When lawyers seek to add a higher level of challenge and comradery to their careers, joining the team at Watson & Associates can be a well-deserving choice.

At Watson & Associates, LLC a sizable percentage of our practice is dedicated to federal government contracting and business law. Attorneys strive to be the best in the field. Although, the law firm is a small boutique sized company, clients tend to feel comfortable with the unique approach to customer service and legal strategy.

With our locations in Washington, D.C. and Colorado, we welcome attorneys seeking to gain an edge.

Watson consistently seeks talented professionals in the following:

  • Government contract law (Washington DC and Colorado)
  • Procurement fraud (Washington DC and Colorado)
  • Government contract compliance (Washington DC and Colorado)
  • Federal procurement and appeals and litigation (Washington DC and Colorado)
  • Government procurement investigations (Washington DC and Colorado)
  • Business law (Colorado)
  • Employment defense (Colorado)
  • Paralegal support (Colorado)

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