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Government contractors facing debarment and suspension efforts under FAR 9.4 by the federal government can potentially face a grave impact on the company. Suspension and Suspension and Debarmentdebarment can also personally impact corporate executives personally. This is especially true if the business owner has been charged or indicted for a crime.

If your company has been proposed for suspension or debarment , your response to the agency is critical to the outcome. Immediately after your company receives a proposed federal debarment or suspension notice, the company is ineligible to receive future federal government contracts.

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the federal suspension and debarment lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help federal government contractors to navigate through the hurdles associated with being placed on the federal debarment list.

The law firm is geographically positioned to help small business and large DOD contractors to minimize the impact of debarment and suspension actions under FAR 9.4. Our goal is to help our clients maintain their federal government contractor status and to avoid being added to the excluded parties /suspension and debarment list.

Legal Services

  • Investigate the facts surrounding suspension and debarment actions
  • Prepare and file detailed responses to the debarring official
  • Appear with clients before the suspension and debarment panel
  • Negotiation of alternatives besides debarment and suspension
  • Providing assistance to criminal defense lawyers
  • Developing internal policies and controls
  • Prepare and oversee administrative agreements

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Federal Debarment Definition

A federal government debarment disqualifies a contractor or individual from doing business with the federal government for a specific period of time. Under the definition of a federal debarment, the preclusion is for not more than 3 years. Each case is decided on its own merits by the debarring official.

Federal Suspension Definition

When a federal agency issues  a proposed or actual suspension, government contractors become disqualified and suspended from receiving, bidding on, and even performing on any government contract or grants. The suspension is temporary. It usually involves waiting for the outcome of a pending investigation or some other administrative or criminal proceeding. when companies face suspension under FAR 9.4, the contractor is temporarily suspended for up to 18 months while they wait for the conclusion of an agency action or government investigation.  The debarred definition can prevent a contractor for doing business with the federal government a set period of time.

Suspension Debarment Process

Federal debarment and suspension start with the agency notice to the contractor or individual. After receiving the notice, you can submit a written response or appear in person. You have 30 days after receipt to respond in writing. When preparing a response to a suspension or debarment notice, building the record with the right approach is critical.

  • There are certain issues that you must address.
  • There are also certain strategies that you want to stay away from.

What is the Intent of Suspension and Debarment Regulations?

Government contractors are placed on the federal debarment or suspension because the agency believes that the company is not responsible. This could relate to management issues. Often, companies or executives are charged with allegations of criminal conduct  including False Claims Act violations under 31 U.S.C. 3729, procurement fraud and other related activities. In some situations, the government may suspend or debar a contractor for criminal activity that leads to business honesty, failure to pay minimum wage, violation of environmental laws and more. Suspension and debarment actions are not intended to punish contractors.

Legal defense from criminal allegations. Suspension and debarment actions often arise from underlying actions from False Claims Act violations, Anti-Kickback Statute violations, selling defective products to the government, or even violations of the Buy America Act.  Our suspension and debarment lawyers provide legal support for criminal defense lawyers that are not familiar with the applicable government contracting laws. 

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