at with response to a Colorado EEOC charge of discrimination. Developing a sound EEOC position statement is very important because it creates a record in the event of an employment discrimination lawsuit.  

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