How to Effectively Avoid Bid Protests and Protect Your Revenues

Bid Protest Avoidance TrainingIn addition to being costly, bid protests are likely to have an effect on your company’s reputation. Because the law firm of Watson & Associates works in litigation involving both sides of bid protests, this class will help participants understand the caveats of this process and how to avoid it; and, similarly, what to do if you need to file. Topics will include:

  • Overview of the bid protest process
  • Understanding valid reasons for filing a bid protest
  • Evaluating when filing a bid protest can impact relationships
  • Learning the benefits of filing to one forum or another
  • Protesting technical evaluations
  • Understanding the automatic stay provisions—how does it impact your decision?
  • Learning the legal grounds for a bid protest in a factual manner
  • Understanding the latitude of government officials during source selection
  • Pre-award protests
  • Understanding best-value and trade-off analysis
  • How to write your proposal to withstand a bid protest
  • Identifying what is speculation and what is not
  • Changes in court decisions

Learn how to write proposals that minimize failure in a bid protest.

  • Learn the strategies to effectively file or defend a bid protest ( We cannot use protected information to conduct training classes)
  • Network with other companies
  • Catered Lunch Provided

Location : Denver

Registration Details

October 24, 2016
Times: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Max 2 registrants per company.

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